Epic Tailgating Gear for Football Weekend Camping

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?? Of course, you can’t have football without the proper tailgating party! So make your campsite the envy of the campground with your own football fever! Here’s a helpful guide of epic tailgating gear that will make your neighbors wishing they could be invited.

Though you may live in an RV or camper, doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own tailgating event to cheer on your favorite team.

With our recommendations, we’re sure you’ll be the talk of the campgrounds, RV parks and even parking lots! So, don your favorite team jersey, fire up the grill, put out the chairs and let’s get ready to rumble!! We’ve put together a list that takes all the guess work out of shopping. All of these products are RV compartment friendly and store nicely in your basement cargo bays.

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Camping Grill

Every tailgating event starts and ends at the grill. This perfect tailgating grill and griddle is perfect for any camping weekend or outdoor event. It’s an easy portable setup, almost no assembly required, and is ready to use in seconds. Take it to the park for an afternoon cookout or take it into the woods for a long-term camping trip. The easily adjustable legs will be stable on uneven ground and make setup a breeze.

Camping Table

A good sturdy table to put all of your vittles on is a must. We highly recommend this portable, lightweight, folding table. It folds and is easy to carry so it’s perfect to store in your RV basement or stow behind the sofa or recliners. This is a must for any camping gathering because you can also set up your outdoor kitchen with it. Don’t forget to pick up some tailgating plastic disposable table cloths! For easy cleanup, just throw all the party ware trash in the middle, gather and tie.

But if you’re really up for crazy tailgating adventure, you upgrade your party to this football beer pong table! It will be the center of attention at house parties, BBQs, tailgates, campsites, holiday weekends and more!


Hey, there’s nothing better than beer and brats at tailgate parties but they need to be cold, right? And what better than a good solid cooler to keep them iced down before the party begins, duration of the game and well into the night. So, if we were to choose one, we’d get this cool running back to keep all of our food and beverages ice cold. Oh, and its on wheels so it makes transporting it to and from your campsite easy peasy!

And, if you’re only wanting one of a more personal size or for your family, check out this backpack cooler that leaves your hands empty to carry your camp chairs or your beer. For you wine drinkers, how about this 2-bottle soft cooler perfect for your red and white. It also comes with unbreakable wine cups too!


Camp Chairs

Always On Liberty - Strongback Chair

Yeah, we get it. When the team is running the clock down, it can be too much to sit but in between quarters and halftimes, you’ll want a good comfortable camp chair to sit in. When we had our fifth wheel, we loved these awesome camp chairs because they supported our backs while we enjoyed sitting around the campfires.

But if your camper or RV doesn’t have room for those big camp chairs, go with smaller, collapsible camp chairs that we bought after downsizing to our small Class C motorhome.

Outdoor Lawn Games

Now, if you’re like me who’s not into the game but you still love to either host the tailgate party or go to one, all-American outdoor games are a great distraction. One of the most popular is the good old fashioned cornhole or bean bag game board game.

Oh, and remember your college days of playing beer pong? Well, you can take it to a higher level with Yard Pong! Let’s not forget a giant-size game of Yard Jenga! And last but not least, be the hit of the tailgating party with the Ladder Toss outdoor game.

Oh, and while your family and friends are enjoying the festivities, to keep the bugs away, you’ll want to have portable bug repellent lanterns on the tables and near the game players and sitting areas.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Its a no brainer that games need to be loud so you can hear what the officials are ruling and commentators are saying.  So, check out this amazing portable bluetooth speaker we have. Don’t mistaken the size for inadequacy in sound. This little guy packs some punch in its small size. It pairs easily with your iPhone or Android device. Oh, and it’s lithium ion battery lets you enjoy up to 8 hours of play time, rechargeable with USB power sources so you won’t miss a minute of the game.

But if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned beer money on a pricy bluetooth speaker to listen to the game (or tunes), you can opt for a more affordable smaller bluetooth speaker that clips to your belt loop!

Outdoor Screened Dining Canopy

Even on the nicest of days or even nights, keeping your food tables under a screen room dining tent is a must. It will help keep the flies and vicious mosquitos out.

And speaking of those nasty blood sucking bugs, its a good idea to have some 100% deet insect repellent for you and your guests for those outdoor tailgating parties that linger on into the night.

Tailgating Outdoor Rug

Hey, if you’re wanting to really impress your camping neighbors, get this cool football field 9′ x 12′ outdoor rug. There’s nothing pretty or paisley about it. Seriously, you’ll want to do your own tackles when the chips are down. It’s easy to clean, lightweight, mold and mildew resistant.

Party Tableware

Make a statement with your football-themed tailgating partyware! Just make sure you have enough for everyone attending. Don’t forget to ice down your drinks for you and all your friends on game day with this football-themed party tub! And for your tables, put your snacks on this cool referee tray,

Speaking of tailgating food, you may want to check out our recipes from our galley.

As you see, you don’t have to sacrifice having good tailgating gear just because you live in an RV or camper! Once you bring out all of your party supplies, tables, chairs and games, you’ll be the hit of the party and everyone will want to come to your campsite for the festivities!

Tailgating Gear

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