Holiday Gift Ideas for RVs and Campers

Who better than those who are actually RVing to give great advice and suggestions on holiday gift ideas for RVers and campers!? In this blog piece, we went to several full-time RVers for their wish list recommendations including RV gear and accessories, entertainment, pet supplies and RV kitchen gadgets.

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2019 Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers

So let’s just go right to it and see what our collaborators recommend in our 2019 RV Holiday Gift Guide YouTube video!

Instant Pot Lux Mini

Since downsizing to our tiny motorhome, we also needed to downsize our kitchen appliances including our Instant Pot. So, we opted for the 3 Quart Instant Pot. The Instant Pot Lux Mini is the ideal kitchen appliance for your faced-paced, healthy lifestyle! The 3-quart Instant Pot pressure cooker is perfect for van life and smaller RVs that have much smaller cooking and storage spaces.

Rhe 6 Quart Instant Pot might be a better option Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers with larger RVs or for those who cook for larger families.

If you’re on the fence about getting one, check out our Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker Product Review

RV Electric System Surge Protector

Now, Dan’s favorite gift idea for RVers this year is the Surge Guard 30amp Portable Surge Protector.  It provides the highest level of electrical protection for your RV than any other system on the market. It’s the only protection system to provide not only line side protection, from the electric pedestal, but also provides protection on the load side. This unit Includes a locking ring to provide a theft deterrent.

For 50amp RVs and Campers, we highly recommend the 50amp Portable Surge Protector.

RV Travel Journal

Our friend Kyle from Drivin’ & Vibin’ shared how useful and fun an RV travel journal or camping log book is. RVers can record campground information, costs, local events or things to do in the area. Its a great way to refer back to for return visits. Check out the RV There Yet Log Book with pre-printed pages ready for the RVer or camper to fill out themselves.

Also, check out these other two!

Propane Firepit

Kyle and Olivia of Drivin’ & Vibin’ also love their Outland Propane Fire Bowl.  It’s a perfect size for any RV or camper. Since it’s fueled by propane, there’s no need to search for firewood and be smoked out while sitting out under the stars. Oh, and since we had one, we can back it up as one of the many holiday gift ideas for RVers!

High Heat Oven Pizza Stone

Pizza stones aren’t made just for baking pizzas and breads! Matt and Diana from Adventurous Way highly recommends this square pizza stone because it disapates the heat better for more even baking in the RV or camper oven and even the grill.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

On-the-road musicians Michelle and Chuck of the Status Crowes love their BoomJacket Bluetooth Speaker. They said, “don’t let this inexpensive little speaker fool you into thinking its cheaply made. It’s everything-proof; from moisture, sand, snow and shock, it’s construction will stand the test of time and activities!”

This little speaker provides a 50-foot range and 40 hours of battery life. The BoomJacket also features a built-in universal mounting mechanism for easy attachment to equipment and structures.

Kids Ride Shotgun

For those who love to go on family bicycle adventures with preschool age kids,  you’ll want to check this cool contraption out! Jesse, Jenny and their little guy, Tucker of Outside is Calling absolutely love their Kids Ride Shotgun Bicycle Child Rider Seat and Bicycle Child Rider Handlebars. Look how they can take their little guy riding with them!!

With your child riding shotgun, you’ll foster a love of mountain biking and the outdoors. Designed for children 2–5 and up to 48 pounds. It fits all mountain bikes and won’t damage the frame. Its super easy to fit and remove! So now, you can take your child with you without dragging out the big tow cart!

Jenny’s favorite is the Kindle Unlimited because as an RVer, she simply does not have the space or can afford the extra weight to store her books. So now, her hundreds of books are stored neatly and compactly on her mobile device or tablet. Click the image below to try your first month FREE!

Neater Feeder Pet Feeding Station

Since we’re talking about including kids, Justin and Stacy of Opting Out of Normal highly recommend the Neater Feeder Pet Feeding Station.

What’s cool is the Neater Feeder is a mess and spill-proof raised dual pet bowl feeding station.  So, say goodbye to wet and messy feeding areas thanks to their revolutionary splash guard & dual reservoir design. Spilled food is contained in the upper reservoir while spilled water drains safely to the lower reservoir below protecting your floors and walls from stains and damage. The elevated feeder design allows your dog to eat easily and comfortably.

Want to see more goodies for Fido and Fluffy? Check out our Cool Camping Gear for Dogs and Cats

Govee Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Phil and Stacy from You, Me and the RV live full-time in a motorhome that sometimes acquires moisture or uncomfortable temperatures. And considering they have a dog who may be taking a nap while they go out hiking, they found a solution that monitors both while they are away from their RV. It’s why it’s one of our favorite holiday gift ideas for RVers.

Govee wireless thermometer hygrometer accesses temperature accurately within ±0.54℉ and humidity ±3% with a high precision sensor.  Connecting with 2.4 GHz WiFi or Bluetooth, they safely remotely monitor temperature and humidity. Help keep an eye on your house when you’re away from home. Alert will be sent to “Govee Home” App when beyond preset value.

ViAIR Tire Air Compressor

Now any RVer knows that road safety is the most important. And Eric and Tami from TechnoRV have two products that should go in every motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer and even van or truck camper.

VIAIR’s Automatic Tire Inflatiors make tire filling simple! While most portable air compressors must be turned off between tire fills and checking tire pressure, the automatic compressors only operate while the trigger on the inflation gun is pulled. This will certainly save you much needed time, making the overall process of filling your tires seem effortless.

For those in the off-road segment, airing down tires allows for better traction while off-roading. Once your tires need to get back to their normal pressures, you simply hook the compressor up to your battery, and fill them to the recommended on-road pressure your vehicle suggests.

For those in the on-road segment, proper tire inflation is very important because it helps keep your tires lasting longer, it’s better for gas mileage, and overall makes for a better ride while keeping you safe on the road.

Since there are different size RVs with different range of tire sizes and pressure requirements, we’ve listed them all to make shopping easy for Class B (van), Towables (fifth wheels and travel trailers), Class C motorhomes and Class A motorhomes.

    • 89P-RVS – Standard Duty for Class B
    • 300P-RVS – Heavy Duty for Class Band Towables
    • 400P-RVS – Automatic – Fast Fill – Class C and Towables
    • 450P-RVS -Automatic – Continuous Duty – Class A and Towables

TST Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System

We, along with Eric and Tami from TechnoRV, have the TST Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System in each of our RVs. We had one installed on our truck and fifth wheel and now we have it on our Class C motorhome and Jeep tire stems.

It’s the best Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the market (why we have it!), and the only one that includes a color monitor. The system reports pressure and temperature on the color monitor as you drive or pull your RV down the road.

The cap sensor is very popular for those that are looking for a low-profile sensor. The Cap Sensor can be used with metal or rubber valve stems. The kit includes the color monitor, specified number of sensors applicable to your RV, USB/DC power supply, signal repeater, rubber dash pad mount and suction cup window mount.

Oh, and also available: RV Tire Pressure Monitor System with 4 – 12 Flow Thru Sensors and RV Tire Pressure Monitor System with 2 Cap Sensors.

Adding to that, check out what we think about the RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Our last two gift idea selections are of convenience and need.

Paul & Nancy of Our Someday is Now have travelled over 9000 miles this past summer and fall in their Class B van. They were able to minimize overnight stay costs by staying at participating wineries, distilleries, golf courses and museums for the low cost Harvest Hosts membership. It’s another one of our favorite holiday gift ideas for RVers.

Harvest Hosts Ad 1

While staying at these unique stops, they support (and we do too!) each establishment by purchasing a bottle of their best or small souvenirs. Oh, and guess what? Since we are affiliates of Harvest Hosts, we are gifting 15% off the Harvest Hosts membership price!

Check out why we love Free RV Parking at Wineries and More!

Valterra Waste Valve Connection Accessory

Because they say ‘crap rolls downhill’, we saved this one for last! This gift idea for RVers is a definite need! Because Paul from Our Someday is Now had the pleasant experience  of NOT having one (you’ll just have to watch our. video!).

Eliminate the mess by installing this Valterra Twist-On Waste Valve. These valves twist directly onto your current waste valves for not just convenience but need. Just attach them to the front of the broken valves, open the handle or paddle, and you’re done! Easy to use, this twist-on waste valve is perfect for most standard RV’s and campers for a universal match.

Valterra Twist-On Waste Valve is mess-free for your convenience. It has tight bayonet attachments and pre-installed fittings hooks ensure a leak-proof system. And even better, it eliminates the need for costly service work! Simply attach the twist-on valve to the broken valve and open the handle of the broken valve for a quick fix. Valve rotates to most convenient location.

Now, when you or your RV partner says ‘shitter’s full’, you won’t have to worry about wearing it when dumping your nasty stuff!

Oh, and speaking of Valterra, if you’re looking for a better way to store your RV sewer hose, check out our Valterra Sewer Hose Storage Product Review.

So, what do you think? Aren’t these holiday gift ideas for RVers and campers amazing? Again, the best resource to get reliable advice and recommendations for RVers and Campers is BY those who are already RVing!


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