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What if I told you there’s a way you can park your RV motorhome or camper for the night at a select winery, farm, museum or golf course? Well, get ready to pour yourself a cold one or tee it up because we’re going to show you how we utilize a cool membership called Harvest Hosts!

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WOW! Check out that view below! Wouldn’t you love to do that? That was us! We parked Little Liberty amidst the grape vineyards at a small town winery in Pennsylvania! After settling, we enjoyed a wine tasting in their amazing wine cellar.

AOL - Harvest Hosts South Shore Wine Company
South Shore Wine Company Vineyards in North East, Pennsylvania.

And then, here’s a photo of Dan in all his glory hugging a rum barrel during a tour of a distillery in Kingman, Arizona. After the private tour, we sat in their lounge enjoying concoctions made from their rums and vodkas.

AOL - Desert Diamond Distillery Dan
Dan rubbing Buddah’s belly…oh wait, those were barrels at Desert Diamond Distillery.

A couple of years ago, while gathered around a campfire, someone was talking about parking overnight at wineries, distilleries, farms and museums. Because we just installed our solar and energy management system on our former fifth wheel and boondocking was on our horizon, we just had to get onboard this amazing opportunity.

Since, we’ve stayed at and patronized about a dozen Harvest Hosts. And we are planning to visit more! Each is unique; setting themselves apart. But, all Harvest Hosts have one thing in common; their fantastic hospitality! They are eager to share their facilities, expertise and products.

AOL - Presque Isle Winery - Lauri
Meeting the staff at Presque Isle Winery in North East, Pennsylvania.

What are Harvest Hosts?

A Harvest Host is a designated winery, distillery, brewery, farm, museum, golf course that opens their doors and their parking lots to RVers. By agreeing to participate in the program (free for the hosts!), the hosts are giving permission for current membership card-carrying RV guests to park free on their property overnight.

AOL - Harvest Hosts Firelands Winery
Lady Liberty basking in the sunshine next to the vineyards at Firelands Winery where we enjoyed a wine tasting and bought a bottle for later.

How does the Harvest Hosts membership work?

For the average price of three nights at an RV park or campground, RV owners can purchase an annual Harvest Hosts membership that will grant permission to park for FREE on participating wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums and even golf courses for a whole year!

One small caveat though not required; it is customary to show appreciation by supporting their business. Whether it’s experiencing a wine or spirits tasting, purchasing products or souvenirs, buying a meal or playing a round of golf, it makes the program worthwhile for everyone.

Always On Liberty - South Shore Winery Mazza Wine Tasting
We enjoyed a wine tasting at South Shore Wine Company in North East, Pennsylvania.

We recommend spending a minimum of $20 to support your Harvest Hosts. Although, from looking what we purchased at Desert Diamond Distillery in Kingman, Arizona, certainly there is no limit. (see below)

AOL - Desert Diamond Distillery Loot
Souvenir and product purchase from Desert Diamond Distillery. Our way of thanking them for their hospitality. Plus, we got gifts for US!

Harvest Hosts Membership guidelines and requirements

      • A qualified totally self-contained RV (Host locations don’t provide hookups or services such as bathrooms)
      • No tent-trailers, outdoor kitchens or tents of any kind are allowed
      • Overnight stays are limited to one night (you must call ahead and arrive during business hours)
      • Proof of membership and registration are required upon arrival
      • Members are required to maintain liability insurance on your vehicle and proof of such insurance must be carried in the vehicle.
      • Harvest Host locations will not be held liable for damage or theft to your RV, toad, or your tow vehicle, or injury to you, your family or guests.
AOL - Harvest Hosts Sandy Ridge Winery - Ohio
Little Liberty nestled in for the night at Harvest Host Sandy Ridge Winery. We supported them by enjoying a bottle of wine and light dinner on the patio.

Can any RV, Camper or Van Park at a Harvest Host?

Your RV, Camper or Van must be totally self-contained. Typically, there are no hookups at any of the Harvest Hosts. Your motorhome or towable must have it’s own working toilet, kitchen, and water onboard. Please no soft-side campers like hybrid or popup campers.

Are pets allowed?

Of course! However, when calling the Harvest Hosts to see if they have availability, we encourage you to always ask. Pets must be leashed and contained at all times. Especially at farms, there  is livestock and other animals including their own dogs and cats. The last thing they (and you) want is your dog eating the barn cats or your cat chasing the chickens.

Can I run my generator?

We recommend you always ask your Host. And definitely respect fellow patrons, noise ordinances and quiet hours (typically 11:00 pm – 7:00 am).

Little Liberty at Potosi Brewing Company

How much is a membership?

If you have no interest in parking at golf course establishments, then you may want the  Harvest Hosts Classic at $79 a year. However, if you’re interested in adding the Golf Package, its just an additional $40 a year. Here’s a great explanation of what each membership gives you:

AOL - Harvest Hosts Memberships

Be aware that the number of Harvest Hosts may very as the program picks up additional hosts or some may discontinue their participation in the membership based program.

How can I join in on the fun?

AOL - Harvest Hosts
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It’s super simple! All you have to do is click the graphic above to sign up! Oh, and, guess what? By signing up under us, we’ll gift you 15% off your membership fee!

AOL - Presque Isle Winery - Dan

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