Creative Coffee Filter Camping Hacks

Did you know a simple coffee filter can be used in ways other than brewing coffee? They aren’t just for RVing or camping but also, resourceful household use too! There are so many different creative ways to use those paper coffee filters, I thought I’d share a few coffee filter camping hacks that an be used anywhere!

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Creative Coffee Filter Camping Hacks

Creative Coffee Filter Camping Hacks
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You’ve probably noticed that paper coffee filters come in two colors; white and natural brown.

White filters are what most coffee makers use because they are cheaper in price and the most available. But, even though they are less expensive, they’re not as earth-friendly. The cheapest white coffee filters undergo a manufacturing process using chlorine bleach that makes them white (not enough to affect the flavor of your coffee).

However, if you do prefer the white, consider buying the unbleached oxygen-whitened coffee filters as they are much more friendly to the environment.

Natural brown coffee filters are more durable because they’ve not gone through the bleaching process. And because they’ve not been exposed to chemicals, they are much better for the environment. However, they are a little pricier.


So I guess, depending on what you’re going to use them for may dictate which paper coffee filters you’ll want to use.

Splatter-Free Bowl Cover

Place a single coffee filter to cover dishes or bowls when cooking in the microwave. No more splatters which makes cleaning easier! And even if you do have to clean the microwave, soak one or two coffee filters with half white vinegar and water, zap it for a minute and then clean. Use another dry coffee filter to dry. VOILA!

Coffee Filter Window Washers

Try using a single or double coffee filters to clean your RV windows, mirrors or any surface without streaking. Soak one coffee filter with vinegar and water to wash your windows and grab one or two to polish them dry. Oh, and a double bonus; coffee filters are lint free,no little speck of dust on your clean windows and mirrors!

Cast Iron Protectors

After cleaning and thoroughly drying your cast iron dutch oven or cast iron skillet, simply place a single coffee filter in the bottom or each before storing in a drawer or cabinet.

The coffee filter will prevent your skillet from rusting by absorbing any residual moisture. Also, put one in the bottom of your cabinet or drawer to keep your pots and pans from rattling during transit.

Oh, and don’t forget to place a coffee filter between plates to keep them from rattling inside your kitchen cabinets or drawers going down the road.

Wrap Around

Why spend money on expensive fancy napkins or paper plates when you’re camping? Use a single coffee filter to hold tacos or wrap around hot dogs and hamburgers in buns. No more icky messes! If your taco breaks or your hamburger leaks ketchup, it goes right into the filter.

Disposable Coffee Filter Snack Bowl

Paper bowls are pricy for one-time use for the kids’ chips or popcorn. But, coffee filters cost only pennies in comparison. And they soak up any oils or butter residue too! When they finish their chips or buttery popcorn, they can just wipe their hands and toss into the campfire or waste basket.

No More Ice Cream Drip!

Don’t you hate it when your child’s popsicle drips all over their fingers even before leaving your RV? Simply poke a hole or two into a coffee filter and slide the popsicle stick through them to catch drips.

Coffee Filter Separator

Oil Soaker

Since coffee filters are incredibly absorbent, they make great oil blotters for fried foods such as French fries, bacon, sausage patties, chicken nuggets, etc. And since they are round and can be flattened, they fit onto plates perfectly and stacked between layers of food.


Place a single charcoal briquet in the middle of a coffee filter, gather around and tie with string. Put one in your toolbox, outside compartments, bathroom cabinet, kitchen drawers, and several in your clothes closet and drawers! not only will they absorb odors but also moisture also!

Air Freshener

Speaking of absorbing odors, spoon a couple tablespoons of baking soda into a coffee filter, gather and tie with a wire twist tie or piece of string. Put one in the refrigerator, freezer, closet or drawers. Stick one under each of your car or truck seat. You can even stuff them into your shoes to absorb odors.

Disposable Spoon Rest

Why dirty a dish to rest your cooking utensils on after stirring your camper’s stew? Simply lay your dirty utensils on one or two. Easy peasy cleanup without dirty dishes or spoon-rest.

Fruit and Vegetable Bowl

Line a clean bowl with a coffee filter and Toss your rinsed berries or grape tomatoes into a coffee filter liner in a bowl. This will save you from having to wash bowls. After bagging or serving your fruit or veggies, toss the coffee filter in the trash and look, no bowl to wash!

Look! We throw paper towels away anyway, so why on earth would we buy a roll that costs upwards of $3-4 a roll for single 100 sheets? But, through my many years of searching for thrifty yet earth friendly hacks, it finally dawned on me that coffee filters are terrific for camping and the RV lifestyle.

Coffee Filter Camping Hacks
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Wrapping up, paper coffee filters are an amazing multi-purpose option to paper plates, napkins and paper towels. They are super thrifty and totally lightweight. Coffee filters also don’t take up room in the trash can, are biodegradable and campfire friendly!

These are just a few paper coffee filter hacks you can use in your RV or camper. I’m sure once you start using them, you’ll find more uses for your paper coffee filters, even outside of your RV or camper!

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