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There’s seems to be a strange twist in recent trends within the RV community; especially with the full-timers. Several RVers who once traveled in big, bold and beautiful homes on wheels are now downsizing down to much smaller motorhomes and towables. And we’ve jumped on the bandwagon too! Come read why we purchased our Winnebago View 24D.

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After five years of full-timing in an RV, we decided it was time to shake it up a bit. In the past, we’ve owned and full-time traveled towing a fifth wheel toy hauler and a luxury fifth wheel with a big honkin’ truck. They both had great qualities and beautiful interiors however, we had one growing problem. As we say in the maritime industry, when a ship is too large to pass thorough shallow channels, it’s constrained by draft.

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Well, we too, were constrained by draft; wanting to get off the beaten path with our big fifth wheel but couldn’t. Oh, and parking or even visiting a National Park with our big rig RV? Fogetaboutit! It simply was out of the question.

And, what’s quite ironic is through all of the advice we’ve given to prospective RVers through the years telling them to ‘stay under 34 feet’, we never took our own advice. Well, until now; going from 42′ to 25′!

We didn’t only downsize…

One owner on a Winnebago View and Navion social media page described it best. We didn’t necessarily downsize, we rightsized! Though we lessened our RV footprint, it’s not just about size per se for us. It’s also about mobility; exploring more off the beaten path. It’s about getting off the interstates and taking the back roads. We want to explore and adventure in America’s small towns and places beyond.

In the past couple years, we’ve yearned to explore more off the beaten path places. We wanted to be able to literally go everywhere…or go everywhere possible. With the fifth wheel being towed by a big honkin’ dually, we were so limited on where we could go and the roads we traveled.

With our Winnebago View, the roads have opened and are inviting us to peek around new corners, choose new routes and destinations. And, we’re freaking excited about it!

Why Winnebago?

Winnebago Logo

We chose the Winnebago brand because of their long-standing reputation of building quality RVs. Also, our decision was also based on others’ reviews and recommendations. Our friends, Dan and Lindsay of Follow Your Detour have been instrumental in answering late night questions and concerns before we even stepped foot into a showroom. They have an earlier model, Navion, which is very similar to the View.

AOL - Follow Your Detour Dan & Lindsay
Follow Your Detour, Dan and Lindsay, with their Winnebago Navion.

We looked at other brands but they either didn’t have the full-body paint, modern interiors, state of the art appliances and components as well as their amazing comraderie amongst not only the Winnebago brand but also the View and Navion communities. Their Winnebago Life blog gives us good information and tips from those who own a Winnebago.

Why the Winnebago View?

While we looked at several other small motorhome manufacturers’ similar models, we kept coming back to the Winnebago View. We fell in love with the fit, fixtures and finish. As our previous Landmark 365 fifth wheel served us well, we wanted something different; something non-traditional and more modern. So, when we looked inside the View the very first time, it felt like home. The View interior’s soft wood tones, neutral and updated fabric patterns and vinyl and modern lighting just kept telling us ‘I’m the one you want’.

Why did we choose the model 24D?

First, let’s look at the floor plan because this truly is the icing on the cake of what brought us to our purchase.

Always On Liberty View Floorplan

The Winnebago View 24D model is more appealing to us because of the open floor space when the Murphy bed is folded up. While we don’t use the pedestal table, we didn’t just toss it out the door during our cross-decking evolution. We confess, it’s still in the wardrobe (bathroom) and never been used. We just don’t need it. Or, at least not just yet.

Always On Liberty View Galley

The second reason we chose the View 24D is the longer galley. This particular model, because of the rest of the floor plan layout, it allows for a bigger kitchen. Since we prepare and cook about 85% of our meals, we needed something that would accommodate us. There is more space between the sink and the gas cooktop for food prep and dish drying.

Always On Liberty View Dinette

Another feature we wanted is a bonafide eating area. Dan and I raised our family on principles and importance of the family dinner table. Even though it’s just Dan and I now, we still enjoy meals looking at each other and engaging in conversation. When we looked at other models or even brands, we winced every time we saw the U-shaped dinettes.

Since it’s just Dan and I, there’s really no need for massive seating for meals anyway. But we still needed a comfortable table and workspace to conduct business, meetings, work and school. From working on our family budget, letter and post card writing, to watching television located over the galley counter, this seating arrangement works perfectly for us. So, the dinette offers not only a nice place to enjoy meals but also a great workspace and relaxation area. When it does come time when our Grandson comes on some trips with us, he will either sleep up in the loft or on the dinette.

The Winnebago View 24D model also enables visitors seating. Like most all Class A and Class C models, the cockpit chairs swivel around providing additional seating. And, speaking of additional seating, we can sit nine people comfortably in our RV. How cool is that? This is a bonus because we may visit family or friends who may want to come inside when the bugs bite or there’s a chill in the air. With a touch of a button, our already-made Murphy bed gets put away and the sofa is exposed. The sofa still offers us opportunity to take naps if needed instead of having an all-access bed.

Always On Liberty Cummins Diesel Onan Generator

Also, we wanted the Cummins diesel generator (option) as opposed to propane as diesel fuel is easier to get, more efficient, and usage is extended.

What are some of the Winnebago View 24D features?

The Winnebago View is manufactured on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis.

From Winnebago RV’s website:

“Outfitted with the new 10” (10.25”) MBUX infotainment system with AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice interface, as well as advanced safety features, like brake assist and active lane keeping assist, the new Mercedes-Benz®Sprinter chassis assures your next adventure will be as safe as it is comfortable”

Our amazing “Little Liberty” or Mini Moho (what we refer to it) will provide us much more traveling freedom! Our View 24D came equipped with large Group 31 batteries, two 100 -watt flex solar panels, 2000 watt inverter as well as decent-sized holding tanks and fresh water tanks.

OH! And we now have a Truma AquaGo On Demand hot water system! Now, at the flick of the switch, we have instant hot water for as long as we want. Of course, when we’re boondocking, we will have to monitor our water usage, however, this new-to-us system will enable us to conserve water better because we’re not going to have to wait for the water to warm up coming through the faucet.

So, those are just a few of the neat features that helped us with our decision in investing in our Winnebago View 24D! You can check out the specs and more features of our View as well as the other floor plans.

We now will have more freedom to explore and go places where no RV has gone before!

Come check out why we downsized!

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7 Replies to “Why We Chose the Winnebago View”

    1. Roger, thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog. We hope for safe and adventurous travels! Hope to see you on the road again. Maybe we can borrow your fire pit sometime LOL -Lisa and Dan

  1. I Owned a 2007 VJ and a 2012 NM very satisfied with both. But I would prefer now the J floorplan because the bed is always ready and time of day go too fast to make it every night…

    1. Claude, thank you for reading! We have friends who have the J floor plan who love it. Its interesting to see what each perspective and choice ends up to be and reasons for picking a certain floor plan. The galley was super important to us as also the wider open floor space. We can see why you love the J though. Safe travels!! -Dan & Lisa

  2. Nice write up. I enjoyed seeing/hearing what you did after we met you at Maverick Ranch in Lajitos last December. We still love our Roadtrek and it is obvious you are going to enjoy your View.

    1. Nice to see you here, Darrell! Thanks for following and staying in touch. We’re excited to get on the road to really experience this tiny RV life. We’re grateful you showed us it can be done. Thank you! -Dan & Lisa

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