Finding Remote Work While Traveling

Finding Remote Work

Some working-age people are able to pivot from their brick-and-mortar jobs to continue working remotely for their employer while traveling. However, by choice or unseen circumstances, others, like you, are looking for new remote work opportunities. But they don’t know where to start. If you have computer-niched skills, secure WiFi connectivity and good computer system, you’re on the road to finding the perfect remote work while still being able to enjoy traveling.

Finding Remote Work

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Our path to remote work

While we have other reasons of why went on the road, our former mundane, stressful work routines were front and center. We loathed our commutes, had very little us time with each other or our friends and the weather just plain sucked in the winter. Adding in all of our home maintenance to do.

Once we went on the road full-time in 2014, our bank accounts stopped growing. Our three means of income dwindled to just one. Dan had left his job with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and I stepped away as a higher-level Consultant for a  Multi Level Marketing company.

We had three sources of income that dramatically dropped to one; Dan’s military pension. While his pension could sustain us, we still had to figure out how to finance a more comfortable traveling lifestyle, pay for upgrades to our RV, manage costly repairs, plane tickets, etc., yet allow us time to enjoy our travels on our own time.

While I tried to continue my MLM consulting job, I quickly lost interest because the mountains were calling my name. But I still needed to find my own purpose and way to contribute to restocking our coffers.

So, I met my RVing friend, Camille, who challenged me to find something that would put money in our bank accounts, afford us the time to enjoy traveling and well, make me feel better about myself. (That whole ‘exercise my brain’ thing). 

I learned a thing or two from her and asked if she could share some great coaching to help others, like myself, to find that happy medium between working for the almighty dollar and climbing those damn mountains.

Meet your Remote Work Coach!

Two years into our journey as full-time RV travelers, we met an incredibly adventurous couple, Camille and Bryce of More Than a Wheelin’ at the Xscapers Convergence in Quartzsite. Like us, they live for adventure and love to explore. A year later, we met up in Kentucky for a few days.

Since, we’ve formed an amazing friendship. But, she became more than a friend. Because of Camille’s background as a Corporate Trainer and Coach, I grew interested in her field of expertise; finding remote work.

Through several conversations with Camille, she’s mentioned that she gets numerous emails and messages from people asking her about how to procure remote work. Ironically, I asked the same questions.

Along with Camille’s twenty years in corporate training and coaching, she’s built up her worldly resume and resources on remote work. I thought to myself:

“who better to teach us than someone who is actually living the nomad life and knows the ins and outs of searching for remote work?”

I sat in on her presentations at summits, taken part in her Webinars and several chat sessions. And now, I’m excited because she’s created her own course to help so many others, like myself, find remote work. She shows us how to pull our best skills out of ourselves and apply them to remote work opportunities. She has shown me how to market myself (and Dan!) so companies take note.

What kind of remote jobs are there?

So, I listened and learned from Camille. She pointed out that in today’s market, there are so many jobs and careers out there that don’t require business suits and fancy brick and mortar offices. And others were finding amazing remote work opportunities.

We all have skills and talents that we’ve procured in our past jobs and careers. Just because we now live on the road hardly means we shouldn’t continue to use them. I promise you, there IS work out there just waiting to be scooped up for the taking.

Here’s just a sample of career fields that your skills, talents and education may fit into:

And, in those fields above, here’s just a handful of jobs or careers that you can find remotely:

As you see, remote work opportunities can be limitless. You just need to know what you want to do, where your skills and training fit in, a good communication venue with your future employer and a good WiFi connection.

Oh, there’s more to it that I’m not qualified to expound upon. That’s why I encourage you to find your own remote work Coach or better yet, contact her yourself through her online Remote Work Course *** She is an amazing ‘true to life’ resource for those who want to stretch their legs and travel.

Point your compass heading to find YOUR remote work…

So, just because you close the door on your brick and mortar income sources certainly doesn’t mean its an end-all that you’re going to end up destitute or standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign. Part of exploring the combination of traveling and working remotely is knowing where to look. It’s also about knowing how to market yourself. It really is no more complicated than sending out your resumes and pounding the pavement.

But hey, remote work isn’t just for RV travelers like ourselves. Whether it’s living full-time in an RV or boat, in a rural remote location, or even in the middle of a busy urban setting, it’s all relative. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t work wearing your fuzzy bunny slippers sitting in a camp chair looking out to the mountains. Technology today presents so many opportunities that we now CAN go outside to play also!

Work Remotely


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