RV Travelers Love Harvest Hosts RV Camping Membership!

Harvest Hosts is a great alternative for RV travelers looking to overnight somewhere other than an expensive campground but safer than a Walmart parking lot! A Harvest Hosts RV camping membership provides access to participating Hosts on our route to enjoy an overnight stay while enjoying their farm, winery, brewery or other business.

As traveling RVers, finding quiet and relaxing overnight RV parking can be a challenge while enroute to our destinations. But that challenge has been met since joining Harvest Hosts RV camping membership! 

This type of RV camping surely beats parking at a seedy Walmart parking lot for the night! It’s safer and more appealing to those RVers who are looking for something unique and friendly.

So, go ahead and pour yourself a 5 o’clock somewhere while we show you why RVers just like you should join Harvest Hosts!

Harvest Hosts RV Club Membership

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RV Travelers Love HARVEST HOSTS          RV Camping Membership

Overnight Camping at Farms, Wineries, Breweries, Golf Courses, Museums, Churches & MORE!

Harvest Host in Pennsylvania - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

“Join thousands of other RVers in experiencing memorable, scenic overnight stays in extraordinary locations across North America.”

Quite a few years ago, while sitting around the campfire, our friends were telling us how amazingly wonderful it was to be able to park overnight at wineries, distilleries, farms and museums!

We were instantly sold on the idea because we love trying different local wines, sampling different spirits, petting cute farm animals and stocking up on fresh produce. As well, we’re always up for learning a thing or two at museums.

Since joining Harvest Hosts RV camping program, we’ve stayed at dozens of Harvest Host locations. Each is unique; setting themselves apart from others. But, they all have one thing in common; their fantastic hospitality!

Each of the Harvest Hosts near me is eager to create their own experience for us and share their facilities. And being able to stay overnight after enjoying a bottle of red or a couple 5 O’clock somewheres is just plain outstanding!

So, let’s learn about what the Harvest Hosts membership for RVers is all about!

What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts Firelands Winery in Ohio - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Harvest Hosts is “a membership program that invites self-contained RVers to have unique overnight stays.

The Harvest Hosts membership provides a wonderful variety of participating venues like wineries, breweries, distilleries, and farms.

Other Harvest Host locations include golf courses, museums, and even churches. Located all across the United States, these types of overnight camping for RVers are there for the picking!

And just like all those who are card carrying members, we enjoy their venues and allow RV travelers a place to slumber for the night. 

A Harvest Host is a participating winery, distillery, brewery, farm, museum, golf course, or other establishment that opens their doors to enjoy the fruits of their labors and their parking lots to RVing members to park safely for the night.

Even some churches across the United States have rolled out their welcome mats to allow RVing members-only to stay on their property!

How does the Harvest Hosts RV membership work?

“Members can visit and stay at any of our stunning locations with no camping fees! Trade that boring parking lot for a unique experience and make lasting memories with your family and friends. Our membership fee pays for itself in just a couple of stays.”                    – Harvest Hosts

Always On Liberty - South Shore Winery Mazza Wine Tasting
Photo by Always On Liberty©

For the average price of one to two nights at an RV park or campground, RVers can purchase an annual Harvest Hosts membership.

That membership then grants permission for you to park your RV on any of the Harvest Host wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums and even golf courses.

Now, just a side note, not all wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, golf course and churches are Harvest Hosts. They too, must join to be part of the program.

Three great things happen when RVers and Hosts join the Harvest Hosts program!

First, members get unlimited, unique overnight dry camping opportunities. Second, Hosts get new customers and great exposure for their business. And third, Harvest Host members and Hosts get to meet and connect with each other on their adventures; creating lasting memories.

But, for the RV side of the membership, though not a “set-in-stone requirement”, there is one unwritten rule to this RV membership.

While the parking at each host location is considered free, there is an expectation that each member shows gratitude by supporting their business.

Whether it’s paying for a wine tasting or meal, purchasing products, playing a round of golf or even making a monetary donation is what makes the program such a success for both; RVers and the Harvest Host.

As long time Harvest Host members, we look at each Harvest Host stay as an experience. Through good faith and appreciation, we typically spend or donate at least $20 to support each Harvest Host.

Most times, we end up spending a bit more. But, it’s all about the experience. It’s kind of like a date!

AOL - Desert Diamond Distillery Loot
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Harvest Hosts RV Camping Program Requirements:

      • You must become a member by paying their annual membership fee to participate in the Harvest Hosts program.
      • RV must be totally self-contained with its’ own toilet, shower and kitchen. (Harvest Host locations are not expected to provide hookups or rest rooms.
      • No tent-trailers, outdoor kitchens or tents of any kind are allowed unless permissible by each individual Harvest Host. 
      • Overnight stays are limited to one night only.
      • You must make a reservation through the Harvest Hosts Request-A-Stay membership portal. You must wait for your stay to be approved by the Host. Some Hosts may prefer text messages or calls instead. But that information will be marked on each Host information page.
      • Always ask where each Host wants you to park your RV and tow/toad vehicle.
      • Call ahead to let your Host know if you’ll be running late due to breakdown or emergency.
      • Arrive and check-in only during business hours.
      • Proof of membership and registration are required upon arrival.
      • RVing members are required to maintain liability insurance on RV and tow/toad vehicle and proof of such insurance must be carried in each vehicle.
      • Harvest Host locations will not be held liable for damage or theft to your RV, toad, or your tow vehicle, or injury to you, your family or guests.
      • Always be a respectful Harvest Host guest! Practice the Leave No Trace principles. Also, since COVID, recreate responsibly and safely with others.
      • Make your Host feel like they made a great decision inviting you to their venue.

Always On Liberty - Harvest Hosts Sandy Ridge Winery - Ohio
Photo by Always On Liberty©

How far in advance can you make a Harvest Host reservation?

Most Harvest Hosts will accept a 24 hour to 2 week period reservation request. Some hosts will allow you to book even 90-180 days prior through the online Request-A-Stay booking system.

Be aware, some Hosts may have events on their schedule that may not allot enough space for RVs. Or, they may not even be open for business on certain days or times of the year.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible. Because spaces are limited, this allows another RVer to enjoy the membership privilege. Should you not call to cancel, you will be recorded as a no-show. Further no-shows will be penalized per Harvest Hosts management team.

Should you need a Host location the same day, know they may not be able to accommodate you. Do not just show up assuming they will. That said, there may be a few Hosts that don’t require advance notice. That information will be on each Host page.

Can any RV, Camper or Van Park at a Harvest Host?

As we stated earlier, you must be a current paid member of Harvest Hosts to park at any of the host locations. And you must reserve your spot through Harvest Hosts’ Request-A-Stay online portal.

Your RV, Camper or Van must be totally self-contained.  This means your motorhome or towable camper must have its’ own working toilet, kitchen, and water onboard.

Unfortunately, soft-side hybrid campers, tent pop-up campers, overlanding tents and car camping vehicles do not qualify for the Harvest Hosts membership.

Although some Hosts may provide electricity or water, typically, there are no hookups at any of the Harvest Hosts.

If a Host does offer hookups, either partial or full, always offer to pay for such services aside from the expectation of support.

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Can you bring friends who have their own RVs to camp at Harvest Host locations with you?

If you are traveling together or caravanning with other RVs, each RV will need its’ own membership.

Can you join Harvest Hosts if you don’t own an RV?

You can join Harvest Hosts when you know you’ll be renting an RV. However, only qualified, self-contained RVs are permitted to stay at any Harvest Host location. So, make certain your RV rental states that in their contract.

Make certain you follow all membership requirements and procedures as well as be familiar and practice proper campground etiquette as well as follow boondocking etiquette.

Are pets welcome at Harvest Hosts RV camping locations?

Be aware that farms and vineyards may have livestock and working animals as well as their own pets. So, it’s imperative that RVer honor and respect the Host’s wishes.

Pets are usually welcome at most Harvest Host locations. However, as always, there’s a couple expectations when bringing your pet.

Most importantly, always check with each Harvest Host to verify that your pets are welcome. If so, all pets must be leashed and/or contained at all times.

And ask the Host where you can safely walk your pet. This goes without saying, always be responsible pet owners by cleaning up after them as well as keeping them on a leash. And be a respectful pet owner by following good pet etiquette at each location.

For those Hosts that have outdoor dining venues, never assume your pet is welcome at outdoor seating areas. There may be different state laws regarding so or the Host may rather request you keep your pet in or near your RV.

Can I run my generator at Harvest Hosts locations?

Never assume that you you can run your generator at any Harvest Hosts location. Some host may allow it where others may not.

Consider the fact that you are a guest and parking where others enjoy the quiet. Either way, always inquire prior to making your reservation.

Generators may be bothersome to the Host, workers and residents who live on the property as well as neighbors. If the venue has an outdoor patio, consider it rude to run your generator while others are enjoying the venue experience.

If a host does allow you to run your generator to operate medical equipment at night, to run your air conditioner on hot days/nights or to recharge your RV batteries, ask if there’s a parking spot away from others to do so.

Most of all, be respectful with your when using your generator; especially to other RVing guests that may be parked closely to your RV.

Always be aware of noise ordinance and quiet hours (typically 11:00 pm – 7:00 am).

Always On Liberty - Potosi Brewing Company
Harvest Hosts include some breweries. Potosi Brewing Company also has a great museum, gift shop and restaurant too! Photo by Always On Liberty©

How long can Harvest Hosts members stay at one location?

Harvest Hosts is designed for a one-night-only stay. Members should never ask to stay for additional nights. Asking so may be considered rude. But also, the Host may already have spots already reserved for other RVing guests.

However, should the Host themself invite you to stay an additional night per their own discretion, please show appreciation by support them in addition to your first night.

How much is a Harvest Hosts RV camping membership?

Harvest Hosts RV camping offers three membership options with 3 different prices depending on which would fit you and your RV lifestyle. They range from $99 to $179 per year (2023 prices).

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts + Boondockers Welcome

Harvest Hosts
All Access

    • Wineries
    • Farms
    • Attractions
    • Breweries & Distilleries
    • Wineries
    • Farms
    • Attractions
    • Breweries & Distilleries
    • Private Properties
    • Wineries
    • Farms
    • Attractions
    • Breweries & Distilleries
    • Golf Courses
    • Private Properties

Be aware that the number of Harvest Hosts in each category list may vary as the program picks up additional Hosts or some Hosts may discontinue their membership.

How can I join in on the fun and enjoy the benefits of Harvest Hosts?

Always On Liberty - Harvest Hosts - Desert Diamond Distillery
Dan loving up the barrels at a rum and vodka distillery in Arizona. Photo by Always On Liberty©

It’s super easy to join Harvest Hosts! All you have to do is click on our coupon below to sign up!

Harvest Hosts Membership 15% Discount Code - Always On Liberty

What if you find that Harvest Hosts isn’t a good fit for you and your RV?

To ensure Harvest Hosts members are satisfied with their membership, the membership is happy to offer a 3-month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked.

Should the Harvest Hosts program not be a good fit to your RV lifestyle, just contact Harvest Hosts program manager within the first three (3) months of your membership.

Wrapping up why you should join the Harvest Hosts membership for RVers

Always On Liberty - Presque Isle Winery
Photo by Always On Liberty©

So, what are you waiting for? Harvest Hosts RV camping is a great option for not only great overnight RV parking. But the program is an awesome way to learn about and support farms and small businesses throughout the U.S.

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Harvest Host Presque Isle Winery in Northern Pennsylvania - Always On Liberty
Harvest Host Presque Isle Winery in Northern Pennsylvania Photo by Always On Liberty©

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