ClearSource RV Water Filter System for RVs & Boats

Tap water isn’t safe or healthy anymore, especially at a lot of campgrounds and RV parks across the United States. And it’s due to our country’s aging infrastructure and unhealthy chemicals being added in municipal water treatment facilities. And because of that, we got the Clearsource water filtration system for our RV. We found ClearSource Water Filter System and decided to give this water filter system a try.

The aging campground underground water pipes are loaded with contaminants and heavy metals. It’s no wonder the water quality leaves such a bitter taste in our mouths, sediment in our glasses and spots on our vehicles.

So, let’s dive right in to see how well our Clear Source Water Filter System works to protect our health.

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Always On Liberty - RV Water Filter System

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ClearSource: The Ultimate Water Filter System for RVs and Boats


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The ClearSource Dual Water Filter System is an all encompassing water filtration system that provides quality drinking water. This particular system in this review is comprised of two high quality filters, and heavy duty plastic filter housings. It also includes a steel stand to keep the entire system upright and together.

Dual Filter Stages

Clear Source RV Water Filtration System

The first filter stage is a 5 micron 2.5 x 10 inch filter. This stage removes the initial sediments. Following the first filter stage is  a 0.5 micron coconut shell carbon block 2.5 x 10 inch filter that completes the second stage. This secondary filter removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds, cysts, giardia, and other contaminants. These two filters working in combination deliver delicious and safe drinking and potable water. 

Why ClearSource?

ClearSource primarily focuses on insuring you get safe, clean-tasting water from every water connection for your RV every time. They engineer their RV water filter system to be the best on the market with all premium components and RV-specific features.

ClearSource uses the finest quality filter elements available on the market today. They house the filters in oversize, heavy-duty canisters for outstanding water flow.  Clear Source uses all stainless-steel fittings for clean, sanitary connections, and bullet-proof durability.

To house the water filtration system, they’ve developed an industry-leading exclusive, powder-coated metal chassis. This allows you to put your ClearSource Water Filter System on the ground between your RV and the water spigot without worry of corrosion or infiltration of ground contaminants.

And because of it’s design, there is no chance of the system tipping over or being knocked down.

Always On Liberty with Clear Source Water Filter System

ClearSource Water Filter System Guarantee

ClearSource also stands behind their products with a reputable one-year warranty. They are an industry leader in stellar customer service and product assistance.

In fact, their water filter system was featured In 2018 Trailer Life Magazine’s “Essential Equipment For RV Camping” Gear Guide, and extensively reviewed in January, 2019 MotorHome Magazine (“Impressive.” “Makes RV water filtering an art form.”). So, that should tell you promising testimony about ClearSource’s product and reputation.

Water Tank Maintenance

With a ClearSource Water Filter System at the heart of your fresh water system, there are still a few other components necessary in keeping your RV’s complete water system in good working order to ensure healthy drinking water.

Also equally important, always sanitize your RV fresh water holding tanks regularly. We keep a small spray bottle of bleach to sanitize any water supply spigot before hooking up our RV fresh water hose to it. Using all of the tools and routine practices above should provide us and our RV with less chemicals in our water.

Check out our video on How to Flush, Clean and Maintain your RV Holding Tanks

Necessary Supplies You May Need for your Clearsource water filter system

You’ll need to make sure you have a clean high-quality potable water only hose from the water source to the ClearSource Water Filter System and another from the filters to your water-fill port in the RV.  Again, these white or blue RV/Marine water hoses should be used for drinking water only!

You need to also be aware of the water pressure delivery into your water system. To monitor the water pressure, we recommend using an adjustable water pressure regulator with gauge.  This will allow you to adjust the water pressure up or down to maintain the water rate of flow you like best.

Additionally, we are huge fans of quick-disconnect water hose fittings.  We use them throughout our fresh water system to aid in easy connecting and disconnecting all of our hoses, filters and fittings.

Lastly, don’t forget to replace your ClearSource Water Filter Cartridges regularly. This system’s filter cartridges are rated to process 2000 gallons of water.

Clear Source Replacement Water Filters

For the occasional camper, annual replacement is fine.  Frequent weekend RVers should replace the cartridges twice each year. And, for the RV full-timer, ClearSource recommends replacing filter cartridges every two to three months.

ClearSource Water Filter Systems have quickly become the filter system of choice for RVers. Also see the new triple-stage filtering ClearSource Ultra System.

Clear Source Ultra 3 State RV Water Filter System

So, this is one of those RV essentials that should be of utmost importance to your family’s health. It would also make a great gift for the new RV!

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2 Replies to “ClearSource RV Water Filter System for RVs & Boats”

  1. I’ve driveway boondocked in a friends front yard in the UP of MI, near Gwinn. His well water had a heavy sulfur
    content. His softener system was out & I failed to bring enough of my own potable water in my DPMH tank. Could this filter system removed the “rotten egg” sulfur smell?

    1. Phil, we’ve encountered that and yes, it did have positive results. Although, if you really wanted to go all out, perhaps an inboard filter system in addition to external water filter like this one would be even better.

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