How We Decorate Our RV for Christmas

December is the most wonderful time of the year. We bring out the menorahs, kinaras and nativities to celebrate the holidays with family, friends and coworkers. It’s a fun event where we can decorate with sparkle and lots of cheer. But just because we are full-time RVers living on the road, doesn’t mean we don’t go all out to decorate our RV for Christmas.

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How We Decorate Our RV for Christmas

As decorators, we can choose traditional red and greens, farm stand whites, hunting blacks and reds, country burlaps or….OR go bold and bright! We are going to take you inside our fifth wheel to see how we decorated OUR RV for Christmas!

Though our RV’s interior living space is be small, that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our creativity to make it joyous, festive and fun.

Since we’ve redesigned the inside of our Landmark with splashes of tropical colors, we have chosen to do a sweet candy theme with lots of glitter, glitz and glam. Of course, that’s my idea and Dan just goes along with it…except for the glitter part. He hates glitter….into July next year!

Anyways, I bought all of our decoration at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Amazon and a small Amish craftsman store near Elkhart, Indiana. So, here’s a little of what we did!


Well, there’s no camera or action, but boy we have lights! Now, you can find them in soft white, bright white, blues, reds, purples and multicolors! We’ve found that battery operated LED lights are much more efficient and not hot to the touch like the old standbys. They pack away easily or, sometimes we leave them out just for a little fun sparkle in our fifth wheel.

We also did something different this year with our interior holiday lights. We used battery operated lights to wind around our tinsel for extra sparkle and layed them on the buffet for a little pop of color while we are dining. Why did we use battery operated? Because we boondock and they don’t use electricity.

And speaking of battery operated, we charge up our AA and AAA batteries instead of continuously buying alkaline batteries. Its part of our stewardship to  help save our planet even if its just one battery at a time.


We had to find a desktop Christmas tree because we simply don’t have the room nor the floor space for a larger tree. Oh, and besides, we have two heathen Maine Coons who would take no greater joy than to destroy one. But aside from that, since we also boondock around the holidays, we needed to find one that lights up without the use of 120 volt electricity. Well, behold this two-foot fiber optic Christmas tree is perfect! The lights change constantly and it also plugs into our USB 12 volt outlet OR our USB battery charger.

We also purchased two battery-operated white twig trees because we will be boondocking through the holidays. We still can have them lit without using electricity. They require AAA batteries. We use the rechargeable batteries that are more environmentally friendly and in the long run, cheaper. OH! And the cool thing is I think we’ll keep them up throughout the year for accent lights.

Now, from my experience, you don’t have to wait for the holidays to have the twig trees. They are fun just to have up all year!


Since we have Christmas-destroying-cats, we don’t hang that icicle stringy tinsel. As most know, shiny things attract cats and they surely love to taste them too. They can do some major damage to the kitties’ in-erds, so we went with this cool tinsel garland instead.

We draped lime green glitzy and shiny tinsel over the back window cornice box; corner to corner. Though we didn’t this time, you can also hang tinsel from overhead lights, around your RV slides, mirrors and windows. It presents great accents and splashes of sparkle for the lights to reflect off of. We chose this limey-green because of our tropical color accents in our fifth wheel RV decor…and well, it looks cool with our holiday margaritas!!

We also strung shiny, bright beaded garland over the window boxes in the dining and seating slide. We hung blue over the recliners and lime green over the dining table (darn it! I forgot to take a photo of that!). How fun it was to throw a little gypsy into our RV Christmas decor.


Ornaments aren’t just for trees anymore. You can hang them from the ceiling of your RV and from the cornice board window boxes like we did. We, just so happen, hung them from the lights and tinsel garland on the back window as a focus point.

OH! And look at these amazingly scrumptious looking frosted-candy snowflakes from Hobby Lobby. Too bad we can’t eat ’em! We picked up inexpensive plastic glittery and shiny ornaments at Walmart.

Along with those, we bought miniature sparkly cupcake and sugar ball ornaments for our little tree.

YAY! More glitter says no man ever!

We also hung these cute candy cane wreath ornaments on a couple of our window cornice boards. We got these sweet (not really…pitooie!) ornaments at Hobby Lobby. Oh, and yes, they have clear glitter on them to resemble sugar.

“Do they even make clear glitter?”, asked Dan.

I quickly snap back, “YEAH! And you will LIKE IT!” *humor*


An easy and extremely inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays is festive window clings. We bought these for about five bucks. Our candy cane window clings fit in perfectly with our Christmas candy theme.


Mermaid Christmas Stockings

Since most newer fifth wheels and travel trailers have fireplaces, its a given we’re going to hang our stockings with care! But we went with nontraditional stockings! We found these adorable sparkly (I didn’t say ‘glitter’) mermaid and merman stockings that we’ll hang on the cabinet knobs by the fireplace. They were quite fitting to our beach and coastal decorating theme.


Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanza, there’s always room for you to worship and enjoy your religious sentiments. We have two nativity sets. One fun child-like set that I truly love!

And our other nativity set is this beautifully handcrafted from Teaberry Wood Products when we were in Indiana this past summer. Though it doesn’t aesthetically match our interior design colors, to us, it doesn’t matter because its beautiful and handcrafted. Its a heartfelt souvenir that we just love.


Since we already have red melamine salad plates in a countertop rack, we didn’t need to buy any. We bought them in a solid color for that purpose. They look great sitting out for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day and all through the summer. Keep that in mind when shopping for kitchen decor. Pick simple colors. You can always coordinate smaller splashes of design or color anytime of the year. Oh, and look how brightly festive our lime green olive oil bottle fits in perfectly!

So, as you can see, we went non-traditional in our Christmas and holiday decorations. We dare to be different. We know that our decor isn’t for everybody. This important holiday shouldn’t be dictated by what others perceive it to be but what’s in our hearts, creative minds and imaginations.  We know it’s not for everybody. But, it’s what makes our holidays fun.

We hope you enjoyed our little photo tour of how we decorated our RV for Christmas! Now, let’s see yours!

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    1. Hi Stella! Thanks for checking out our Holiday decorations blog post. We dare to be different and alter course with our decorating. Keeps things fun and interesting! You?? -Lisa

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