100+ Ultimate BEST GIFT IDEAS for RV Owners

Where do we even start to look what to buy and where to buy everything RVers and camper owners want, need or wish for? So, we’ve compiled a huge list of best gift ideas for RV owners; whether it’s for the RV tech geek, RV kitchens, the campsite and outdoor adventures, RV and Remote Work Courses. We’ve even included a few of our favorite RV club memberships! But, don’t think this incredible list is just for the holidays or even gift giving. It’s also a great resource of items needed for the RV lifestyle, van life and RV camping regardless if you’re a full-time RVer or weekend camper!

Holiday Gift List for RVers
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100+ Absolute BEST GIFT IDEAS for RV Owners

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We’ve divided this compilation gift idea buying guide into sections for easier shopping.



    • RV SnapPads – These are one of our best gift ideas for RV owners because we’ve had them on our fifth wheel as well as our motorhome! They are recycled rubber shoes that fit over your RV’s leveling jack pads to protect them and the parking surfaces underneath.
    • RV or Vehicle Dashcam – A must-have for anyone traveling on the road no matter what type of vehicle they operate!
    • Cockpit Seatback Organizers – These are amazing storage features for our motorhome’s cockpit chairs! Keeps everything within quick reach.
    • United States Corkboard Map – Our favorite wall art that we pin each place we’ve visited!
    • 50′ Zero Gravity Fresh Water Hose – Kink-resistant, easy to maneuver, drinking water safe & lead -free water hose that stores in minimal space.
    • Water Pressure Regulator – Lead-free regulator come with durable pressure gauge to make the pressure information more clear.
    • Portable Water Filter System – This is the perfect water filter system for RVers because it is gravity fed and does not require water pressure or electricity to operate.  This is the same system used by the Red Cross when going into areas with non-drinkable water.
    • Leveling Blocks – Ideal For leveling single and dual wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks and tandem axles.
    • Mopeka Propane Monitor – Bluetooth technology monitors your RV’s propane levels to your smartphone.
    • Propane Heater & Mini Propane Tank – Great for indoors and out!
    • Flashing Safety Flares – LED flashing warning lights for roadside emergencies.
    • Emergency Roadside Kit – Emergency Car Kit with Jumper Cables, Flashlight and First Aid Kit
    • Basket Hitch Cargo Carrier – This hinged, folding cargo carrier keeps your items secure during travel!
    • Mobile Towing Scale – Uses Apple or Android Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone and show the actual weight of your vehicle and trailer.
    • U.S. Atlas for Big Rig RVs – Shows road height and weight restrictions


    • Waterless RV Wash and Wax Kit – Gently Cleans and Protects while leaving a Non-Stick UV Protective Coating on All Vehicle surfaces. Also, excellent for cleaning and protecting all other waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. Just Spray on and Wipe Dry.
    • Electric Multi Meter – The convenient auto-ranging operation allows you to select the right measurement range when working on a variety of components. 
    • Camping Hatchet Axe – Great for splitting smaller logs into kindling and small pieces.
    • Rubber Mallet – Use this cool tool for pounding in tent and canopy stakes or anything that needs a good whack without leaving indentations.
    • Crowbar – This is what we use to pull up tent stakes or small rocks out of our way.
    • Soft-Sided Toolbag – Awesome Tool Bag is ideal for carrying hand tools and. The adjustable strap allows for easy access to contents.
    • Air Compressor – ViAir – 
    • Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – Helps you maintain correct tire pressure, reduce tire wear and extend tire life,
    • Japanese Trim Push Saw – It requires less power to give a smooth and accurate cut. It’s sharper and thinner, and has a greater number of teeth per inch.
    • Dremel Multi-Tool Kit – High Performance with LED Light- 5 Attachments & 40 Accessories. It engraves, sands, cuts, carves wood and polishes. 





    • Filtering Stainless Water Bottle & Filters – Filter water anywhere you go! This water bottle replaces 1,800 single-use plastic water bottles each year.
    • Collapsible Trekking Poles – Easy to extend and retract to use for walking, trekking and hiking.
    • Personal Hydration Pack – Hands-free that fits like a small backpack for sightseeing, bike rides, hiking and climbing.
    • Lightweight Day Pack – Perfect for sightseeing and morning or afternoon day hikes.
    • First Aid Kit – Perfect size for your backpack, daypack and bicycle bag.
    • Collapsible Cooler – This cooler holds 9 cans and keeps food contents cold for 16 hours. Great for picnics, kayaking and fishing trips.
    • Cooling Towel Neck Wrap – It absorbs water to then allow it to evaporate slowly for instant, long-lasting cooling relief. Great for hiking, biking, and sightseeing on hot days.
    • Outdoor Safari Hat – Fantastic for men and women! It’s wide brim offers sun protection. Great for hiking, kayaking, fishing sightseeing and relaxing in the sun.
    • Hiking Socks – Great moisture-wicking comfortable socks for long days on the trail or shopping.
    • Venture Body Wipes – Our favorite textured shower-less body wipe with tea tree oil
    • Bear Spray & Bear Bell – To deter bears from getting to and eating you on your hikes.
    • Bluetooth Bicycle Helmet – We use these for communicating and listening to music when riding our bicycles.
    • Bicycle Rear Rack Trunk Bag – A great small bag to keep snacks, drink bottle cellphone battery bank, charging cord, and map.
    • Bicycle Handlebar Bag –  Easy-to-access waterproof bag attaches to our handlebars for your smartphone, wallet, keys, glasses, bike repair tools, earbuds, and other small accessories.
    • Bicycle Bell -To alert those ahead that you’re about to pass them.
    • Bicycle Handlebar Mirror – It attaches temporarily with velcro to your handlebar for rear viewing.



    • Fireproof Locking Safe – To store important legal documents, hard-drives, extra keys and photos.
    • Mobile Office Caddy – It keeps my office and tech supplies, charging cords, pens, date book and notebook accessible and organized.
    • Web Cam with Stereo Microphone – Great for webinars, video conferencing, live streaming, Zoom meetings and MORE! Built-in noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise to enhance the sound quality of your video.
    • Wireless Ear Buds with Portable Charging Case – Touch-control, secure fit earbuds to play music, phone calls, activate Siri with noise-cancelling microphone.
    • Mimo WiFi Antenna – Boost performance indoors or in fringe network areas by plugging this external antenna into your 3G/4G Mobile Modem or Mobile Hotspot. It’s designed to improve LTE network reception when in buildings, vehicles or remote sites where network coverage is sparse.
    • Label Maker – Great for labeling switches, controls, wires and cables, spice containers, datebook tabs, and bottles.
    • Datebook Organizer –
    • All Occasion Greeting Cards – Don’t let a special celebration pass you buy! Send the very best with this pack of 24 greeting cards for birthdays, baby, wedding, sympathy and more. About $1 per card!
    • Blank Nature Note Cards – Send a simple message of thanks or thinking of you on these beautiful nature pectoral cards to leave a lasting impression.


Buying anything for an RV owner may be a challenge if you don’t already know what they have, want or need. But RV memberships is one of the best gift ideas for RV owners! You can never go wrong with gifting an RV club membership. Though it may not present itself as a surprise, ask them if you could buy them one or more of their memberships for the upcoming years.

If they don’t have a particular membership that you think they may enjoy, simply register them and pay for one year. However, be aware that some memberships will automatically bill you for subsequent years. So, make sure you stipulate it’s a gift when talking to their sales representatives on the phone; asking them not to bill ‘you’ unless you don’t mind paying for their membership renewal.


        • Escapees
        • Thousand Trails – Incredible savings while staying at their participating campgrounds.
        • Passport America
        • Harvest Hosts – 15% off membership fee discount to stay overnight at participating wineries, breweries, museums, farms, cider mills, and golf courses!
        • Boondockers Welcome – Free overnight RV parking at over 2500 host locations!


Do it right from beginning of your RV adventure with knowledge shared by RVing experts with a variety of RV MASTERCLASS education courses. So it’s no wonder why we included them amongst our best gift ideas for RV owners.





If you are wanting to work remotely but don’t know where to start, we encourage you to take a Remote Work course.

Remote Work 101 Banner

Remote Work 101 – A complete system built with high-value resources to help you find remote work and be successful in your remote work career. Access For Life, Self-Paced Online Training.

Remote Work Office Hours – Available for additional support for your remote work search or your remote business start-up. It is for previous and current students in Remote Work School who would like more face to face support from me.

Remote Work School Courses – The complete Course Catalog – Be aware some of these courses are time sensitive and may be closed for certain durations.


Regardless of which type of RV they own, RVers need to be safe on the road or enjoy their RV travel adventures. However, we all know that some of the necessities my cost a little more but are worth their weight in gold.

So, if money is not as important than appreciating your RVing family member or friend is safe and comfortable, here’s a great compilation of big ticket items RV owners and campers would hugely appreciate! Heck, they may even take you along on a ride if you choose one of these:

    • Portable 2000-Watt Inverter Generator – Awesome for electric backup for boondocking off the grid. Super Quiet with fuel Shut Off, CARB Compliant, Ultra Lightweight. 
    • Lithium Batteries for RVs – Highest quality, lightweight, maintenance free, 10 year warranty!
    • Solar Panels – Find which size fits your RV – 10% off your first order!
    • Fifth Wheel Hitch System – This 5th wheel hitch is engineered to promote the quietest 5th wheel towing possible. It features a patented, spherical axial bearing that allows the head to easily tilt in any direction needed
    • Trailer Hitch System for RV Travel Trailer or Cargo Trailers – This cushion hitch ball mount is engineered with ShockDrop technology, featuring a cushioned isolator that helps deter jerking, jarring, bumps, vibrations, rattling and noise for a more comfortable ride while towing
    • Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitor System – The BEST Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the market, and the only one that includes a color monitor. The cap sensor is very popular for those that are looking for a low-profile sensor. The Cap Sensor can be used with metal or rubber valve stems.
    • RV Surge Protector 50ampthe best 50 amp RV Surge Protector that provides the highest level of electrical protection for your RV, more than any other system on the market. This unit provides 4200 joules of surge protection, and the closest competitor is only 3580 joules of surge protection.
    • RV Surge Protector 30amp – the best 30 amp RV Surge Protector that provides the highest level of electrical protection for your RV than any other system on the market. This unit provides 2400 joules of surge protection.
    • RV Specific GPS – A must have for big rig motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailer campers. It has custom routing takes into account the size and weight of your RV then finds the best route for your vehicle and MORE!!

We hope this amazing buying guide of best gift ideas for RV owners is exactly what Santa ordered! All of these are all highly recommended by us as we’ve been on the road as full-time RVers nearing seven years. Any RV owner would love to see one, two or even ten of these highly suggested gift ideas under his or her tree.

Holiday Gift List for RV Owners
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