RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement & Installation Guide

In your motorhome or camper, you may need to replace your RV kitchen faucet due to age or to simply update the faucet. Or your existing kitchen faucet in your camper is broken or malfunctioning. But did you know that an RV kitchen faucet replacement isn’t really any different than replacing the kitchen faucet in your home?

RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement Guide - Always On Liberty

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How to Replace Your RV Kitchen Faucet

RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement and Installation Guide

One of the features that sold us on our Landmark luxury fifth wheel was the beautiful, large, fully-functional RV kitchen. The island creates a more ample food prep surface. And that big single farmer’s sink allows for cleaning large pots and pans.

However, one little issue just grated on me that needed upgrading; our RV kitchen faucet.

The RV OEM kitchen faucet installed by our RV manufacturer wasn’t a bad or even cheap faucet. I just wanted to update our faucet for function and to match our kitchen appliances and cabinet hardware that were brushed nickel. Our OEM kitchen faucet was chrome (go figure!).  

Since I’m particular about interior design and composition, we just had to upgrade our RV kitchen faucet setup.

RV kitchen faucet replacement requirements:

      • RV kitchen faucet replacement must have a pull-out sprayer for easier washing and rinsing.
      • Kitchen faucet needed to have a gooseneck design to accommodate tall pots.
      • Faucet in the kitchen needed to have a brushed nickel finish to coordinate with our RV kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinet hardware.
Always On Liberty Picking out New Kitchen Faucet - Always On Liberty
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Once we found one, we were within days of using our new kitchen faucet.

Before I go on, I want to share one cool manufacturing feature in our kitchen that Heartland configured in their Landmarks.

They created a pass-through under the sink so we could access the plumbing on both sides of the island.

In otherwords, there are doors on both sides of the island. This was a genius design because, who wants to be installing or repairing any plumbing fixtures in contortionistic positions?

It also makes it easier to check for under-sink leaks as well; from both sides.

Now, let’s get into the actual RV kitchen faucet replacement!

Dan holding new RV kitchen faucet - Always On Liberty
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1) When replacing your RV kitchen faucet or any other component is to unbox and inspect your new kitchen faucet. You need to make certain all of the parts are present and in perfect condition.

2) Before moving forward, you need to read the product information and installation instructions thoroughly and understand them.

3) If you need to watch a video, do it before tackling this type of installation. You don’t want to be interrupted with ‘oh crap moments’ of uncertainty.

4) You’ll want to take a peek underneath your kitchen sink to inspect how everything goes together. Take a quick photo of the plumbing just in case you forgot which water line goes where.

Also, this is a good time to check to see if there are any additional components or plumbing parts that you’ll need to get before replacing your RV’s kitchen faucet.

5) You need to empty the kitchen cabinet where your RV kitchen faucet replacement and installation will be. It will make it so much easier than having to push things out of the way or do it interim.

6) Turn off the water throughout your RV. All of it. Make the kids and wife/husband use the campground bathhouse until you complete your RV kitchen faucet replacement.

7) Inspect all plumbing, joints, pipes, and fittings under the sink for cracks and leaks.

8) Set out all of your tools. You’ll want everything you need to replace your RV kitchen faucet within easy reach. You don’t want to have to keep going in and out of your RV to fetch tools or plumbing supplies. 

9) Lay out a towel or two to keep any water from making a mess.

10) Send the wife and kids shopping or to the campground pool. Your RV is small to begin with and last thing you need is for your family members to be tripping over you while you’re trying to replace your RV kitchen faucet. 

Confine or kennel your pets to the bedroom or other room in your RV. Again, you don’t want them or you to be tripping over each other during this installation.

You need to stay focused on the task at hand; not answering questions or yelling at the kids, wife or husband and pets to stop going in and out of the RV.

Tools Needed for your RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement

Tools for RV Kitchen Faucet Replacement - Always On Liberty
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There’s a few tools you’re going to need for you RV kitchen faucet replacement.

It’s advantageous for you to lay all of you necessary tools out on a towel on the floor or counter. This will help avoid going back and forth to your RV tool bag.

Also, because RVs are dark inside, especially inside the cabinet where the kitchen plumbing is, you’ll want a hands-free camping spotlight.

In addition to a battery powered spotlight, he likes his trusty rechargeable headlamp to put more light where he’s looking.

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Replacing your RV Kitchen Faucet and Installation Tips

After ensuring your water is off in your RV, you’re going to disconnect the original faucet from the waterlines.

Simply unscrew the kitchen faucet fixture from underneath the countertop.

Once everything is disconnected, just pull the faucet connections up through the holes in the countertop.

It’s smart to screw all of the washers and nuts to the old faucet so you don’t mix those components with the new kitchen faucet components.

Then, clean up the area where the old kitchen faucet was seated on the countertop.

RV kitchen Faucet water lines - Always On Liberty
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Next, you’ll need to unscrew all of the nuts and washers from your new RV kitchen faucet; laying them on the towel so they don’t roll or get lost.

Then, insert the hose connectors down through the hole in the countertop.

Now, I should have mentioned earlier that you may need an additional set of hands if you’re not a wizard at these kind of installations.

In our case, it’s not that Dan couldn’t, I stuck around so I could learn how to do this by watching. So, pretty much, I was also his apprentice. And to take pictures for this article. Because as we all know, if there aren’t pictures, it didn’t happen. 

Anyway, whether you have a helper or not, you’ll need to hold the new kitchen faucet onto the counter while reaching down to screw on the washers and nuts underneath.

After which, you’ll need to connect all of the hoses and crimps just as they were before you disassembled the hoses. 

RV kitchen Faucet water lines - Always On Liberty
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Once your RV kitchen faucet replacement is complete and you’re confident all hoses are tight and clamped and nothing is going to leak, then turn on the water for the entire coach.

Using your flashlight, watch for drips or weeping at all of the joints. My suggestion is to lay out a few dry paper towels on the floor of your cabinet so you can see if any drips occur.

If no leaks are detected, consider your RV kitchen faucet replacement complete!

However that said, I do highly recommend always check for leaks anytime you move your RV. Plumbing joints and hose crimps are notorious for dislodging or coming loose on super bumpy roads.

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Final thoughts on replacing your RV kitchen faucet

New RV kitchen faucet - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

One thing we learned from replacing our RV kitchen faucet. Pay attention to the design of your OEM faucet. There may be good reason (other than your RV manufacturer being cheap!) for why they installed ‘that type’ of kitchen faucet.

In our case, though we love our new RV’s kitchen faucet, I now understand the reason for the initial design of the original faucet.

Our Landmark’s OEM kitchen faucet had a lower profile unlike our new gooseneck design kitchen faucet.

Because our kitchen sink is a more shallow, the gooseneck design actually creates more splash outside of the sink when using the spray feature.

Though not a deal breaker, just something to be aware of when picking out your new RV kitchen faucet. 

While the gooseneck design presents a more attractive and updated look, the gooseneck design is designed more for deeper sinks.

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  1. This was very interesting, but Quick question though, What are your thoughts on granite for a kitchen remodel? My dad is remodeling his kitchen but I think he’s spending too much on counter tops. Thanks for the post, and I look forward to seeing your reply.

    1. Hi Anisha, thank you for reading and following along. I would not do it. Granite is extremely heavy (it’s a big slab of rock!). RVs have weight restrictions per GVWR. That’s why you never see them except in very high end motorhomes. -Dan

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will use your way to install my RV faucet. By the way, I have a question that what is the difference between RV faucets and home faucets. Can you explain it for me?

    1. Hi Samantha, thanks for taking the time to read our blog! On most RV’s, there is no difference between RV faucets and Home Faucets. Perhaps in older RV’s, there may be but the plumbing parts are pretty much the same. -Dan

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