Plastic Storage Solutions for RVs and Campers

When we started our RV adventures, we had to come up with some lightweight plastic storage solutions that keep our stuff stashed and belongings organized. But, we were met with a few challenges that we weren’t quite expecting.

Like most RVs, our fifth wheel had odd cabinet sizes and not having enough of them. In addition, we had to take into consideration of weight in accordance to our RV’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

So let’s see how we figured out how to store our things in our AND your RV interior cabinets. 

Always On Liberty - Plastic Storage Tips

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Plastic Storage Solutions for RVs and Campers

RV Storage and Organization - Measurements

The first thing I did was get my trusty tape measure out along with my pen and small notepad. I designated separate pages for each room in our RV (yes, we DO have rooms in our RV). Then, I took measurements of every cabinet interior.

Be aware though, one thing I learned is I had to take into account of hinge hardware, height and cabinet bottoms (they are made with a lightweight luann). So, heavy and bulky baskets aren’t going to work. I found we were actually better off finding smaller baskets to make them easier to pull out and handle.

Now, according to all that science stuff (gravity, physics and momentum), I planned to put all of our heavier items on the bottom cabinets with our lightweight belongings that we wouldn’t use as often, such as blankets, extra linens and seasonal wear, in the overhead cabinets.

We used the same principle in all rooms because face it, after a day of traveling on bumpy roads, you don’t want to be opening cabinets to heavy things that are going to bean you in the head. Keep that in mind when it comes time for you start organizing your interior storage compartments.

So let’s see how we did with each room in our RV fifth wheel.


Under Cabinet Storage

Plastic Storage Solutions - Plastic Drawer Organizer

Since our bathroom items are relatively small and a lot of them, I need more smaller compartment storage for first aid supplies, small health and wellness products and makeup, etc.

I found that plastic drawer storage units worked best under our bathroom sink as they keep our supplies separated, organized but still all in one place. They are perfect because each drawer keeps our items categorized and neatly stowed. We have one set under the cabinet in the bathroom that keeps our first aid and health aids.

Now remember, it’s important that you take into account of your plumbing under your sink. You don’t want anything banging against the pipes or water lines. Make sure you allow a little space around your storage units in case they do wobble a little down the road.

So, my solution is to anchor the bottom of the set of drawers to the cabinet bottom using rubber grip shelf liner and then, anchoring the bottom corners with mounting putty. This way, the drawer system would not slide around in the cabinet while we are underway.


In the bedroom of our fifth wheel, we ran into a situation of having an odd sized cabinet that was tall but not large width or length. In fact, to be precise, it could fit nothing but a stack of 6 rolls of toilet paper to give you an idea for size and shape.

So, after taking measurements, I looked for smaller mini plastic drawer units. And I found them! Similar to the ones above, I actually was able to stack 3 sets of 3-drawer units; giving me 9 drawers to store all of my beauty supplies and makeup.

Plastic Storage Solutions - Plastic Drawers Mini

Now, here’s a little secret I learned after the first time underway when I found the drawers were open when I opened the cabinet. I removed the plastic drawer system and reapplied a considerable amount of mounting putty to the front bottom corners. By doing this, it tilts the whole drawer unit back a little. After doing this, my little drawers stayed put and didn’t come open.

The cool thing about the plastic drawer storage units is they come in an array of sizes. As well, each set nests onto another. Again though, so each unit doesn’t slide off when driving over a good sized bump in the road, I simply applied a ball of putty under each corner where they nest on top of the other.

Medicine Cabinet Storage

In our fifth wheel, we had a corner sink unit with overhead medicine cabinet. But, because it’s a corner unit, drawers wouldn’t have worked. Nonetheless, I still needed to come up with a viable storage solution that we could keep our supplements and other health aids within easy reach.

Learning the hard way, the first time I stacked all of our things in the cabinet, the first trip out proved to be a dumping disaster. When I opened the cabinet for the first time all of the contents fell out.

So, back to square one, I measured the cabinet and perused the internet to find a solution to keep our bottles and tubes organized and contained yet accessible. Well, I found a clear lazy susan that fits perfectly in the medicine cabinet!

Now again, I anchored the bottom of the lazy Susan with mounting putty like I did with the plastic drawers above so it wouldn’t slide around while in transit. Now, when I need something, I spin that baby like Wheel of Fortune.

Lazy Susan Storage Ideas

And look! It can be used  in other rooms for other things too!


Refrigerator Storage

Until you RV, you won’t know the frustration of cleaning up broken eggs, splattered salsa and salad dressing falling to your feet after a day of meandering your way on a dirt road to that perfect boondocking site. Or, cans of beer and soda pop rolling all over the floor when you open your RV refrigerator after a day of driving or towing your RV on the worst roads in America.

But, I’ll share with you newbies our little trade secret. I found these cool clear acrylic storage bins that are made especially for RVing! (and boats?)

Sorbus Fridge Bins and Freezer Bins Refrigerator Organizer Stackable Food Storage Containers

Now, when we we’re driving down the bumpy highways and the backroads of America, our refrigerator contents stay intact. No more messes to clean up after a long day of hauling.

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Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Plastic Storage Solutions - Dry Packet Storage

Now, we use those same clear storage bins above to also store some of our nonperishables in our kitchen cabinets. They keep all of our dehydrated soups, gravy and dip mix packets, tuna packets and packaged baking mixes organized and stored neatly.

Because we live in an RV that demands attentiveness to weight, we had to forgo the ceramic countertop canisters and heavy mason jars that we used to have in our sticks and bricks home.

So, we now store our cupboard staples such as flour, sugar, croutons, and nuts in plastic stackable storage containers. We opted for square or rectangular kitchen storage containers because they pack neater.

Plastic Food Storage Canister


We also have a few of these rectangular kitchen storage canisters below which I absolutely love because they are clear and have a vacuum seal lid that keeps the freshness in and moisture out.OXO Good Grips Set

These modular airtight, space-saving, stacking storage canisters keep our dry foods fresh and our pantry organized. I love the push-button airtight seal lid. Just push it to open and then again to seal when I’m finished. The button pops up to double as a built in handle.

The awesome shapes are for easy grabbing and of course, to maximize space in our kitchen pantry and cabinets. And, having transparent containers allows us to see the contents without opening them.

Through our travels, since I can’t buy a whole bunch of stuff to keep in our small RV, I tend to go for buying local teas and coffees. But what do I do with all of those tea bag packets? I used to just jam them into a small canister but then I’d end up having to dig out which one I wanted.

But then I found an incredible plastic tea bag organizer that keeps my specialty teas fresh and dry. Now, I just stack them in and look how pretty they look. Also, when I’m getting low, I can take a quick inventory of which one’s I’m almost out of.

Plastic Tea Organizer Box

But, tea isn’t the only things you can use this plastic storage box for. It’s the perfect size to keep batteries, essential oils, cosmetics small spice packets, crafts, sewing supplies, and tons more. And I love it because it’s totally transparent so I can see what’s in it without having to open it. They’re stackable too!

Plastic Divided Organizer

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All-Purpose Plastic Storage Containers 

We found the perfect all-purpose storage organizer that keeps our Command Velcro Strips and Command Hooks along with any tiny pieces of hardware, screws, pins, etc. in.

These cool multi-function storage boxes are great for keeping  your jewelry and smaller cosmetics safe and dry. As well, you can keep first aid supplies, sewing kit, supplements and vitamins, and a plethora of other ways you can store your smaller stuff.

Also, RVers, like ourselves, seem to go through a bunch of batteries. Whether they’re for our flashlights or battery operated flameless candles, we go through a lot!

It’s important to keep our alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, C, D and 9v) as well as our small lithium batteries dry and organized. But more importantly, we need to keep the battery ends from touching each other. Otherwise, they could spark and cause a fire in our RV.

But, if  you’re looking for a plastic storage container that is designed specifically for batteries, here’s some other options:

Magazine and Papers Storage

There are occasions where we need to have a few papers or documents that don’t necessarily have to go into our locking safe. We may want to keep a few travel magazines or brochures but don’t want to keep them in a mangled mess in one of our overhead cabinets. 

So, we love keeping our papers in a legal size file box. And since it’s portable, if we need to take it out of our RV, we can because it has a handle and clasp to keep it shut for transport. It fits perfectly under our dinette bench seat.

Plastic Portable File Box

Wrapping up our plastic storage solutions for RVs

We hope these plastic storage solutions are the answer to your quest in staying organized and tucked away neatly. I’m sure there are tons more of other plastic storage containers out there that you can use to organize and store whatever you take in your RV or camper. This is just a small sampling to give you some ideas on how to keep your RV tidy and ready to roll.

But here’s the thing, all of these organization and storage tips aren’t just for RV’s and campers! You can use them anywhere; including your boat, cottage or cabin and even your sticks and bricks homes!

Always On Liberty - Plastic Storage Tips

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  1. Hi Lisa and Dan.
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    1. Hi Victoria, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Thank you for your service! Thats a good idea with the metal can for your pup’s food. More organization and storage ideas coming soon! -Lisa

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