RV Decorating Ideas that Will Help Make your RV Feel Like Home

By incorporating just a few inexpensive RV decorating ideas, you can turn your camper into your own little peaceful abode. And, you don’t even have to have the knack for interior decorating or a lot of money to do it! These simple custom changes to your motorhome or camper interior will liven up your RV’s interior giving its’ own personality that will set it apart from same model RVs. Best of all, you can also do it all without putting a big dent into your wallet!

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RV interiors are so BLAH and cave-like

RVs, no matter whether they are a high end motorhome or budget weekend camper, they all are the same inside. RV interiors are typically dark and cave-like.

So far, we’ve owned two former fifth wheels (a luxury brand 5th wheel and 5th wheel toy hauler), and now a micro Class C motorhome. None of them were of the exception.

RV manufacturers design their RVs to be a one-size-fits-all with neutral colors. This makes every RV interior look the same with the gray or brown tones. Thus, giving the perception that you’re going to be either living or camping in a cave.

And unless you’re Batman, that’s not going to work!

Your RV interior is all about what YOU want!

So, the RV manufacturers have left a lot to be desired inside your camper. This is where you come in. Just like you prefer certain colors and styles of clothing, the same applies to the inside of your RV.

But here’s the beauty in it all. There are so many interior decorating options out there that can be as simple or complex as you want.

Your RV is your HOME on wheels

“It doesn’t matter whether you live in your RV full-time, use it to travel for a set time or camp in your RV on weekends or vacations. Your RV is your home away from home.” – Lisa, Always On Liberty

Why wouldn’t you want to make the inside of your RV as comfortable and inviting as possible? 

You RV or camper should be your own comfy safe space that makes you happy and feel like you truly belong there between all of those amazing outdoor adventures.

Because trust me, there’s going to be rainy days or long weekends of brutal weather and even sickness that will force you inside. And uncomfortable space will make you crazy. But it doesn’t have to be that dark and dingy cave.

Color and theme decorating

Decorating your RV is actually super easy. It just comes down to deciding on a color palate, incorporate a theme (beach, desert, Coca Cola, Route 66, etc.) or even how you want to portray your favorite adventure, activity or lifestyle.

So, when you start your planning phase, make it an adventure. Take your time doing it.

Start researching how and where you want to insert color and design. What is your objective? Do you want a farmhouse look? Or are you wanting to brighten your RV interior up with a beach vibe? Perhaps you just want a sophisticated feel.

Unlike how RV manufacturer’s see it, there is no one-size-fits-all!

Then, think about how you want to accessorize your RV using art, fabrics and even the functional items you’re actually going to use in your RV.

There is such a plethora of cool ideas to insert color and style that will make your camper house beautiful.

Start buying, ordering and collecting!

Now it’s time to start buying, ordering and collecting all of your elements you’re going to use to decorate your RV.

Even a few decorative wall art pieces, interesting textile pieces and kitchen counter gadgets are a great start.

Big remember though! if you’re going to be moving your RV, it’s important to always keep the weight down to a minimum. So, be mindful of heavy accessories.

Let’s get decorating!!

Seriously, you don’t need to have that creative eye or forethought to make it all come together. You can do this!

These simple and easy RV decorating ideas will hopefully get you to thinking that your motorhome or camper isn’t just an RV, but an actual home. Okay, it’s on wheels, but it’s still your home!

So, let’s dig right in and see how you can incorporate these simple and easy RV decorating ideas into your own motorhome or camper!

RV Decorating Ideas that Will Help Make your RV Feel Like Home

Always On Liberty Fifth Wheel Decorating
Photo by Always On Liberty©

“Here’s the thing about decorating your RV. You don’t have to rush out and spend a whole bunch on paint and wallpaper supplies to update your RV interior. You can just use tangible items as decor elements.” -Lisa, Always On Liberty

Decorate your RV using Throw Pillows

Pillows! Girls love ’em and guys hate ’em. It’s like a consecration in marriage that the guy will accept that the lady of the house loves them and he will LIKE IT! 

But seriously, throw pillows are one of the simplest ways to insert pops of color into your motorcoach or camper. But, they’re not just for looks!

While they’re pretty or popping, they also add function. Pillows can be for propping heads, feet and even your tablet on your lap.

Throw pillows come in all different sizes, shapes, textures, colors and patterns. You can get them decorated with pompoms, fringes and cool trims; making great focal points in your RV; albeit living room, den, bunk room or bedroom.

But, as much as you ladies would love to flood your RV with lots of decorator pillows, you need to reign that beast in. Pillows take up a lot of space; especially if more than one are sitting on the sofa or turning down your bed.

Now, on a personal note, I like to change my pillow designs often to give our living space a little something different. And well, I get bored of the same ole, same ole.

So, instead of buying new throw pillows every couple months or seasons, I opt for throw pillow covers that have zippers. They’re super easy to change out and pillow covers are washable.

When I do switch them out for a new look, I’ll just remove and shake them out outside. If they need to be washed, so be it.

Then, I’ll place them all neatly folded in a 2 gallon plastic zipper bag with a couple desi packs to absorb any moisture so they don’t mold. I then stuff the bag of pillow covers up in our cab over bunk for later use. 

Being throw pillows are standard sizes, pillow covers are easy to replace. And, they’re far less expensive than buying the whole pillows themselves also.

So, let me give you some great ideas on throw pillow covers.

Look at this adorable set of green and blue pillow throw pillow cover set that you can get for the price of one pillow you’d find in a pricy brick and mortar store.

RV decorating tips - blue and green pillows
Photo from Amazon

All aboard! Who says nautical decor is just for boats? This cool set of nautical pillow covers would a refreshingly fun addition to your land-yacht too! But if you’re more into saluting the red, white and blue, look into getting nautical pillows in patriotic colors.

RV decorating tips - nautical pillows
Photo from Amazon

Now, if you love fun geometrical patterns but wish to keep your colors to one or two, this set of yellow and white pillow covers will make your dinette, bed and sofa pop with bright sunshine and smiles every hour of the day! Oh, and here’s another set if you don’t like those!

RV decorating tips - yellow pillows
Photo from Amazon

And of course, if you don’t like any of those colors or designs, you can always opt for any of these in solid colors, soft pastels, whites and gray palettes just the same. 

My point is, throw pillows offer great accents that can be moved around and changed as often as the weather. They are one of the easiest decorating ideas for your RV because they’re inexpensive and put the fun into functional!

Customize your walls using murals, wallpaper and wall decals

We’ve seen several RVs with cool wallpaper or wall decals on the interior walls and even doors. They’re fun and fairly inexpensive because walls in RVs are not really spacious.

Just make certain that they will stick to the existing wallpaper or wall board in your motorcoach or camper. You may have to prep the wall surface before mounting. That said, they do offer an incredible facelift to the walls!

Check out this amazing unique woodsy wall mural decal that you can install as your bedroom headboard or large space wall to break up the blank space.

RV decorating tips - wall mural
Photo from Amazon

Most specially-designed wall decals can be repositioned so if you decide after a year you don’t want it, you can simply remove them carefully. My suggestion is read the manufacturers’ information to make sure they are removable or repositionable.

Here’s a great nomadic Adventure Awaits wall vinyl decal that’s perfect for a small wall or vertical surface in your RV! It’s an awesome RV decorating idea for adventurous RVers who love to head for the mountains!

RV decorating tips - wall decal
Photo from Amazon

Wall decal art also comes in inspirational sayings or spiritual phrases or bible verses. Below is a beautiful Christian bible verse wall decal that’s a perfect daily scripture reminder.

Again, though follow manufacturer’s directions to ensure proper placement with adhesion.

RV decorating tips - scripture wall decal
Photo from Amazon

Decorate your RV with photo frames

Just because you live in an RV shouldn’t negate you from displaying your family photos. The cool thing about photo frames is there’s no limit on how you can use them.

Picture frames don’t have to be for just family photos though. You can also use them frame small art cards, favorite greeting cards and even post cards of favorite travel destinations. Picture frames come in all different shapes, sizes and styles.

If you’re looking for a more uniform or simple look, you can pick up inexpensive lightweight plastic frames that can be secured to the wall with Command strip velcro that are very popular amongst RVers. Or, some photo frames may already have easels for table or countertop display.

In our fifth wheel, we would secure desktop photos using Fun-Tak or museum wall putty. They never fell over or slid around during transit.

While you could buy your frames online, I highly recommend getting them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Oftentimes, they’ll put them on sale. So, if you’re wanting to create a montage of frames, definitely wait until they put them on sale (and they do!) to save you money.

If you have a magnetized refrigerator front, why not get magnetic 4″x6″ photo frames? They stay put perfectly during transit.

Oh, and say you love a frame style but don’t love the color? You can change the color using brush-on acrylic craft paint or a can of spray paint to coordinate your frames with the rest of your RV decor.

Picture frames typically come with glass inserts. We all know things fall and break in RVs.

✰ PRO TIP Picture frames typically come with glass inserts. We all know things fall and break in RVs. I highly recommend replacing the picture frame glass with plexiglass inserts (8″x10″, 5″x7″ or 4″x6″). Not only does it make them unbreakable, but also, makes them lighter in weight.

Decorate your RV interior with plants and greenery

If you have cats like we do, you know having most houseplants are a huge no-no.

For one, many live plants (and flowers!) are toxic. But also, mischievous cats seem to gravitate towards anything they can make a mess out of. They love to dig and knock things over; including plants.

But really, other than keeping a small herb garden, who has time to take care of plants anyway?

So, instead of decorating with live plants, you can create your own greenery arrangements. Or, you can buy them ready to display for your RV countertop, table or desktop.

If you don’t want to pack them up anytime you move, you can adhere them to the counter or shelf using Fun-Tak or museum wall putty.

Check out this stylish mini artificial topiary shrub set below!

Faux greenery and plants
Photo from Amazon

Or, you can replicate what we did in our fifth wheel.

For our beach theme, we bought artificial ornamental wheat grasses on Amazon. We also bought cute, little galvanized aluminum bucket planters and round floral foam to hold the grasses in place..

Since the round floral foam was already perfect to size and shape, we’d glue each foam into the bottoms of each bucket planter and allow to dry thoroughly overnight.

Then we’d cut down the grasses from the bottom to make them stick into the floral foam better and so the wire doesn’t show.

After we’d finish planting our fake grasses, we’d then mix small decorative pebbles with a bottle of Elmer’s school glue (it dries clear) and poured what we could into each bucket to weigh it down and look like beach rock.

We let them dry for 24 hours and VOILA! They looked like little clam buckets that you’d see on the beach with beach grass. Check out our fake grass plants on the corners of our desk in our former fifth wheel in the photo below.

RV Decorating Ideas - Fake Grass Plants on Desk with Buckets at Desk in Fifth Wheel RV - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

But what if you love having some greenery in your RV but can’t have sufficient counter space to display your plants? 

Then, you may want to consider getting small wall planters (we have these in our Winnebago View) instead. You can stuff a couple faux succulents (because they’re easier to clean or replace) inside of each of them. Then, attach each planter to the wall using removable wall Command brand velcro strips.

Soften your dinette table using placemats, table runners, or table cloths

RV Decorating Ideas and Tips - Placemats
Photo from Amazon

The table and countertops in your RV are hard surfaces. Your can soften the look by using stylish placemats or table runners.

Like the pillows we mentioned first in this article, inexpensive and fun placemats and table runners are a great way of bringing in pops of color into your motorhome or towable RV.

The great thing is placemats come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and textures.

Typically, placemats come in sets of 4, 8 and 12. For an RV, you probably will only need 4. If there’s only two of you, you can use two placemats for the table and the other two on a nightstand or even the counter when you’re not cooking or serving food.

We love our set of four PVC woven vinyl placemats that are bright with popping colorful stripes. And, since they’re not fabric, they can be easily wiped off for the next use.

Be aware though, manufacturers may say they are heat-resistant. However, I wouldn’t trust to place hot-from-the-oven or hot microwave dishes on them. They may damage your counter or table surfaces.

I highly recommend using trivets underneath your hot cooking vessels instead. For our RV kitchen, we use silicone trivets that are also great for keeping things from sliding off the counters during transit.

Now, if you see a cool table runner or table cloth to set a fancy table, you can do that too. A table runner makes also a great decor element for your dinette table in your RV as well.

Sometimes, I find unique ones, especially for the holidays at TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross and Home Goods. But, you can also find table runners on Amazon too.

Although not as popular to decorate your RV with, the same goes for table cloths.

Kitchen accessories and decor

Unlike the old days where your dishtowels and pot holders were dreary and blah, now you can find them in most every color, pattern and design.

By hanging a few Command hooks, you can display those colorful pot holders, stylish yet functional trivets and dishtowels.

I absolutely love Turkish towels because they come in so many different colors. But also, they’re so easy to wash and dry. They don’t stay wet for long eliminating the worry of unnecessary moisture in the air in our RV.

Turkish Towels – Pick Your Decorating Colors

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Decorate your RV using your dishes and serving trays

Don’t hide your RV dishes or kitchenwares in drawers and cabinets, especially colorful dishes with fun patterns or themes! Put those bad boys out for all to see! 

Dishes, serving trays, and other kitchenwares can compliment your color palette or interior decorating theme. They can also tell a story should they be a heirloom or special souvenir. You can display your everyday dishes on the counter in a decorative plate display stand.

RV Decorating Ideas - Colorful Plates and Olive Oil Bottle
Photo by Always On Liberty©

In fact, I’d display my red melamine plates vertically in my black metal decorative plate rack. It doubled as decor element and made our plates easily accessible. Don’t worry though, those cute salad and sandwich plates are lightweight and unbreakable.

But hey, we understand not everyone is into bright colors. But there are other more subdued or different color options out there.

So, find your own RV kitchen elements in your favorite colors and themes that are perfect for your RV or camper.

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Functional Bottles are great ways to personalize your space

We totally get that RVers don’t want unnecessary clutter, especially in such a small space.

That said, who’s to say that you can’t mix fun and function? Remember, your RV is your home. There are some things you may not be willing to sacrifice or give up just because you live in a rolling home on wheels.

And some of those may be cool bottles or other items that you can use.

For example, we keep our dish soap in a gorgeous clear blue glass bottle with pouring spout that sits near our kitchen sink. While it’s a pretty display, it also serves a purpose.

And, if you notice in our preceding photo, next to my red plates is my fun, lime-green olive oil bottle gives a little extra pop of extra color. If I’m going to have a bottle of olive oil anyway, why not make it a cool one.

I also used a bright red tea kettle (and then changed to aqua blue color) because I make French press coffee every morning. So, my not-so-ordinary and colorful kettle, while a decorative element in our RV kitchen, is also a useful kitchen tool.

Now, in our little Class C motorhome, I have a lime green tea kettle I found at Home Goods. I mean, if it’s going to be out in the open anyway, at least make it one my favorite RV decorating ideas!

Incorporating Small Kitchen Appliances into Your RV decorating

RV Kitchen Decorating Ideas - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Being that RVs don’t offer a lot of kitchen cabinet storage, you may have to leave your coffee maker, air fryer or other useful small kitchen appliances out on your kitchen counter.

Small appliances can present the perfect opportunity to select stylish color or cool designs to compliment or even be the focal point of your RV decor.

As you can see, my red air fryer above perfectly balances my RV kitchen counter work area with my red sandwich plates; creating perfect symmetry.

Using some of these RV decorating ideas will help customize your own motorhome or camper to make it your little happy place.

Decorative Lighting Puts the FUN into FUNction

Pendant Light Globes Upgrade in RV - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

The interior lights that RV manufacturers install in RVs are sometimes boring, bland or not really what we would pick out. While you can change out the 12 volt lights in your RV, if you want to save a few bucks, you can simply replace the boring beige light globes with something fun and more personal.

Lamp shades and globes can present cool ambiance that offers ambiance with a bit of flair. By simply changing out your pendant lights or wall sconce light globes like in our former fifth wheel toy hauler (photo above) created a cool focal point. 

And, in the rear of our fifth wheel, we strung up colorful indoor/outdoor battery-operated patio lights on the back window to add in some party-fun. Again though, they also add function as they make perfect nightlights too!

Decorating with Rugs or Floor Mats

Orange Rag Rug for RV interior
Photo from Amazon

Look, the buck doesn’t stop at the floor when it comes to decorating your RV interior.

Colorful rugs and floor mats with interesting patterns not only accent your other RV’s decorating features. But also, floor coverings add balance throughout the space you’re vying for in your motorhome or camper.

In our fifth wheel RV renovation project, we replaced all of the carpet with vinyl plank flooring. While we totally love it, we still needed a little warmth for our tootsies and our kitties to lay on cold days and nights. But we also needed to balance the colors; thus drawing your eyes down.

So, I bought a few, super bright and colorful rag rugs to play in my Margaritaville and beach theme. It was nice to mix and match them without having to spend a fortune.

And if they get soiled, a simple shake outside and in the washer they go! Of course, I didn’t have to wash them often because we took our shoes off at the door.

On moving days, they also are super easy to fold up and quick to shake out the pet hair or fuzzies that seem to find their way onto the floor.

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Wrapping up our RV decorating ideas

As you see, these simple and easy RV decorating ideas don’t have to take a whole lot of green in your wallet to customize your RV or camper interior. And, the great thing is you don’t have to change it all at one time.

When you’re living in a small space like RVs, boats and tiny homes, just keep in mind less is more. You just need to find the right balance and forethought to create your cozy home. Even the smallest pops of color and style will liven up your space.

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