RV Kitchen Space Saving Storage Solutions

We all know that RV Kitchens are tiny and tight on storage space. But that doesn’t mean we have to compromise by limiting our kitchen necessities. It also doesn’t mean we should have to constantly worry about messes made going down the road. As RVers, we also have important other storage concerns such as weight and displacement. Since our fifth wheel and now our small Class C motorhome has even more limited space and weight capabilities, we needed clever and creative kitchen storage solutions.

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RV Kitchen Space Saving Storage Solutions

So you don’t have to traipse all over the country looking for all of these storage solutions, we’ve laid it all out for you right here to help you get your RV, motorhome, van or camper set up without having to get in your car and turning the key.

RV Kitchen Space Saving Storage Solutions

Kitchen Drawer Cutlery and Knife Storage

Kitchen Cutlery Drawer Storage

To maximize space in our kitchen drawer, we utilize drawer organizers. We have one to organizer our silverware, cooking tools, knives and even spices. Particularly, we love these bamboo expandable drawer organizers that fit the width of our drawers and add a little more space for extra utensils.

Dry Food Storage Containers

I freaking LOVE my dry food storage containers! First, because they have boxed sides so I can stack them together without losing valuable kitchen drawer or cabinet space. Second, they have a push-button sealing system that keeps my dry stores airtight. They provide longer shelf-life of my dry ingredients. At the same time, they keep out unwanted pests (mice and bugs). And lastly, they are transparent making my the contents easy to identify.

But, if you don’t really want to invest heavily in my favorites, then you can opt for less expensive dry food storage containers. They are leak-proof so you can easily transport sauces, soups, and stews without worry. They also stack and nest for easy storage.

Kitchen Front Sink Storage

Kitchen Cabinet Sink Storage

This front sink tray kit is constructed for convenient use and an excellent source of storage. It is designed for storing small brushes, sponges and a variety of other items. The best thing is they are ideal for use in kitchens AND bathrooms! They are easy to assemble and come complete with everything you need except the tools to install.

Stemware Racks

Personally, I require my cheap wine to be served in glass therefore, I needed a way to store my two stemware glasses without worrying about breakage. Then, Dan had the great idea of mounting these inexpensive stemware racks inside my cabinet instead of under the cabinets!

OH! And check out where else we used those stemware racks!!

Cookie Sheet Divider Rack

Kitchen Baking Sheet and Cutting Board Storage

We have a narrow bottom cabinet next to our RV refrigerator. I found some of my kitchen wares would just get lost in there. So, I purchased this organizer pantry rack that allows me to store my cutting boards, cookie sheets and small trays that keeps them upright and allows space between for them for easy grabbing.

Plate Divider Storage Rack

We’re lucky to have lots of deep kitchen drawers however, I had to find a kitchen storage solution to hold my plates, pot lids and small cutting boards. I found a kitchen plate rack that allows my kitchen wares to stand on end in my drawer instead for easy grabbing. And, since most cabinets in RVs and Campers aren’t wide or deep enough to hold plates horizontally, these are perfect for storing them upright.

Multi-Purpose Cabinet Door Rack

I saw this multi-purpose cabinet door rack has so much potential for RVs! They can be installed anywhere in your motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer. Whether it is in the bathroom to hold small towels or magazines or inside your kitchen cabinet doors to hold cleaning supplies, bakeware, small cutting boards or even a few cookbooks, these are totally rocking it! Everything CAN have it’s own place and stay there!!

Under Sink Storage

Kitchen and Bath Storage Drawers

We all know that if we don’t find a way to store our household cleaners or bathroom toiletry products properly, we’re going to end up a nasty mess under our sink cabinets. I found a great under sink storage solution that keeps our bottles and cans organized and upright. Oh, you don’t have to just limit to having this in your sink cabinets! These are also great for our RV basement compartment storage to keep our RV cleaning supplies and bottles organized, safe and secure.

Herbs and Spice Storage

I’ve saved my best space saving RV Kitchen storage tip for last because these magnetic spice tins are truly one of my ultimate favorites! Not only are they a great space-saving kitchen essential, they are also a conversation starter and a cool decorator element to my fifth wheel kitchen! Their strong magnet stays put on my residential refrigerator even when hauling down the road. Did I mention that I LOVE them??

OH, and I labeled them with my battery operated electronic label maker with clear label tape. In fact, we use that label maker for my dry store canister set above as well as Dan uses it to label our RV’s electronic switches and his own storage containers.

So, as you have just read, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find space saving RV kitchen storage solutions! I’ve done it all for you. We’ve taken the guesswork out of organizing RV, boat, and even tiny houses with weight and budget in mind.

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