Fall Decorating Ideas for Your RV or Camper

Living in an RV full-time doesn’t mean we have to skip the holidays just because we live small. Though we may not have room for large centerpieces, big leafy wreaths and trailing garlands, we still make concessions and get creative. So, we’ll share some Fall decorating ideas to use in your RV or camper to bring a little festive flair.

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Always On Liberty - Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your RV or Camper

Outdoor temperatures aren’t the only tell-tale sign that Fall is right around the corner. Crunchy leaves beneath our feet, bright orange pumpkins adorning door steps, and yellow straw-filled scarecrows posed on picnic tables are all reminders that Autumn is coming for a visit.

But, if you’re still in summer mode, maybe this will get you excited about Fall. So, let’s enjoy the season with our Fall decorating ideas for your RV or camper (or tiny house….or even boat!).

Fall Wreaths

Fall Decorating Ideas Wreath

Door wreaths make a statement by welcoming all those who enter your RV. But you don’t have to spend a wad on finding the perfect wreath or even creating your own! A simple grapevine circular with inexpensive leaf garland wrapped around it with a few pumpkin picks and VOILA!

Think you don’t have a way to hang your wreath on your RV door? We’ve figured that out too! We use suction cup hooks as wreath hangers that will stick to either the glass window or smooth fiberglass without damaging the RV’s surfaces.

Fall Leaf Garland

If you look around the interior of your RV, you’ll notice tons of places you can hang fall leafy garland to bring autumn inside. And, if you’re like us, lights make it so much more awesome and festive so why not combine the two!

We attach lighted autumn leaf garland onto our window valances with simple drapery hooks that secure into the fabric and padding easily. We just poke the sharp straight end into the top or side of the cornice board and there we have an instant hook where our garland neatly hangs onto.

Bloggers note: I would not stick these into leather or vinyl as they will leave a small hole. 

We leave the hooks up for our Christmas Garland. In fact, we leave them up all year so we can hang any holiday decorations or strings of lights anytime.

Fall Decorating Ideas Carving Pumpkin

Lightweight Carving Pumpkins

Fall is simply not Fall unless there’s pumpkins! Bright orange pumpkins are the iconic ‘everything fall’. Even having a fake pumpkin creates the seasonal allure. But, as we all know, real pumpkins are too heavy in an RV. So, we’ve found these fake carving pumpkins that look real but are lighter than air!

OH! And dig this!!  You can insert a battery-operated fake candle so you don’t burn your RV down!

Fall Decorating with Pine Cones

I can remember when we lived in our sticks and bricks, I used to have a bowl of pine cones on the table scented with therapeutic cinnamon essential oils. I just loved to get a whiff every time I’d walk by. But if you don’t want to scent the area and go au natural, you can do that too.

Well, who said you can’t still do that in your RV; but just on a smaller scale? Just buy a few. They’re lightweight and seriously, if you don’t want to store them, just toss them out for the birds! Better yet, if you want to recycle them, squirt some peanut butter in them, sprinkle bird seed with sunflower seeds and hang them onto the trees to provide winter food for the wild birds.

Battery-Operated Candles

Speaking of using candles in pumpkins, how about incorporating a few beautiful faux battery-operated pillar candles to make a centerpiece?

RV Decorating Tips Candles

They actually look and flicker like they real candles. So, they are safe to use in your RV or camper and around children and pets.

The bonus is you can keep them up all year like we do!? The timer on this candle works on a 5-hour on, 19 hour off schedule. Allows you to set it and forget it. They make great nightlights when we’re boondocking too!

Decorate by Using Accent Lighting

RV Decorating Tips Fairy Lights

Lights make decorating fun! Stringing them across slide tops, along window valances or even battery-operated light strings intertwined with leaves for a simple fall table arrangement in a tray makes even the darkest of RV interiors festive and lovely.

We always get the battery-operated LED fairy lights because they don’t burn hot and are safe to use inside our RV. You can even get remote control battery operated lights too. We love them so much, we leave them up all year. Makes a great nightlight when we’re boondocking too!

Battery-Operated Lighted Trees

Everyone has a small corner in their RV somewhere that just screams for a little interesting arrangement. How about stuffing lighted twig trees in a pot? Turn them on night and go ooooooo and ahhhhhh! The bonus is these are battery operated also so no looking around for electrical outlets.

Speaking of which, because they are battery-operated, they are absolutely perfect for dry camping! In fact, any battery operated lighting makes boondocking even more fun too. You can even put them outside on your picnic table.

That’s a Wrap!

So, that wraps up our Fall decorating ideas for your RV or camper. This should give you an idea of what might work in your motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer or even your truck camper or van! Your decorations can cost as little or as much as you’d like.

We hope these festive additions brings out the warmth and excitement of the season. But, don’t let the forecast of winter rush upon you. Enjoy the ambiance, colors and scents of Autumn.

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  1. Hi there, in an older post you detailed your 5th wheel remodel and you replaced your sofa with a table. Your RV looked so similar to our DRV Mobile Suite that we want to modify in a similar way so I was wondering where the table was from or if you had to custom build it. It fit so well in that spot where the sofa was. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jen, thank you so much for reading and following our blog. We appreciate it. Our table in our former fifth wheel was from Ikea. I for the life of me cannot remember the name of it however, it had two removable leaves to make it shorter if you wished. Check out this post for a photo…

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