Learn How To RV: Full-Time Freedom Week 2019!

Are you at that point in your life where you would love to just sell your house, everything in it and hit the road to go live your dream of RV travel but don’t know where to start? Admittedly, we were in those same shoes almost 6 years ago! Oh, how we just wished there was an affordable and reliable educational venue we could turn to learn from other’s experiences. Now, almost 6 years later, we have become a part of that RV educational venue called Full-Time Freedom Week 2019!

In January 2014, we entered into a whole new nomadic lifestyle that seemed so foreign to us. Though we were already accustomed to frequent relocation as career military and motorcyclists, this new RV life was a whole new challenge. We were slammed with learning the jargon, black tanks, white hoses, 12volt, 100 watts, RV this and RV that. We picked up bits and pieces of information around the campfires, web-based RV community forums and social media. But we felt we didn’t really feel satisfied. We felt we needed to get our information all in one place.

What is Full-Time Freedom Week 2019?

Full-Time Freedom Week is an amazing online event like no other! Over 30 full-time RVers and industry experts team up to show you just how we do it in a week-long virtual video summit!

But, Full-Time Freedom Week is more than just a video series. It’s a completely one-of-a-kind 4-day mega only event that teaches EVERYTHING you need to know about becoming a successful RVer. Regardless if you’re a dreamer, planning your escape or already RVing (weekend, seasonal, part-time or full-time), you’ll not want to miss this online video event!

And, GUESS WHAT?? We are SPEAKERS too!


So, we hope you’ll join us along with some of your favorite RV bloggers, YouTubers, travelers and experts on November 5th-8th, 2019. But, you’ll want to reserve your seat now!

We believe the open road is for everyone! And, now as experienced RVers, we want to show just how you can do it! And be successful at it too!. Even if you’re already RVing, we hope this amazing venue of videos will help answer those questions you may have had or expound further on those topics.

About the Full-Time Freedom Week 2019 Event

This virtual event is not like any other summit or conference you’ve attended! The program was designed to drive…

    • Bring together industry experts, RV travelers and even dreamers!
    • As a community, it will provide reliable content.
    • You’ll learn how to redesign your life to be a successful RV traveler
    • You can watch the videos on your OWN TIME!
    • And finally, GIVEAWAYS!!! Lots and LOTS of GIVEAWAYS!!

What will these videos show you?

This collaborative event will show you HOW TO…

      • Purchase a motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, truck camper or other recreational vehicle.
      • Properly maintain and care for an RV
      • Save money and finances that pertain to RV life
      • Remote work and earning income
      • Manage family life and children’s education
      • Taking your pets on the road
      • Properly maintain an RV
      • RV club memberships
      • Modifications and renovations in or on RVs
      • Meet others like you on the road.
      • Transition to RV life
      • Overcome challenges along the way
      • Solo RVing as a female
      • Downsizing from a large RV to a small RV (YAY! That’s US!!)
      • RV and club memberships…and that’s just a handful of the videos you’re going to view!

The creators of the event and all speakers are so excited to share every bit of knowledge and encouragement they have to offer.

Always On Liberty - Little Liberty with Us 3

Details about how the videos will air…

All of the videos will be LIVE for 24-hours after they are released and available to all attendees. After 24 hours, only attendees who purchase any of their other passes will have access to the videos (keep reading for more info and links!).

How will I be able to view them?

The Full-Time Freedom Week 2019 website will be available after the event and “All Access Pass” holders will have a password entry to access the videos on a protected page of the website.

Registration is completely FREE to register to watch all the scheduled videos on the day of the event, enjoy exclusive discounts, and have the opportunity to win $2,000 worth of daily giveaways!

Now, say you can’t see any or all of the videos exactly the day they are scheduled for, you can totally upgrade that will enable you to see them after the event.

  • Free Pass– FREE – View each video only on the specified day for 24 hours.
  • 30 day Pass – $29 – View any or all of the videos for 30 days.
  • Annual Pass – $69 – View any or all of the videos for a period of one (1) year.
  • Lifetime Pass – $99 – Access videos for as long as you want forever and ever!

And, as a bonus, you’ll get the Guide to Full-Time Freedom guide book which is chalked full of RV tips and amazing information!

Realize, if you sign up for the FREE PASS and you miss some of your favorites, you can always upgrade!

The Full-Time Freedom Week 2019 donated a portion of their sales total last year to the National Parks Foundation. Well, they’re doing it again!

As an added bonus, 10% of all sales will be given to the National Parks Foundation. We’re obviously huge proponents of our National Parks, so we love this!


That said, we are throwing in an added incentive to register/buy through us!

While you all know by now, we are affiliates of the Full Time Freedom Week. We have decided to donate a 50% of our affiliate share to Escapees CARE because we care about our RV community and our aging members within the Escapees Membership program.


Escapees CARE Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (tax-exempt) corporation formed in 1992 and is under the guidance of a volunteer board of directors. It is located in Livingston, TX, and its mission is to provide a safe haven with professional assistance at affordable prices for members whose travels are permanently ended because of age or temporarily interrupted because of health problems.

From the Escapees Website:

CARE is a place where you will receive professional help for the things you may no longer be able to do. It is not a nursing home. Its goal is to delay or eliminate the need for a nursing home by providing daily meals, scheduling medical appointments and providing transportation to appointments, providing on-duty nurses, secure day rooms, and a comfortable social atmosphere.

So, by you purchasing any of the passes from us, know that your money is not only invested in this amazing online product but you can feel good knowing you’re helping others who may need it! In other words, if you purchase the Lifetime Pass of $99, we are donating $50 to Escapees Care Center! If you opt to buy the 30-day pass for $29, we’ll donate $15 and for the Annual Pass for $69, we’ll give $35 to the Escapees Care Center!

And to show proof of our commitment, you can look forward seeing a photo of us handing a check over to the Escapees President at the Xscapers Annual Bash at Lake Havasu in January 2020!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get registered now, add November 5th-8th to your calendar so you can tune into watch the Full-Time Freedom Week 2019 videos!

Interested in reading more great tips on RVing? Check out our list of resource information!


DISCLAIMER: We may receive commissions as affiliates when you make purchases through the links provided in this blog. This, in no way, impacts our honest and transparent reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.



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