Weigh Your RV Using the BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

If you’re towing an RV, boat or cargo trailer, you should know your tow weight before putting it in drive. But, who wants to hit the CAT weigh scales every time you haul? Well, now there’s an electronic device that connects through your smartphone’s Bluetooth that tells you everything about your tow weight? The BetterWeigh™  Mobile Towing Scale sends live weight readouts of the vehicle, trailer, payload, tongue weight, pin weight, weight distribution and trailer brake gain.

Who better than CURT Group (formerly Curt Manufacturing), to produce one of the latest and greatest technology innovations in safe towing? We sought advice from those who engineer and manufacture safe towing products; including our former fifth wheel hitch.

So, we’ve asked one of CURT’s towing specialists, Martin Nilsen, for more in-depth information on how to tow safely with the aid of a new product; the CURT BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale.

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How to weigh your RV or trailer using a Mobile Towing Scale App
How to weigh your RV or trailer using a Mobile Towing Scale App

You have to weigh your rig

Why is it important to know the weight of your vehicle?

When it comes to hauling and towing, safety should always be a top priority for anyone preparing their rig. If not done properly, unsafe conditions or failure of components can lead to catastrophic results.

That’s why you should make sure that all the components in your tow rig are rated to the correct capacity for what you’re towing. This includes your vehicle, all of the towing components and your trailer.

Your rig’s capacity is only as strong as its weakest component. Be aware of your capacities!

RV Towing Safety Tips - BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

Stop going to the vehicle scale

How do you know how much your rig or trailer weighs?

Traditionally, you would have to go to a vehicle scale.

Often you can find a CAT scale and that works well, but finding weigh scales can be inconvenient. And let’s be real, most RVers are not going to go out of their way to find a tow scale every time they load their camper, fifth wheel or travel trailer.

That’s where a product called BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale by CURT comes in.

Towing Accessories - BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

A new solution using your smartphone

The BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale is a small device that you can plug into your ODB II sensor. It pairs with an app on your smartphone to measure your vehicle weight.

Better Weigh Mobile Scale OBD II

But, it can do much more than what a traditional vehicle scale can.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking “How the heck could that work?”

I admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but after learning more about CURT’s BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale and working hands-on with it, I’ve gained a thorough understanding of how it works.

BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale measures a whole list of things

First let’s get into what it does.

The BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale provides a live readout of towing-related weights including the gross weight of your vehicle and trailer, cargo, payload, tongue weight, pin weight and weight distribution.

These are critical measurements to know to ensure you are not exceeding any capacities of your rig. It’s very much worth your time to know what you tow to keep you and others on the road safe.

In addition to those weight-measuring abilities, the BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale helps you properly set up a weight distribution hitch and configure your brake controller.

All these features make this little device very versatile.

Better Weigh Mobile Towing Scale App

How the BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale works

The primary feature of BetterWeigh™ is its “Weigh” feature. To use it, the BetterWeigh™ app has you do a short drive test.

It works by using a simple formula: 

mass = force / acceleration

The device has the ability to retrieve force measurements from the vehicle’s torque converter and can measure acceleration with a built-in accelerometer.

With these two measurements, it can calculate the weight of your vehicle within + / – 5% accuracy.

So, if you want to measure your trailer weight you would first measure your vehicle without the trailer. Then, do a second measurement with the trailer to find the difference.

Other features such as Payload, Pin Weight and Tongue Weight utilize the onboard accelerometer to measure pitch adjustments and calculate respective weights.

All of these measurements are important to know and allow you to ensure you’re not exceeding your vehicle’s limitations or creating a dangerous situation.  

Some additional features include Weight Distribution, which offers a new and improved way to set up a weight distribution hitch. The Trailer Brake Gain feature, provides you the exact brake gain settings needed to enter into your brake controller for a perfect setup.

There are a lot of capabilities in this little device, all designed to take the guesswork out of towing.

Wrapping up

Watch our video (below) interview with Martin Nilsen of CURT Group about how the BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale works:

If you want to learn more about BetterWeigh™ Towing Scale, CURT does a great breakdown on their website and has a more ‘in depth’ FAQ section.

** Guest Blog Contributed by Martin Nilsen, CURT Group

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