New England Boiled Dinner

With all this talk of the crazy weather happening all over the country this winter, there’s no better time than now to cook a big ole pot of comfort food. Having lived up in Maine and Massachusetts for many years, this was a dish I often made on cold and snowy days. Sometimes with several different variations, this was our one of our most favorites because it is super easy to make with just a few ingredients. Also known to Nor’easters as Bubbles and Squeak, New England Boiled Dinner will warm and make your tummy so happy, it will sing…literally!!

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For this easy recipe, you will only need a short list of ingredients listed below and a big stock or soup pot, your 6 quart (or larger) Instant Pot or even your Crock Pot. I used the dutch oven pot from my 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware.



1 head of green cabbage
1 pound of Kielbasa, sausage or ham
10 small red bliss potatoes
1/2 pound carrots
3 tablespoons of Organic Chicken Better Than Bullion soup base
8 cups water
1 teaspoon Cumin
Sea salt

Soak whole head of cabbage, potatoes and carrots in a 1:10 ratio of white vinegar to water for 10 minutes to remove dirt and clean God knows what is on them.

While your ingredients are soaking, fill your pot with about 3″ of water and bring to a boil. Stir in the soup base until melted. I prefer too use the Better Than Bullion organic low-sodium chicken base but there are other flavors if you prefer. Or, you can also use bone broth.

Once your vegetables have soaked, rub off any dirt and rinse under cold water. Then, place clean head of cabbage, potatoes and carrots on a clean towel and pat dry.

Remove stem core from cabbage. I usually quarter the head and then cut out the core off each piece. Then, chunk into 1″ cubes.

Quarter the potatoes and slice carrots into 1″ pieces..

Slice Kielbasa or sausage into 1″ pieces. We use Kielbasa (Dickies or Hillshire Farms) but you can use your own favorite.

Throw all ingredients into a dutch oven or large pot.

Add in your spices and toss one more time.

Fill the rest of the pot with water about 2″ from the top.

Cover and cook on medium high until boiling. Leave covered and reduce heat. Simmer for about 3 hours; stirring occasionally.

Serve hot either alone or with any deli bread or toast.

Oh, and this isn’t just a winter or cold weather meal. You can also make this in a large cast iron dutch oven over a campfire anytime!


You can substitute or add any of the ingredients listed below

  • Ham
  • Corned beef brisket
  • Pork cutlets
  • Beef
  • Lil’ Smokies
  • Black Beans
  • Beets

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4 Replies to “New England Boiled Dinner”

    1. Hey Jim, knowing you enjoy cooking, we think you’ll like this. There are so many different variations of this particular recipe. We hope you enjoy! Maybe make it for us when we come see you guys! -Dan & Lisa

  1. I grew up with a Jewish Mom and we had this a lot. I still make it today. It is one of my favorites. I usually throw some peppercorns in the pot. It is better to use 1/2 of a head of cabbage as the cabbage can go bad quickly. The pot can last about 2 days then….time to pull out the potatoes, carrots and the sausage.

    1. Hi Leo, it sounds like this meal is a long-time favorite! The great thing about this particular recipe is you can substitute and add anything you wish for personal tastes. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm GOOD!

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