TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Product Review

It’s not a matter of if you’re RV, tow vehicle or toad will have a tire blowout but when! This is precisely why it’s imperative to have a reliable tire pressure monitoring system that will signal tire pressure discrepancies before they happen.  So, we’ll talk about Truck Systems Technologies TST 507 RV 6 C tire pressure monitoring system, installation, how it works and what we have to say about it.

So you bought a new RV and every RV gadget out there to hit the road running. Whoa! Back up the bus! You forgot something! You left out the most important safety gear that you and so many new RVers need; a reliable TPMS; short for Tire Pressure Monitor System.

The TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System is must-have gear that will alert RVers of tire pressure changes instantaneously. So, you can see why it’s so important to get the tire pressure monitoring system that fits all RVs, toads and tow vehicles.

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Disclosure: We were compensated with product to review this product. However, this compensation in no way reflects our honest review. 

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TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Product Review

Tire Safety - Tire Blowout

“A tire blowout is a sudden rupture or malfunction of a part or an apparatus due to pressure, in particular the bursting of a motor vehicle or RV tire”. 

What causes tire blowouts?

There are two causes of tire blowouts; temperature and pressure changes. If you don’t keep up with your tire maintenance and pay attention to the condition of your tires, chances of getting a tire blowout increase greatly.

Adding to that, exceeding your RV’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), excessive speed and road conditions all play a huge part in how your tires will fair on the road.

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Experiencing a tire blowout can be unnerving and place you and your RV into a dangerous situation broke down on the side of the road. And if you’ve never experienced a tire blowout, know that they can be violent and cause your RV to handle much differently.

If you don’t know how to handle your RV or vehicle during a tire blow out, you and your RV has the potential of a catastrophic ending. However, if you’re prepared with the right tire safety gear that will actually alert you of tire issues BEFORE a blowout or flat, why on earth would you put off getting it?

For more in depth information on how to avoid tire blowouts and flats, check out our RV Maintenance: RV Tire Safety and Maintenance article.

So, let’s jump right into the information about, installation and our review of the TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

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TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Product Review

In late 2018, we installed Truck System Technologies TST 507 RV 6 C. We already had a different manufacturer RV tire pressure and temperature monitor system. However, we weren’t overly excited about its’ very basic features.

So, we jumped on the opportunity to see what the TST 507 RV 6 C TPMS will do and see what the differences in operation are.

About the TST 507 RV 6 C Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System

The TST 507 RV 6 C tire pressure and temperature monitoring system provides a real-time display of all tire temperatures and pressures on the color monitor. It provides both visible and audible alerts when a problem is detected with your tires before catastrophic failure.

This useful electronic tool can save you from a major accident or expensive RV repairs. Its external tire sensors are lightweight, water resistant and have an anti-theft cap. Those will ensure your sensors stay on your vehicles’ tires instead of mysteriously migrating to someone else’s.

Unboxing our TST 507 RV 6 C kit

Our TST 507 RV 6 C tire pressure and temperature monitoring system came with one color monitor display screen, six external theft-resistant cap sensors, power cords, and repeater antenna. In addition, a suction cup mounting system was included to adhere to the inside of our truck’s windshield.

Based on our RV set up, we did have to order four additional sensors to allow us to monitor our truck and 5th wheel tires.

TechnoRV TST 507 TPMS

The tire sensors come with pre-installed batteries and should be operational for well over a year. If the batteries need replacing, a low-battery alarm will sound to alert you. You can purchase TST sensor replacement batteries for your tire sensors. We always keep a supply of spares in case one of our sensors stops sending signals to our repeater monitor.

The TST 507 kit also came with an owners manual with simple installation and programming instructions.

Installing the TST 507 tire pressure monitoring system

STOP BEFORE PROCEEDING: Before starting the installation, consult with your particular tire manufacturer for tire pressure recommendations.

In the manual, there are a few installation methods. However, we chose to go with the best advised installation method by mounting the sensors and then programming them to the color monitor.

To start, you can mount the sensors onto rubber valve stems so you won’t need expensive steel valve stems. You can program the sensors to monitor tire pressures from 0 to 218 pounds of pressure. Also, you can program it for high and low pressure alarms depending on the type and size of your RV’s tires.

The TST 507 TPMS monitor is powered by the 12 volt system from your RV or your tow vehicle or toad. In our case, we plug it into a cigarette lighter receptacle or use the USB cord to run it off a USB outlet. It just seems a lot easier and allows for getting the system up and running quicker.

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Then, set the high and low pressure alarms accordingly. Most RVers use about a 10% high and 10% low parameter for these settings. After setting the pressure alarms, you’ll set the tire temperature alarm. Make sure you place a sticker number on each tire sensor when you program it so you can mount the proper sensor on the proper tire.

Always On Liberty - TST 507 TPMS Valve Caps

Mounting the sensors is as easy as unscrewing your old tire valve stem caps. Then, replacing them with the new anti-theft tire pressure and temperature sensors.

The monitor will begin to cycle through its display; showing the position and data for each tire almost immediately. If you have an RV over 38 feet, you may have to install the supplied repeater antenna.

All you need is a 12 volt power source from somewhere in your coach. The repeater antenna will act as a midway signal point between the tire sensors and the monitoring system mounted on your dash or windshield.

Need more tire sensors?

You can easily add more sensors to your 507 system or replace an old worn out sensor. These sensors have a user replaceable battery and an anti-theft feature and work with the 507 TST system.

You can easily add flow thru sensors to your TST 507 system with this convenient 2-pack. The flow thru sensors allow you to air up your tires without taking the sensor off the valve stem. Flow thru sensors should be used with metal valve stems only.

When you change the batteries in your Flow Thru sensors you will need an O Ring replacement kit to replace the O-rings, screws, and valve stem gaskets if needed. This kit also includes a Philips screwdriver that is the perfect size for the screws that you will need to remove to replace the batteries.

Our review of the TST 507 RV 6 C Tire Pressure Monitoring System:

We’ve found the accuracy and dependability of the TST 507 RV 6 C Tire Pressure Monitoring System knocks it out of the park. The installation of the tire sensors and programming is easy and doesn’t take long. And, the full-color monitor display is super easy to read and extremely accurate.

Above all, the TST 507 TPMS constantly monitors our RV and truck’s tire pressures and temperature better than our former TPMS system.

In our opinion, the TST 507 RV 6 C monitoring system is a vital piece of electronic equipment that every RV owner should have. Having this piece of mind will help keep your family and RV safe by displaying the current pressure and temperature status of your RV and tow vehicle or toad tires.

Finally, the entire system is easily transferable to the next RV so consider it as an investment!  Simply dismount all the sensors and the monitor from your old RV. Re-program the tire sensors to your new RV’s tires and remount the monitor in your new cockpit!

Wrapping this up, we highly recommend this great monitoring system to all RVers. The TST 507 RV 6 C tire pressure monitoring system is an invaluable tool that will help keep you and your family safe on the road for years to come.


In June 2019, we traded in our fifth wheel for our Winnebago View Class C motorhome. We removed the entire TST 507 TPMS system from our fifth wheel to transfer to our View. With simple reprogramming, we now sit in comfort while driving and pulling our Jeep toad vehicle.

We can give full testament that the TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System saved us and our motorhome from a catastrophic accident. One of our inner dual tires on our motorhome kept giving us a low pressure reading. After evaluating and replacing the battery on that particular tire sensor, we received the same low pressure reading.

So, we took our motorhome to a professional truck tire center to have the tire pulled and evaluated. The technician found that our tire had been patched and was coming apart inside the tire. 

Had we not had the alerts from our TST 507 RV TPMS, we would have incurred not only damage to that tire and the paired dual tire next to it. But also, our motorhome underbelly components which would have totaled thousands of dollars from damage.

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  1. We have the older black and white system originally set up for truck,6 tires tandem dually 5th wheel 8 tires and tow a car behind 5th wheel saved us alot of issues numerous times,just purchased a motorhome and transferred everything over. So far all good. Owner Mike is great helping you out too. And the nice lady in the office is great also. Monte Hersh in Az

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