Anderson Kantleak RV Water Service Panel Replacement

We upgraded our Anderson Kantleak water service panel with a much improved and better engineered retrofit water service panel. Our old Anderson Kantleak had plastic fittings that leaked; making the valve system unreliable. However, as you’ll read further, you’ll notice the vast improvement of the the new Anderson Kantleak’s fittings. Plus, we’ll include how we installed it.

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Disclosure: We received compensation from Anderson Brass to install and field test this product. After which, we send back our evaluation to the company. We then wanted to share our findings report on the product as well as installation procedure as it’s applicable to our audience of readers.

Anderson Brass Kantleak RV Water Service Panel Valve System

How the Kantleak RV Water Service Panel works

Anderson Brass’ Kantleak water service panel has a knob in the UDC that rotates either left or right to select how water will be provided to our coach.

The water service panel has four function fill valve supply settings:

    • CITY FIXTURES – Supply water to the fixtures directly from campground or RV park water hook up.
    • DRY CAMPING – Supply water to the fixtures directly from the on-board water tank.
    • TANK FILL – Supply water to the holding tank from the city water hook up.
    • SANITIZE / WINTERIZE – Supply sanitizing / winterizing fluid to the fixtures from inlet connection (via water pump).

Let’s first talk about the original Kantleak RV water service panel to get a better idea of why or how the original model failed.

Kantleak RV Water Service Panel (Original Model #200RV)

Anderson Kantleak - Old Model 200RV
The back of the original Anderson valve #200RV

The original Anderson Kantleak Water Service Panel model #200RV had a plastic main body with a rotating knob. The valve inside would click and lock into each position as we would rotate the knob to the setting we needed (described above).

The original water service panel valve also had an internal plastic core that relies on several rubber O-rings to maintain pressure and keep the valve functioning properly. It had four positions for selection (described above).

Complaints of the ‘original’ Kantleak water service panel

First, the original Kantleak water service panel was difficult to read what position the knob was actually set to. In fact, we had to get our label maker out identify the settings.

Second, the former Kantleak valve was prone to failure; especially if the knob was rotated while under pressure.

Thus, many RV owners (primarily fifth wheel owners) would call Anderson Brass Company to report their Kantleak valve system leaking. Of course under warranty, Anderson Brass would replace failed Anderson water service panels.

However, after being inundated with numerous complaints of leaking water panels, Anderson Brass went back to the engineering drawing board to design a much-improved, fail-safe water valve system to alleviate the leaking.

Kantleak RV Water Service Panel (Revised Model #200RV)

Anderson Kantleak - New Model Brass Fittings
The back of the old valve MANRV101RF

It was about 2017 when Anderson Brass Company redesigned and manufactured a much-improved Kantleak water service panel. (We were actually the first ones to test the newly revised prototype).

All of the plastic fittings are replaced with brass fittings on the back of the housing panel. The panel also features teflon seals to prevent leaks while ensuring a lifetime of reliable service.

Additionally, the new Anderson Kantleak water service panel provides swiveling attachment points to provide strain relief for the water line connections. This will also aid in attaching the water lines to the valve’s main body with little to no resistance.

And well-constructed brass check valve has been added to ensure water pressure is maintained and should help in eliminating unnecessary cycling of your water pump when dry camping.

In other words, no more plastic fittings that would eventually fail causing leaks and possibly inevitable damage.

Anderson Kantleak - Brass Fittings

Anderson Kantleak - Anderson Water Service Panel - Valve

Watch our short video clip for explanation how the new brass valve replacement works (clink link below):

Anderson Kantleak – Brass Valve Replacement


You’ll also notice in the photo below, the new version of the Anderson Brass Kantleak water service panel (right) comes with knob with 3-position settings instead of the original’s 4-position setting (left).

Anderson Kantleak - Old and New Water Service Panels
Side by side comparison. Notice the properly labeled new valve on the right. Notice the better labeling on the face of the panel?

Now, the knob positions are also clearly marked with easy-to-read lettering. Also, the new Kantleak valve knob rotates smoothly unlike the old original model.

But a worthy bonus is the much-improved Kantleak model is an actual direct drop in replacement for the old valve. The revised model is the exact same size with same size fittings.

So, there’s no need to alter or modify anything in your RV or components to install the new Kantleak water service panel.

Now, let’s move onto the removal of our original water service panel and installation of the revised version of the Kantleak water service panel.

Prepare your RV water system for replacement installation

To replace the Kantleak water service panel in our fifth wheel, we needed to remove all of the contents from our basement to free up space for proper inspection and replacement.

Being that we’re full-time RVers, this actually ended up being a good time to weed through any unwanted gear and parts in our basement cargo compartment.

Once everything was cleared out, we removed a section of the basement wall to enable access to the water-line attachment points and the back of the old valve.

An important note, this was a good time to inspect all of our water system’s pex lines and fittings, clamps and the water pump. Since our fifth wheel was fairly new, everything looked great and tested for no water leaks.

For this installation, we only needed two tools; a Robertson head screwdriver and a pair of pliers. This installation also required having some absorbant shop towels to absorb water during the changeout. And we used our camping lantern to provide better lighting in the dark compartment.

Installing your new Anderson Kantleak Water Service Panel

Removal of the old Kantleak water service panel

Once we we were satisfied with our inspection, we shut the water OFF in our coach. Doing so, we also opened the kitchen faucet to relieve the water pressure in the lines so it wouldn’t spray water all over our basement (or Dan) while disconnecting water lines.

Next, we placed a few shop towels on the basement floor under the water lines to catch any residual water when disconnecting the water pex lines from the valve fittings.

We simply unscrewed and removed the eight screws that held the old water service panel in the utility distribution center (UDC) wall. Then we disconnected all fittings from the old water service panel and pulled it out. Removing the old Kantleak water service panel was actually quite easy.

PRO TIP:  Before disassembling any components or replacing parts in your RV, take a photo of the connection points so you have a good reference of how the lines, wires or cables should look like when assembled correctly..

Installation of the new Kantleak water service panel

Once we remove your original water service panel and fit the new Kantleak into the wall, we did not screw it into place yet.

We left it loose to allow a little more play and wiggle-room to tighten up the water lines and connections. And, we utilized the newly-designed swivel points for easy attachment of the water lines.

Anderson Kantleak - New Brass Water Service Panel Installed
The installed version of the revised Anderson Brass Kantleak water service panel MANRV-101 RF 

Once all the water lines were reattached and tightened, it was time to fasten it into the new housing and the UDC wall by replacing the screws. Now our new Kantleak replacement is installed and ready for hooking up our water hose.

Anderson Kantleak - Front of New Water Service Panel
The new MANRV-101 RF Kantleak water service panel.

After, we turned the coaches water back on, we opened the kitchen and bathroom faucets to remove air from the lines and get the water flowing.

While the water’s running, Dan crawled back into the basement to inspect the ensemble for leaks. We made sure water cycled the valve through all of the positions without showing water leakage.

From start to finish, the Kantleak water panel replacement installation took less than an hour to replace the valve system.

There may encounter some issues while doing the installation to an an aging RV. It’s important to prepare for those discrepancies by having necessary replacement parts and tools on hand.

One last note, Anderson Brass Company is not responsible for substandard piping, joints, pex lines, pex fittings, clamps or any other plumbing installations or repairs performed by the RV manufacturer, RV repair facility or RV tech, previous owner(s) or current owner.

Where to buy the new Anderson Kantleak Water Service Panel Replacement:

Anderson Brass – MANRV101-RF – 4 Function – RV Fill Station – Anderson Valve – W/Check Valve and Plate

Other Anderson Brass RV Water Service Components:

Kantleak Repair KIT – for 4 Function RV Fill Station – 200RV-RK

Our review of the newly revised Kantleak Water Service Panel

The new Kantleak retrofit panel that fits our fifth wheel is working as Anderson Brass promised; alleviating the original valve issues or failures. The new Kantleak’s construction and assembly is top notch. There’s no more leaking or any worry of water intrusion from our Kantleak water service panel.

Should you be concerned about your drinking water with the new Kantleak model? Not at all!

The new model Kantleak brass components have been certified to be compliant with NSF/ANSI 61. This is the lead-free brass listing required for drinking water.

The new all-brass assembly no longer uses the same plastic core with O-rings. The new Kantleak now has an all brass body with teflon seals.

And the best part? The Anderson water service panels are Made in the USA!

About Anderson Brass Company:

ABCO RV -Anderson Brass Company

Anderson Brass Company is a family-owned business based in Hartsville, SC and has been in business since 1931. Built in 1982, the modern manufacturing facility features state of the art technology.

ABCORV (Anderson Brass Company RV) been a primary provider of RV water service panels and selection valves for multiple RV manufacturers for many years.

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23 Replies to “Anderson Kantleak RV Water Service Panel Replacement”

  1. Great write up on a fantastic improved replacement product!

    For your readers, Anderson Brass will at the 2019 North American Heartland Owners Rally this coming June in Goshen, Indiana.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post, Jim. Good to see you on here. See you guys soon! 🙂 -Dan & Lisa

  2. I have had numerous problems with the defective valve with the water bleeding back through the valve. I had a temporary fix and have ordered a new valve ( which is on backorder) if some thing like this happened in the auto industry ( which is regulated). They would have had a recall and paid for their engineering miscalculation. This need to come off of Anderson’s back and not those camping customers who trusted you. This needs to be a good faith repair by Anderson Brass Co.

    1. Fred, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate your input. Our suggestion is to make contact with Anderson Brass Company and tell them of your repeal. Best wishes and safe travels! -Dan & Lisa

  3. Thanks for the review. Did they provide any guidance for the MANRV 102 RF? Would you post a video on that model?

  4. I have a defective valve on my 2018 Fleetwood Bounder. it needs replacing but somehow we in Canada can’t order them. Where and how do I get one. Even a repair kit would be helpful.. harry j

  5. I have the new kantleak RV water valve and I have a very difficult time rotating the tiny handle to fill it, and then rotate it back to normal use. There’s lots of resistance to rotate. The handle is too short to get any leverage to turn it. Is there a longer handle available to get more leverage? Does something need to be lubricated to enable the valve stem to rotate easier? It’s really a pain to use and I am searching for a solution? Thanks

    1. Jeffrey, I’m sorry for not seeing this sooner. If you’ve not gotten an answer to this issue, have you contacted Anderson Brass to see what needs to be done?

  6. Received my new brass valve only to find I can’t rotate the knob? What a disappointing event, especially after having to wait on backorder

    1. Rick, we are so sorry that you’ve had such a negative experience. Please contact Anderson Brass immediately to get it taken care of. -Dan & Lisa

  7. Hi Dan, I’m Dan also, retired Coast Guard, and live FT in a Heartland Big Horn in Arizona. Small world 🙂 I hope you can help me with something. BTW, Great post and just what I needed . . . mostly.
    I have recently purchased a water softener and filters. I will be routing the incoming city water from the valve to them and then back to the valve. Which seems pretty straight forward to me. I also want to dry camp and have the re-fill water go through the filters as well. Not wanting to have an external pump to do this, I was hoping to install an additional pump in the basement with a water proof power switch in the wet bay.
    Question: If I do this will the city water flow through the pump when off or would I need to put in a bypass of some kind?
    How do you fill your FW tank when you dry camp? (Assuming you do dry camp)

    1. Hey Dan! Welcome to our little corner of the world! Semper Paratus! We were in Arizona this past winter. We have a rule. Once the Rattlesnakes come out, we’re outta there! 😀 Enjoy your Big Horn!

  8. Need buy anderson repair Kit- for 4 function fill station -200RV-RK .AM AT Regina SK . Canada . My name Robert Blanchard 1 506 545 0483 .

  9. Need the repair cartridge for my cant leak 4 position water valve on my 2017 holiday rambler. But would welcome the upgraded 3 position model. How can I get one?

    1. Hi Tom, thank you for taking the time to read our article. Our best suggestion for your upgrade would be to contact Anderson Brass directly. They will need your RV type, make, model and year. Hopefully, they have what you need. Good luck! -Dan

  10. Here in the future (April 2024), the repair kits are no longer available. Which is actually pretty good since all they did was replace the non-functional cartridge with a new on that will eventually give out. So after 2 cartridges, I’ll probably replace mine. Or build my own from a few shark bite pieces.

    If you fill out Anderson Brass’ survey, they might send you a discount coupon code. It didn’t work for me though.

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