5 Reasons Why We Enjoy RV Boondocking

We admit, our first boondocking off the grid experience absolutely sucked! We were ill-prepared and inexperienced so we failed miserably. Since, we’ve learned, practiced, and mastered it. So now, we can share why we’ve come to love camping out in the wild off the grid. And, since we’re better prepared and knowledgable, there’s really reason why we need to go to a park or campground. Let’s see if RV boondocking fits your RV lifestyle.

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In the past couple years, we’ve mastered everything it takes to successfully boondock off the grid; supply management, meal planning,  conserving our water and managing our electric usage  are just to name a few. And today, we have more reasons to boondock than not!

Why we prefer RV boondocking off the grid

Location: Outside of Joshua Tree National Park South Gate Entrance

Million Dollar Views

If you’ve been following our adventures, you’d notice the many beautiful photos we share here on our blog as well as our social media channels. We love sharing our backyard views of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, mountainous views, tall cactus and ocotillos, and other untouched natural landscapes.

Dan built our beautiful workspace in the rear of our fifth wheel that looks out to east. Though we are limited on how we orient our RV because of our solar panel placement on our roof, there’s nothing’s better than greeting the day by looking out our back window. Even when I have to work, I enjoy sitting at our workspace with our kitties slumbering in their beds on either side of me, coffee in my cup holder; all while watching the sun peeking up from the horizon. Our workspace window view surpasses what those big execs in big office buildings have.

Peace and Quiet

There once was a day when we loved going to the big cities to attend like professional sports games, concerts and bustling shopping malls. However, now, we enjoy more serene natural settings with fewer distractions. We’d rather sit in our camp chairs outside listening to the birds and howling coyotes yelping in the distance. By doing so, we’ve found our anxiety levels have diminished. We also noticed our spirits are much more at peace. We argue less!

Location: Big Bend National Park

Those who boondock or live off the grid are more mindful of noise. We prefer not to fire up our generators. Our solar panel setups and lithium ion batteries provide amazing opportunity to live off the grid…quietly. Our solar panels enjoy the sunshine just as much as we do!

Saves Money!

Hey, boondocking is not totally cost prohibitive. However, it can save us a ton of money. While there still are dump fees, charges for potable water, and generator fuel. We sometimes may need a little extra diesel to drive a little further to pick up the above and groceries. However, we save an estimated $300-600 a month depending on location. So, finance is a big player in why we enjoy boondocking in our RV.

While we choose our boondocking destinations based on location, we also take into account of weather and temperatures. We try to settle in places where we don’t need to fire up our fifth wheel’s air conditioners or turn on the furnace. And, if we need to heat the inside of our RV, we simply fire up more efficient our portable propane heater.

WiFi Connectivity

One would think that the closer we are to near cell towers, our WiFi signals would be zooming, right? Well, not necessarily. If we’re packed in tight at an RV park or highly populated area, we find certain times of the day or night, our WiFi drops to a slow crawl or it’s practically useless. We all are vying for the same tower signal whether it’s for streaming Netflix, surfing the web or uploading videos.

Since, there’s more peeps out there on the road working remotely like us so connectivity is a serious concern at RV parks, resorts and campgrounds. So, a lot of us literally head for the hills. When we boondock at less populated areas, we find our connectivity is much improved. And, if it isn’t, we just make a trip to the local library, coffee shop or even a business parking lot to take care of business.

Huge Backyard and Playground

While we were boondocking at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, we hiked up Palm Canyon literally right outside our door.

There’s nothing like stepping outside your RV to greet the mountains with a morning hike. Or, how about taking an evening stroll to watch the sunset? Oh! And, there’s amazing satisfaction to sitting out under the desert sky’s umbrella of a zillion stars! There’s rarely light pollution to cloud views of the Milky Way or spotting the constellations.

There are several other reasons why we enjoy boondocking off the grid over parking at crowded RV parks and resorts. Some other reasons are saving money, meeting and camping with like-minded peeps, breathing fresh air and good old soul searching.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, though I miss long hot showers or soaks in a hot tub, boondocking is our magnificent tradeoff. While people shuck out tons of moola for trips to the mountains, rivers, lakes and the ocean, this is our way of life…everyday!

The absolute best part of why we prefer boondocking? Our friends! We’ve met some of the best people on the road and a lot of them boondock with or near us. Boondocking is a no-judgement zone. We don’t gawk at our weird clothing or a shirt we wore two days ago. We understand and embrace boondocking life and all that it presents. And, we know that we’re going to end up seeing them down the road again because we seemingly like the same environments.

Boondocking with our friends Matt and Diana from Adventurous Way at Saddle Mountain in Arizona

Lastly, if boondocking out in the wild yonder may not be your forte or you don’t have the physical capabilities, you may want to look into overnight boondocking at wineries, farms, distilleries or even museums!

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