Plastic Storage Solutions for RVs

When we started our RV adventures, we had to come up with some lightweight plastic organization and storage solutions that kept our belongings tidy, dry and stowed in our fifth wheel. But, we were met with a few challenges; odd cabinet sizes and not having enough of them. In addition, we had to take into consideration of weight and movement while in transit. So we came up with better ideas to store our stuff…

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…and we did!

So, what I did first was sat down with pen and pad and divided my paper into rooms (yes, we have rooms in our RV). Then, I took measure measurements of every cabinet’s interior. I had to take into account of hinge hardware, height, bottom weight and whether the cabinet is on above or below.

For example, the lower cabinets would house our heavier items while our lighter belongings would be stored above our heads in the overhead cabinets.

Since our bedroom and bathroom items were small and plenty, I need more smaller compartment storage for first aid supplies, health and beauty, makeup,  etc.

So here’s what we found that met our storage challenge…


Plastic Drawer Systems

I chose plastic drawer system storage because they kept our supplies separate and organized. You can see, these are perfect because each drawer keeps our items categorized and neatly stowed. We have one set under the cabinet in the bathroom that keeps our first aid supplies.

In our bedroom, we ran into a situation of having an odd sized cabinet that was not very wide or deep but tall. I think they thought we’d store toilet paper in there or something. However, after I took measurements, that little lightbulb went off like a sparkler. I found these plastic drawer systems that fit in there perfectly.

You may ask how do I keep them from sliding around? Simple, I took a little party tack mounting putty (aka museum putty) and adhered a little ball under each foot and then pressed down. Now, that sucker isn’t going anywhere. And, if the drawers come out, they’re only coming out just a little. When I open the cabinet door the first time after transit, I simply open with caution.

Medicine Cabinet Storage

While we’re still in the bedroom (which also can apply to the bathroom in some RVs), let’s talk about the medicine cabinet. In our case, our medicine cabinet is in a corner in the bedroom.

We had all of our small medicinal and prescription bottles on one of those tiered shelves. Well, begrudgingly admitting, that didn’t work! All of the contents spilled out when I opened the cabinet for the first time after setting up at our campsite.

Trying to find a solution too keeping my stuff organized and contained, I found these on Amazon! Woooohoooo!! Its a clear lucite lazy susan. So, when I need something, I spin that baby like Wheel of Fortune!

Look how nice everything is kept!


Refrigerator Storage

Back when we were newbie RVers, we oftentimes learned the hard way of keeping things intact while pulling our fifth wheel down the road. One of our biggest dilemmas was the refrigerator contents. Unless you’ve experienced a jar of raspberry jam or a salsa plummeting out on your feet when opening your refrigerator door, you won’t get it. But most seasoned RVers do and as one now, I’ll share with you newbies our little trade secret! (okay, so it’s not REALLY a secret if I’m going to tell you).

I found these cool clear acrylic storage bins that were *ding ding ding* made especially FOR refrigerators. It was like they had us RVers in mind when they designed them. So, I loaded up my Amazon cart with these:

Now, when we pull our fifth wheel down the road, our refrigerator contents stay intact. No more cans of seltzer or jars of salsa or jelly splatting down at our feet when we open the reefer.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Now, we use those same clear storage bins above to also store some of our nonperishables in our kitchen cabinets. They keep all of our dry and dehydrated food packets neatly organized and stowed.

Since we live in an RV that demands attentiveness to weight, we had to forgo the ceramic countertop canisters and heavy mason jars. We now store our cabinet staples such as flour, sugar, croutons, and nuts in plastic stackable storage containers. We opted for square or rectangular kitchen storage containers because they pack neater. And, having transparent containers allows us to see the contents without opening them.

We also have a few of these rectangular kitchen storage containers below which I absolutely love because they are clear and have a vacuum seal lid that keeps the freshness in and moisture out.

General Storage

Battery Storage Containers

Its important to keep our alkaline batteries dry and together. We found the perfect solution that keeps them safely organized. In addition, it keeps our battery ends from contact. As you also will notice, we have another for our Command Velcro Strips and Command Hooks.

So, we hope these RV plastic storage solutions are the answer to your quest to stay organized, tidy, and keep your food staples fresh. Oh, and by the way, these aren’t just ideas for RV’s and campers, but you can use them in your boats and your sticks and bricks homes.

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BECAUSE WE HAVE TO DISCLAIMER: All of the products we have listed in this blog are what we use. Though we may recommend them, we will not be held liable or be held responsible for product malfunction, product failure, personal injury, product quality and control issues or damage to your RV or vehicle from using any or all of these products. As always, ‘buyer beware’. Research all products before using them on your RV or vehicle. Always read manufacturers’ manuals, warnings and disclosures.

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  1. Hi Lisa and Dan.
    We are retired military and fulltimers. Love the fridge bin ideas. Thanks for the tips. We did go with a metal lidded can for dog food though to keep critters out of it. When we camp in forests we often set it outside.

    1. Hi Victoria, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Thank you for your service! Thats a good idea with the metal can for your pup’s food. More organization and storage ideas coming soon! -Lisa

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