RV Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories for Small RVs and Campers

Downsizing from our 42′ fifth wheel to our tiny 25′ Class C motorhome, we also had downsize our kitchen and bathroom accessories. A lot of our super-size supplies and gear didn’t fit into our tiny cabinets, storage compartments or living spaces. So, what’s a girl to do?

But these aren’t just if you are downsizing or transitioning from a big rig RV to a tiny motorhome or camper. These are also for outfitting your new or new-to-you small(er) RV. Or, if you just want to minimize, here’s a quick look at what we had in kitchen and bathroom accessories versus what we have now.

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RV Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories for Small RVs, Vans and Boats


We originally had a 6 quart Instant Pot. We loved this because it offered ability to make larger meals for left overs or batch cooking when we would prepare for long(er) term boondocking. We also had the clear glass lid made specifically of the 6 quart Instant Pot for slow cooking with a small hole for ventilation. Other accessories we had were the 7.5″ spring pan I used for baking my cheesecakes, silicone steamer basket to steam vegetables and awesome accessory kit for other uses.

3 quart Instant Pot

Now we have a 3 quart ‘mini’ Instant Pot that has all the same features however, we sacrifice size. That said, because it’s smaller, it uses less electricity so it’s a bonus when we’re camping off the grid using energy stored in our lithium batteries.

OH! And we included this in our 2019 RV and Camper Holiday Gift Buying Guide collaborative video. Now, the Instant Pot ‘mini’ is one of my personal favorites!


In our fifth wheel, we loved our animal cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It was incredibly efficient with its powerful suction with up to 40 minute run-time on one battery charge. It came equipped with a lifetime washable filter. It picked up cat hair, sand, dirt and even that desert powder we’d acquire while boondocking in the desert.

But, now that we have downsized to a smaller RV, we had to find a much smaller and portable multi-use upright and handheld vacuum cleaner.

With its’ powerful 1000 watt motor, double filtration system and cyclonic action, the versatile mini vac can be used with ease on both carpet, hard floors and upholstery . Clean the car, stairs, hard to reach areas and our whole RV and toad vehicle. It can pick up even the finest dust that other vacuums miss. What’s great is it has an extra-long 23ft durable power cord makes it great for vacuuming our Jeep. It’s compact for easy storage under our dinette bench seat.



I admit, I’m quite particular about our towels and face cloths. We hate cheap scratchy ones that leave lint everywhere. But also, we can’t stand polyester towels that aren’t absorbent. I mean, isn’t the reason to have a towel is to dry off? So, you won’t see me shopping for towels at a big box store.

A friend told me about these amazing, super absorbent 100% Turkish cotton plushy towels. I was in heaven when I used them for the first time. And, the color I picked coordinated perfectly to our renovated fifth wheel bathroom motif and design.

But I have a confession. I found because they were so luxuriously thick, they also took forever to dry in our RV bathroom. So, what’s a girl to do? Go shopping again! And, this was even before our cross-decking to our new little motorhome.

Keeping my love for Turkish towels because of their known absorbency, I found these amazing largeTurkish bath towels! OH! Don’t let the small rolled up size make you think these are cheap and won’t do the job! Still, 100% Cotton and handmade in Turkey, these 30/1 Turkish cotton bath towels are naturally hypoallergenic, comfortable and are even softer than standard towels. 

And further, they are huge! Each towel is 70″x40″ and are super lightweight and roll up for easy storage. Altough large in size, these bath towels take up a third of the space of a plushy terry towel.  Also, unlike heavier cottons, Turkish towel absorb quickly and can be washed and dried very quickly. 

So, our SIX Turkish bath towels take up the space less than two plushy bath towels!


If you watched our RVers 10 Question Challenge video, we talked about how tiny our small motorhome bathroom is. When I say it’s tiny, believe me. It’s about the size of an airplane bathroom. So, finding a tiny little trash can to replace our larger bathroom trash receptacle was an order.  


We simply open the spring-open lid with a little push of our finger and voila! No more dumped over trash can to clean up. What’s also great is it’s square, so it fits in the corner perfectly so it doesn’t take up much space. Oh, and I also bought little trash can liners so I didn’t have to touch whatever the heck is put in there.

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