5 Must-Have RV Trip Planning Books

We’ve found that even in the digital age, paper-page books are good to have in presence. Convenient as it may be to be able to use the internet to get info, having physical books isn’t a bad thing. Phone apps are only as good as your WiFi signal, ease of use and information within. So, we’ve put together a short catalog of our favorite must-have RV trip planning books.

In our fifth wheel, we have a designated cabinet that keeps our paper maps and tourism brochures. In it, we have five must-have RV trip planning books that we use to help with making our destination decisions. Now mind you, these aren’t big, hard-bound coffee table books. They are smaller paperbacks so weight isn’t an issue.

Worth noting, we try to keep up by buying the latest editions with updated information. These must-have RV trip planning books are factual and not opinion based.

Our RV Trip Planning Library…


RV Camping in National Parks is a guide for anyone who enjoys camping in a National Park. This RV trip planning book describes all of the RV-friendly campgrounds in National Parks, recreation areas, monuments, and other areas managed by the National Park Service.

Includes detailed campground information for National:

Parks, Recreation Areas, Monuments, Lakeshores, Scenic Rivers, Seashores, Historical Parks, Landmarks, and Preserves.


Millions of Americans enjoy camping in state parks every year. This book is designed to make finding RV-friendly state parks easier. Included is information on nearly 1,750 state parks, forests, and recreation areas in 49 states that offer accommodations for RVers.

RV Camping in State Parks includes:

  • State Maps
  • Directions
  • Contact Information
  • Total Number of RV Sites
  • Number of Sites with Hookups
  • Amenities and Facilities
  • Activities and Attractions
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • GPS Coordinates


Guidebook of all campgrounds built and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This book is our most favorite! Its a must-have RV trip planning for campers and those who fish or kayak. Corps parks are located on or near lakes or streams that are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Each campground or park listing contains complete details of the facilities, amenities, recreational activities available and directions how to get there.

This particular book is available in Paperback or Kindle



We keep this book in the pocket of our seat in our truck.

In this book, you’ll discover hundreds of RV-Friendly casinos throughout America. Learn which casinos have an RV park and which ones allow free overnight parking!

Casino Camping includes state maps that identify the cities and towns with a casino. Each listing contains the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Description
  • Gaming, food & entertainment
  • Lodging & RV parking information
  • Driving directions


The Next EXIT 2018 is the 27th updated edition 512 page of the iconic USA Interstate highway exit directory, which lists gas, food, lodging, shopping and many other services. The most complete directory ever printed, it will help you find everything you need in the windshield, not the rear view mirror.

As you can appreciate, having a couple of RV trip planning paperbacks aren’t a bad thing. Again, they practically weigh nothing. Each of these books have proven their worthiness a hundred times over. We do tend to keep up with new editions as they have updated information with additions or deletions.

Lastly, any or all of these books make fantastic birthday, holiday and send-off gifts for any RVer!

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