Valterra RV Sewer Hose Storage – Product Review

One of the least favorite but necessary chores RV owners must do is empty their motorhome or trailer’s gray and black tank. There’s a variety of necessary sewage disposal supplies you’ll need; primarily your sewer hose. We found an easy-to-install RV sewer hose storage carrier that to store your sewer hose aka the stinky slinky!

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When we owned our fifth wheels, sewer hose storage was no big deal. Both of our previous RVs (before our Winnebago View) had incredible storage space. We could just toss all the sewage hose and connections into a bin and store it in the basement. However, storage space became a premium when we traded in for our Winnebago View. At only 25′, there’s very little exterior compartmental storage. So, we had to come up with a way to store our RV sewer hose.

Always On Liberty_ Valterra Sewer Hose Storage
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Alas, Dan found the perfect storage solution ! He ordered the Valterra RV sewer hose storage tube model number A04-5094BK.

Check out our video product review:

About the Valterra RV Sewer Storage

The Valterra RV Sewer Hose storage tube allows you transport your sewer hose, fishing pole, flag pole, and even rolled up campsite mat or carpet in this cool storage tube. The storage tube adjusts to the length of your sewer hose or equipment. It has a hinged door with twist latch closure on each end. Mounting brackets and screws. are included.

Valterra Sewage Hose Carrier

Cool Sewer Hose Storage Features

    • Mounts to the frame of your RV
    • Hose tube allows you to carry your sewer hose, fishing poles, telescoping or shorter flag pole, or other equipment in this protected tube.
    • The sewer storage tube is designed to keep hoses or other equipment out of your RV’s storage compartment
    • Telescoping tube adjusts to the length of your sewer hose or equipment
    • Hinged door cap with twist latch closure located on each end
    • Comes assembled with mounting brackets and screws
    • Black color

Valterra Sewage Hose Lengths

Sewer Hose Storage Specs

    • Length: 50″ to 94″
    • Diameter:
      • Inner: 4-1/2″
      • Outer: 5″
    • Mounting bracket dimensions: 6″ long x 1-1/8″ wide
    • Mounting hole dimensions (center to center): 5-1/4″
    • Distance between mounting holes:
      • Extended: 92-1/2″
      • Compressed: 48-7/8″
    • 1-Year warranty


This sewer hose storage tube was super easy to install. Dan simply dry-fit it where the underside of our little motorhome had room. He made sure the location was not in the way of moving parts or cause damage.

After dry-fitting it to the location, he simply drilled holes into the frame, mounted the brackets, mounted the storage tube to the brackets and voila!

Valterra Sewage Hose Mounting 2

For added security of not having the hose carrier door opening, we attached a simple carabiner.

Our Product Review

This is definitely a game changer for those with smaller storage capabilities in the basements or cargo spaces in their RV. And, let’s not forget the sanitary factor. We aren’t keen on having our sewage hose stored with other equipment in the basement compartment.

Now, between uses, this great RV sewer hose storage tube stores our stinky slinky discreetly in its own storage compartment.

Valterra Sewage Hose Dan

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