Must Have RV Roadside Emergency and Safety Gear

RVing is fun and adventurous! Getting to experience the thrill of driving down the road with your RV or camper is exhilarating. But what if you have a breakdown or an accident? Do you have the right safety gear and accessories for a roadside emergency?  This comprehensive guide to RV safety gear and accessories will keep you safer on the road; regardless if you’re in a big rig motorhome, hauling a trailer or van lifing.

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Whether you’ve been driving or on the road for many years or you’re just starting out, having the right equipment can help should you get stranded alongside the road. We hope you never have to use some of them but rest assured, by having them readily available for those breakdowns or emergencies may help keep yourself, family and your RV safe.

Roadside Emergency Safety Gear

Must Have RV Roadside Emergency and Safety Gear

Fire Extinguisher(s)

We list fire extinguishers first because these, in our opinion, are the most important of any RV safety gear you need to have! And, you should have several. You should have these multi-purpose fire extinguishers in, not only in your RV, but also your toad or tow vehicle. And, you can never have too many!

We had these inside our fifth wheel and now, in our small motorhome. They are kept in plain sight inside our RV door entrance, easy-to-get-to exterior cargo compartment(s) and our tow vehicle or toad. We highly  recommend these as they have explicit graphic instructions right on the front so there’s no guessing or remembering. Plus, it comes with a plastic bracket for easy mounting to your RV’s walls or doors.

RV Safety Gear Tip: Inspect fire extinguishers at least once a month (more often in severe environments). Fire extinguisher maintenance is important for everyone’s safety. Make certain fire extinguishers are not blocked by equipment, coats or other objects that could interfere with access in an emergency.

We highly recommend reading this article —> Fire Extinguisher Care and Maintenance.

Tire Gauge

Regardless of vehicle, you should always have an accurate digital tire pressure gauge to take precise tire pressure measurements. It is very well-built, lightweight, compact and feel great in-hand with the textured grip. The LCD display with the blue LED light makes it easy to read the measurements, especially at night or in low-light environments. It works right out of the box with the batteries included and installed, which makes it very convenient and hassle-free. The auto shut off feature helps to save the battery life and no need to worry run out of battery quickly.

Also with keeping your tire pressure consistent, we highly recommend a good air compressor. To find the right size air compressor based on your RV or vehicle needs, click here —> Air Compressors

And, while we’re on the subject of tire pressure, we wrote an amazing product review on a reputable RV Tire Monitoring System that measures and monitors tire pressure and temperature.

Wheel Chocks

We have a pair of these RV Wheel Chocks. They are designed to keep your trailer in place so that you can re-hitch with confidence. These mighty yellow RV gadgets are constructed of durable hard plastic with UV inhibitors and is easy to use and effective. Anytime you park your RV, these should be set into place to help keep your RV tires from rolling, even when the brake is on.

X Chocks

Now, if you’re really wanting extra security in making certain your RV wheels stay put as well as an added feature of theft deterrent, you can splurge for X scissor chocks.

The X scissor chock fits between tandem tires by locking wheels and applying force to both tires. They aid in trailer stabilizing and prevent tire shifts. The chocks also can act as a theft deterrent as they need a special tool to manipulate and remove them.

A hand-operated plated ratchet wrench (included) turns a drive nut, extending the chocks against the tires for locking and retracting the chucks for removal. We glued a magnet on the wrench and stuck it to the inside of our truck bed so we always knew where it was.

Leveling Blocks

Our leveling blocks were actually the very first RV accessory we bought for our first fifth wheel. Sometimes we end up parking or boondocking in sloping spaces. One side of our RV may be on a slight tilt that couldn’t be alleviated by our fifth wheel’s leveling system. And, now that we travel in a small motorhome without a leveling system, this is our go-to RV accessory.

These stackers leveler/jack pads function as a multi-use leveler, jack stand and tongue wheel support. The attached easy grip handle acts as a transition to the next step for a smooth ramp. Stackers can hold up to 40,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight on a firm level ground or 10,000 lbs. per wheel. They can be used under your RV’s jack pads or tires.

Oh, and for a great article explaining how these work, check out our friends at TechnoRV  How to Properly Use RV Leveling Blocks

Hitch Lock

Loosing your camper or RV while your out fishing will do more than just ruin your day; you’ll be homeless! Here’s our recommendations of a travel trailer hitch lock or a fifth wheel pin lock.

For Fifth Wheels: We had this 5th Wheel Kingpin Lock BTW, our fifth wheel hitch was a CURT Q24 – check out our fifth wheel hitch product review!

For Travel Trailers: These pin locks are inexpensive decent locks. There are others out there that are more heavy duty but set your budget accordingly if you feel you need a higher level of security.  Here are our suggestions:

Black Trailer Hitch Lock  5/8-Inch Pin Diameter Fits 2-Inch Receiver

Stainless Steel Trailer Hitch Lock  5/8-Inch Pin Diameter, Fits 2-Inch or 2-1/2-Inch Receiver

Right-Angle Trailer Hitch Lock  5/8-Inch Pin Diameter, Fits 2-Inch or 2-1/2-Inch Receiver

Lock Set For Adjustable Channel Mounts

Flashlight and Lantern

We all know, traveling at all hours of the day and night, we’re bound to have a breakdown a time or two. And, having a good, sturdy flashlight and lantern will light your workspace and compartments where you keep your tools and gear.

Over the years, we have tried different flashlights however, most ended up in landfills because they were inefficient and cheaply made. When we needed them most, they’d flicker or just plain not work. Take our advice, don’t cheap out on your lights.

After a little research, we decided on a multi-function LED tactical flashlight. It will easily light up an entire room or focus in on objects up to 1000 feet away! This flashlight is multiple times brighter than old incandescent lights. It’s size is perfect for keeping in your pocket when not using so you’ll always have it on you.

Also, when outfitting your RV, a good freestanding LED lantern will prove it’s worth even aside from your camping activities.

This rechargeable LED camping lantern is a magnetic 4-In-1 Flashlight with USB Cable, Best for Emergency, Hurricane, or Power Outage. They are great to keep in both, your RV and toad or tow vehicle.

Road Safety Lights

This one of our RV safety gear accessories we absolutely love and don’t know why we didn’t buy them earlier! We keep these amazingly bright flashing road safety lights stowed in both our RV and our tow vehicle or toad. And, we admit, we should have bought these the minute we bought our first fifth wheel in 2014.

Since roadside flares are pretty much a thing of the past and illegal in some states, due to fire concerns, these are a safe and effective alternative. These battery-operated LED road flares come in a four-pack, so along with your road safety warning triangles, you should be carrying, these high intensity flashing lights are an added safety measure if you are broke down on the highway. Other motorists can’t miss them at night. OH! And they’re magnetic so they will stick to metal on your vehicle.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit isn’t just an RV safety gear must have. It’s something we all should have regardless of what we drive or where we live. It’s a given that when you work or play outdoors, you’re eventually going to procure some sort of injury whether it’s a sprain, laceration or burn. We put together a comprehensive informative post First Aid Kits for the RVs or Campers that helps show the differences in first aid kits and triage supplies.

And, like a lot of our other safety gear, we keep a first aid kit in our toad and our RV because, you never know when an accident will happen.
So, that wraps up our RV Roadside Emergency Safety Gear and Accessories recommendations.
Please be safe on the road and always, take those extra minutes to inspect your RV, it’s components and even your RV safety gear to make certain they all are working efficiently and correctly to alleviate mishaps or inefficiencies down the road.

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  1. Spare valve stem caps and a valve 4-way tool that can be used to fully seat the valve core. Have had slow leaks from tires where the valve was not fully seated!

    1. Hey Pete, Great idea! Thanks for reading! Additionally, we recommend checking tire pressure regularly before each time we turn the key on our motorhome.

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