Full-Time Freedom Week Mega Event Invitation!

So far this year (2018) we’ve been incredibly busy and on a roll!! We’ve hiked trails in Big Bend National Park, walked the runway of the Wright Brothers in North Carolina and we climbed all 250+ steps up Cape Hatteras Lighthouse; also in North Carolina! We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway and OH, did you know we were cast members in the movie documentary RV Nomads?? All because we enjoy our full-time RV lifestyle!

In fact, this coming April Fool’s Day 2019, we will have five years of full-time RV living under our belt! But, we couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance from others who have gone before and those who travel with us. AND, we’re STILL LEARNING!! 

So, we decided to pass on some good knowledge and information by inviting you to the…


Regardless if you’re a dreamer, a traveling full-time or part-time RVer or even weekend camper looking for community and amazing tips for improving the experience, you need to put this on your calendar!

We’ve teamed up with 30 full-time RVers and industry experts to create an incredible FREE virtual event called Full-Time Freedom Week.

Full-Time Freedom Week is an amazing one-of-a-kind 5-day mega-event that teaches everything you need to know to become or remain a successful RVer. 

The event will take place November 19 – 23, 2018

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn at Full-Time Freedom Week:

  • Choosing the Best RV for you
  • Downsizing for your new lifestyle
  • Overcoming adversity and embracing a non-traditional life
  • Building community on the road
  • Preparing yourself financially for full-time travel
  • The emotional journey of transitioning to a full-time travel life
  • Running a business on the road and/or earning remote income
  • The financial costs of full-time RVing and saving money on the road
  • Full-time RVing with children and road-schooling
  • Solo female RVing
  • Helpful RV memberships
  • RV renovations, modifications, and gear recommendations
  • And so much more!

With the free pass you will have access to new videos each day (for 24 hours), as well as a chance to win one of over $2,000 in giveaways.

Each day, attendees will receive an email with that day’s events. Each day will consist of 3-4 speaker videos. There will also be two daily live videos: a mid-day “Lunch Time Tips” session and a nightly “Campfire Chat” to recap the day and announce daily giveaway winners. Videos will be hosted on the Full-Time Freedom website and links to the videos will be provided in the daily email.

What’s even more amazing are some of the featured speakers…

This awesome mega event is sponsored by…

Wholesale Warranties, Battle Born Batteries (Lithium Ion), Harvest Hosts, Escapees/Xscapers, Full-Time Families, RV SnapPads and TechnoRV

You can also choose to purchase the All Access Pass for $47 that includes:

  • Lifetime access to all the videos instead of the ‘free’ 24 hour-only above
  • Coupon book with exclusive discounts and free gifts

Oh, and last but not least…

10% of all sales will be given to the National Parks Foundation! How amazing is THAT?!!

So, are you excited as we are about this amazing online event as we are? We hope you JOIN US! Click here to get in on this awesome mega event that will bring more excitement to your journey and enticement to get on the road to full-time freedom!! So, let’s get signed up before you forget to!




Disclaimer: We are affiliates of Full-Time Freedom Week. We receive a small commission to help spread the word about this event.


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