National Parks Board Games to Take Camping

Board games have become extremely popular in the RVing community especially during the COVID pandemic. And what better than to mix a little fun education with friendly competition on game night? We did a little research to find the most enjoyed National Parks board games that can be played by solos, couples and families! So, grab your favorite beverages and snacks and bring your game face! Let’s check out some of these National Parks board games!

National Parks Board Games
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National Parks Jenga

National Park Jenga


Celebrate America’s national treasures from Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Canyon National Park, and every other National Park in-between with this fun National Parks Jenga game that tests patience and coordination!

It’s the classic Jenga game with the same size wood blocks but with a National Parks twist! Players will learn about the amazing history and wonder of these National Parks with trivia shorts on each block. 

This tabletop game includes 54 Jenga hardwood blocks with over 100 educational National Parks facts and trivia. You can play Jenga solo to test your own coordination or with as many players as you want.

The best part of getting this game is your purchase supports the National Park Service through the National Park Foundation.

National Parks Monopoly

National Parks Edition Monopoly

Celebrate the beauty of America’s National Park system with National Parks Edition Monopoly board game. The game features over 60 of the most beautiful and historic sites in America from the stunning landscape of the Grand Canyon to the awe inspiring wonder of Yellowstone. Also featured in the game are the animals that have captured our hearts and curiosity and call the national parks home. Journey into the heart of America without ever leaving home with MONOPOLY: National Parks board game. There’s also the most recent 2020 National Parks Edition Monopoly also.

And for the youngsters, get ready for an adventure by playing their own National Parks Monopoly for Junior Rangers! They’ll travel all over the USA exploring famous National parks and their most iconic animals. Spot growling Grizzlies, wild wolves, and more… all in their native habitats. As you collect National parks, learn unique facts about each one on the back of the card. Just make sure you don’t miss the bus or get lost along the way. Discover awe-inspiring landscapes and amazing animals with National Parks Monopoly Junior board game.

National Parks Trivial Pursuit

National Parks Trivial Pursuit

Journey through the National Parks of the United States of America with National Parks Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition. 600 trivia questions from 100 years of National Park history will challenge travelers, U.S. history buffs, students and families. Roll the custom die to pick from six categories: Natural Wonders, Battlefields and Historic Sites, Cultural Heritage, Science and Nature, Wildlife and Wildcard. First player to collect 6 cards wins!

Hook the handy travel case to your backpack and play anywhere, around the campfire or even on the hiking trail!

National Parks Scrabble

National Parks Scrabble Board Game

This vocabulary adventure with the great outdoors awaits you in this fun version of the classic word game! Prepare your plant and animal related nouns and verbs to outdo your opponents in Scrabble National Parks Edition. Score bonus points for placing nature-themed words related to National Park names and wildlife. A portion of the proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation.

National Parks Yahtzee

National Parks Yahtzee

Celebrate the beauty of America’s National Park system with Yahtzee National Parks Edition. Now adventurers can pack up their favorite dice game for on-the-go fun! Fun National Parks symbols like a deer, tent, canoe, hiker, pine trees and binoculars replace the traditional dice pips. Roll a hiker, pine trees, binoculars, tent and canoe – that’s a Large Straight! This unique edition of America’s #1 dice game features a custom National Parks dice cup. A portion of proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation.

Trekking the National Parks

Trekking National Parks Board Game

Trekking the National Parks board game is a spirited family board game that lets players experience the U.S. National Parks in a fun and competitive way. Players compete for points by claiming Park Cards and collecting trail stones as they race across the country experiencing the wonders at each of these magnificent landscapes.

The game was specially designed to be both entertaining and educational. Every park card features an interesting fact and gorgeous photograph that will inspire players to explore the protected natural wonders of America. Each game also begins with a unique setup that alters the play experience in surprising ways, allowing for endless replayability. Trekking the National Parks brings the fun and challenge of modern family board games to your table. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and board games! For 2-5 players, ages 10 and up. Games last 30-60 minutes

Trekking The National Parks Family Trivia Game

Trekking The National Parks Trivia Game

Discover the rich history of the U.S. national parks and challenge your friends and family to a clever game of guesstimation while playing Trekking The National Parks Family Trivia Game. Each trivia card presents an educational tidbit relating to the national parks, followed by a question. The answers to these questions are always numerical, so players will compete to win the card by writing a number on their whiteboard that they think is closest to the correct answer. This “closest-without-going-over” rule lets players with any level of National Parks knowledge stay competitive even with experts in the room. Even if you know nothing about the National Parks, you can still play, learn and win!

USAOPOLY National Parks Get Wild

National Parks Get Wild

National Parks: Get Wild is an edge-of-your-seat dice game, where players race to restore ecosystems by returning animals to their respective parks.

Roll the dice as fast as you can to be the one to have a Park with only the required animals before other players. Showcasing twelve iconic National Parks with custom illustrations and fun facts about each park and the six featured animals, players will learn while having fun. It’s a wild dexterity game that features dice-rolling, habitat restoration fun for the whole family!

Junior Ranger Land Guess That Park – National Park Trivia Card Game

National Park Guess That Park

Guess That Park is a fun National Parks board game that players take turns guessing which national park is featured on the card. Some facts may be obvious while others are quite unusual. See who can gather the most national park cards before the game is finished! Includes instructions for individual and team play. Ages 8+ Made in the USA.

National Parks Junior Ranger Matching Game

National Park Junior Ranger Match Game

Enjoy some fun with this family game of National parks matching game by Masterpieces. There are 32 matching pairs. Be the first to collect the most and win!


National Parks Memory Challenge

National Parks Memory Challenge

National Parks Memory Challenge enhances the world’s most popular matching game creating an adventure to remember for the families who love the great outdoors. Players match over 100 colorful picture cards that showcase the beauty and historical diversity of our national treasures. National Park Specialist cards give players the opportunity to choose a park proffesion such as Zoologist or Historian and gain extra points for matches found within their specialties.

Illustrated National Parks Playing Cards

National Parks Playing Cards

Though not a National Parks board game, these Illustrated National designer playing cards is a game changer! It features 54 classic original National Park illustrations. This regulation deck of playing cards is a great gift idea for anyone who loves nature or American history. This incredible pack of cards is a standard 2.5″ wide by 3.5″ tall. Made in the USA.

Piatnik Vintage Poster National Parks Playing Cards

Piatnik National Parks Playing Cards

Piatnik America’s Beautiful National Parks playing cards

Single Deck Austrian Playing Cards. Made from high quality paper. Created in Austria. Ships From Our USA Warehouse National Parks Playing Cards.

Birdcage Amazing Places National Parks Game

BIRDCAGE Amazing Places National Parks Game

Discover 52 amazing national parks as you play dozens of card games with 52 Amazing Places National Parks playing cards. Collect canyons, mountains, caves, deserts, and other amazing places as you play “Go Fish” and read fun park facts on each card. Or, you can also use this complete 52-card deck to play all your favorite card games.

This would make a great stocking stuffer for those who hope to visit different National Parks. In addition to being colorful, durable playing cards, they could inspire a bucket list that would add to anyone’s education and enjoyment.

Teachers could use them as well, and have kids find the parks on the map, look up facts about them on the Internet, etc.

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As you see, board games have made a comeback. It’s a great time to get family and friends together for an evening or rainy afternoon for a little friendly competition while learning about our National Parks. Any of these games would make fantastic gifts for the holidays, birthdays or just because.


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