5 Helpful Resource Books for RVers and Dreamers

AOL - 5 Helpful Resource Books

Since owning our RV, we have a small basket in a cabinet that holds our maps and small tourism pamphlets. We also have a few RV resource books that we refer to periodically. These paperbacks range from  maintenance how-to guides to travel planners. We always try to keep the latest editions that has updated information. Come see which ones we have!

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While we buy buy kindle books, nothing resonates feeling the pages between our fingers and smelling the paper and ink. And though we live in the digital age, paper books are still an aspired resource we bind to.

While there are tons of RV books and periodicals out there, we found some that we thought would be useful for those dreaming, contemplating the RV lifestyle or as refresher information for already rolling down the road. The books we highlight below all can be purchased on Amazon. Some are offered in Kindle format for digital readers while some are available in paperback.

Worth noting, the first two books in this blog are written by two very good couples we met on the road, Julie and Sean Chickery of Chickery’s Travels and Marc and Julie Bennet of RV Love.

1)  Living the RV Life

Living the RV Life

Do you love traveling? Meeting new people and seeing new places? Are you craving a life that feels meaningful and new? The RV lifestyle could be the answer.

Both aspirational and practical, Living the RV Life is your ultimate guide to living life on the road—for people of all ages looking to downsize, travel, or work on the go. Learn from other full-time RV nomads who give ttips for how to choose an RV, whether to sell your home, model costs, sample routes and destinations, basic vehicle maintenance, legal and government considerations—and much more! Written in a light and an easy-to-understand style, Living the RV Life is your bible to living a mobile life.

Oh, and guess what? We’re featured in this amazing book along with several others we’ve met and engage with on the road!! So, you gotta check it out!


This amazing easy-to-understand 101-page Full-Time RV Finance book covers the full range of finance for full-time RVers. An amazing resource, it provides practical information, as well as actionable steps to help you with every aspect of your full-time RV lifestyle. This book includes budgeting, earning an income, and saving money along the way. Whether you’re new to full-time RV life or looking to improve your financial stability, it offers tips and guidance. Regardless of your current situation, by utilizing the ideas in this book, you can learn how to achieve financial freedom and live the life of your dreams. 


Even with all the digital resources and GPS devices out there, we still recommend owning a paper atlas. They provide important information and tips, with countless photos and maps. We love this 2019 Road Atlas & National Park Guide

This four-color, spiral-bound, 272-page, 11” x 15” paper guide is all you need to help plan your extraordinary National Park experiences. The National Park portion is about 132 pages. It provides information about trails, drives, museums, exhibits and lodges. This atlas has updated maps of very U.S. state and Canadian province and an overview map of Mexico. Additionally, there are inset maps of over 350 cities and 20 U.S. National Parks.

Oh, and that’s not all! There’s also a mileage chart showing distances between 90 North American cities and National Parks along with a driving times. But let’s not forget, it lists tourism websites and phone numbers for every U.S. state and Canadian province on the map pages. This atlas costs about $25 on Amazon but is worth it’s weight in gold.  We recommend buying the newest edition as they are published for the most updated information.

4) THE NEXT EXIT – THE Most Complete Guide of USA Interstate Highway Exit Services

AOL - Next Exit 2019

The Next EXIT 2019 is the 27th updated edition 512 page of the iconic USA Interstate highway exit directory, which lists gas, food, lodging, shopping and many other services. The author, Mark Watson, has collected, tabulated and updated exit information for over 35 years. Every effort has been made to produce the most correct travel services publication money can buy.This resource will help you find everything you need in the windshield, not the rear view mirror. It has information on places to eat, fuel stations, lodging, and emergency services. This is one of those books that will help you ‘know before you go’

5)  THE MILEPOST – Alaska Trip Planner

AOL - Mile Post 2019

The MILEPOST is a must-have if you’re going to RV through Alaska. This 700+ page book offers mile-by-mile descriptions of more than 15,000 miles of road in Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta. Page by page, it lists accommodations, camping, sightseeing, attractions and services, as well as wildlife and history facts. The information addresses frequently asked questions in the Travel Planning section; such as crossing the border, traveling with pets, the Alaska ferry system, driving conditions, railroads, tours and wildlife. There are also recommended itineraries that are mapped ready for your Alaska RV trip.

The MILEPOST also includes more than one hundred road maps; the wildly popular pull-out Plan-A-Trip Map; more than 600 photos; and numerous sidebar features of special interest.

The printed book buyers have free access to a digital edition also on Amazon. This is another resource that is best to purchase the latest edition for updated information.


And not as much as an already written resource book for RV travelers but one that you can keep your own records to refer to later or share with your fellow nomads.

You can log information in this 200-page, 9” x 8”, spiral-bound, printed journal. It’s size allows the user to fill in designated spaces that align with your road trip. (i.e. departing from, destination, route taken, sights/memorable events, stops, where I/we stayed/ate, and places to remember for next time). Each page also includes spaces for odometer reading and gas prices. The backside of every page is lined for special notes and memories you’ll never want to forget. This road trip journal keeps all of your information in one place.

The My Road Trip Journal would make a fantastic gift for any RVer; whether they are just starting on year one or year twenty!

So, as you can see, even having a couple of RV maintenance and trip planning books aren’t a bad thing. Each of these books have proven their worthiness a hundred times over for so many. As we’ve mentioned earlier, we highly recommend keeping up with new editions as they are released. They will have updated information with additions or deletions.

Finally, all of these books make great gifts for any RVer, regardless if they are full-time, some-time, seasonal, weekenders or even dreamers.

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