Top Kitchen Appliances for RVs & Boats – Don’t Go Without!

Saying that RV kitchens and boat galleys have severe space limitations is a complete understatement. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo using your favorite kitchen appliances in RVs or boats to prepare and cook your meals. After years of living full-time in several different sizes and types of RVs, we’ve figured out which kitchen appliances work well in RVs and what is essential to putting out a great meal.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see which kitchen appliances we recommend for RVs and boats.

Small Kitchen Appliances for RV and Boat - Always On Liberty

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Top Kitchen Appliances for RVs & Boats


Food Prep Kitchen Appliances for RVs & Boats

Mini Food Processor

Food Processor - Kitchen Appliance

Why cry over chopping onions when we can just chop ’em in no time in a mini food processor.

Aside from tearing up from those onions, I seriously don’t want to spend precious time chopping, cutting and smashing. When instead, I can do all of the meal prep in a simple little machine that’s perfect for the motorhome, camper or boat!

What’s great is it chops and grinds! This small kitchen appliance does the same job as those big boys but with a much smaller footprint.

But don’t be fooled by its’ compact size and wattage. That’s what makes it so it’s perfect for when we boondock or camp off grid.

A mini food processor is the perfect little kitchen helper for small food prep; from chopping herbs to finely grinding hard cheeses. And, its’ versatility lies in the special auto reversing smart blade making it versatile!

Smoothie Maker

NutriBullet Blender

One of our favorite small kitchen appliances we use on a daily basis is our NutriBullet.

This puree blender and smoothie maker has more extraction power while offering much convenience and more functionality. It has a 1200 watt motor, pre-programmed pulse cycle and hands-free auto shut-off. It shuts off automatically after optimum extraction.

The NutriBullet also pulverizes the toughest of ingredients including fresh turmeric root, blackberry seeds, wheat grass, and greens. We use our handy kitchen blending machine to make salsa, puree, gravy, pudding and smoothies until the cows come home!

Whats great is we leave ours set out on our counter in the corner so it’s always within easy reach. We set it on a silicone mat to keep it from sliding around on the counter while we’re driving.

Coffee Frother


Another one of our favorite small kitchen appliances we use daily is a little battery-operated milk frother. Though this handy dandy, small kitchen appliance doesn’t cost very much, it’s worth its’ weight in gold. It’s one of the most used kitchen tools that can do so much more than just froth milk.

For example, I use it to blend my favorite powdered ingredients like coconut milk, MCT oil, stevia and collagen peptides to make the perfect cup of coffee with a healthy kick.

It blends and dissipates the powders into my morning java so well, I’m happy to report it doesn’t leave lumps. Sometimes, I’ll add a pat of butter and whole whipping cream; whipping cream into a rich creamy texture. It whips it into a frothy morning or afternoon treat.

This little whipper snapper mixes my lattes, mocha, matcha, frappe, latte and even cappuccino! Even better, I even use it to whip up a couple eggs or gravy!

And because it’s battery operated, there’s no need to turn on the generator to run it.

In fact, I love it so much that it goes everywhere with me whether to a hotel or when I visit a friend or family away from our RV. I’d seriously be lost without this amazingly prized kitchen appliance!

Cooking, Frying & Baking Small Kitchen Appliances for RVs & Boats

Instant Pot

If you have been following us for awhile, you’d know that wherever we go, our Instant Pot goes with us!

We started using an Instant Pot about a year before transitioning to full-time RVing. And now, our Instant Pot pressure cooker is our most-used kitchen appliance. And, for many good reasons!

Unlike a crock pot, we can cook seven different ways; turning out amazing meals without having to wait several hours to serve.

In our fifth wheel, we used our 6 quart Instant Pot that I brought in from our former sticks and bricks. Of course, I added a few more Instant Pot accessories to help make different dishes.

Now that we are in a much smaller motorhome with less storage space, we traded our 6-quart in for the smaller 3 quart Instant Pot. Even the smaller appliance still has the same cooking features. And yes, we even downsized to 3 quart accessories to fit inside our smaller Instant Pot.

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Crock Pot or Slow Cooker

Electric Crock Pot Kitchen Appliance for RVs - Always On Liberty

If you’re not into the Instant Pot cooking methods mentioned earlier in this article, then perhaps a programmable Crock Pot may be more your game.

You can customize your cooking time and temperature by setting the timer anywhere from 30 minutes and 20 hours on the High, Low, or Warm settings.

The best part about having a programmable crock pot slow cooker is it has a countdown digital timer. It counts down the remaining time so you can coordinate side dish preparation to have a complete meal ready when you are.

If you’re not around when time runs out, this countdown expert automatically shifts to warm; maintaining both, the temperature as well as keeping the flavor intact without burning.

The crock is removable for either tabletop serving and easy cleaning.

Oh, and the cool thing is it comes with the Little Dipper Warmer which is perfect for cooking hot dips, BBQ smokies, fondue, and heating up even a can of soup!

Air Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer Kitchen Appliance for RVs - Always On Liberty

Listen, you don’t have to be a super chef in a big kitchen to enjoy your favorite foods and meals! This is why an air fryer will become one of your all-time favorite small kitchen appliances for your RV! Air Fryers are safe and easy to use, fast, versatile, convenient and easy to clean!

Adding in, it’s a healthy alternative to cooking in unhealthy grease and oils. In fact, we make all our fried favorites without the oil and hassle of messy deep frying.

As heat circulates by a powerful fan, food cooks as it gets that amazing deep-fried taste and texture using 95% less oil than deep frying.

The great thing about air fryers is most come with preset programming to air fry, roast, bake and reheat.

Our favorite foods we cook in our air fryer are chicken wings, salmon, and shrimp just to name a few! We also roast cauliflower bites, Brussel sprouts, bacon-wrapped asparagus or green beans and other healthy food options.

It’s also great for air baking mini personal pan pizzas! Oh, and it also fits a 4 pound whole chicken and comes out looking and tasting exactly like a rotisserie chicken!

To make the most of our air fryer, we also got a complete air fryer accessory kit so we can make all of our favorite dishes and snacks.

Electric Skillet

Electric Skillet Kitchen Appliance - Always On Liberty

Being totally honest, while I don’t have this particular small kitchen appliance in our RV due to space restraints, I do know several big rig RVers who use an electric skillet as one of their cooking essentials.

Similar to a large cast iron skillet, electric skillets high sidewalls to enable cooking certain foods in gravy or control splatter. These small kitchen appliances can roast, fry, grill, stew, and bake a delicious casserole.

How it works is its’ automatic controls maintain a consistent cooking temperature. One of the best features is these type of cooking appliances saves energy which is a big bonus for those with limited power capability in RVs and Boats.

I do caution you however, unless you have a beefy energy management system that allows you to use these type of small kitchen appliances in RVs or boats, you may need to wait to use this one when you’re plugged into an electric pedestal.

Multi-Function Breakfast Station

Breakfast Station - Kitchen Appliances for RVs and Boats - Always On Liberty

As RV and boat owners, we all are very aware of our small kitchens and lacking countertop space. So, having counter clutter is a big no-no. But, what if you still want to your coffee pot, toaster and griddle?

Well, we’ve found the ultimate kitchen appliance that accomplishes all of that! A 3-in-1 countertop breakfast station makes a complete breakfast with just one appliance.

You can wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee with a 3-cup coffee maker. Then treat yourself to sausage or bacon and eggs, pancakes or French toast cooked on its’ non-stick griddle.

And then, you can toast your bread to complete your rib-sticking breakfast! The toaster holds up to four slices of bread at one time.

But, while this small kitchen appliance is called a breakfast station, it’s also perfect to bake a frozen mini pizza, hot pockets or bagel bites, and even bake a small pie, small pan of brownies or cheesecake!

When you’ve finished using this adorable multi-function cooking appliance, it’s super easy to clean up. And seriously, who wants to stow this little cutie? It’s perfect to keep on your countertop ready to use on a heat resistant silicone mat.

Portable Cooktops for RVs & Boats

Using our hardwired, pre-installed propane cooktop in our motorhome is sometimes not feasible. There are times I want to cook messy dishes or frying bacon or chicken. But I don’t want to deal with the greasy, hot mess. Or, it’s just too nice outdoors to be stuck inside belly up to the our kitchen counter. 

So, now let’s talk about cooking appliances such as cooktops, hot plates and camp stoves that can be used inside your RV or boat or outside at your campsite or dock.

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Induction Cooktop

If we’re plugged in at a campground or RV park, I usually set up my outdoor kitchen complete with camp table (mentioned above), cooking utensils, and our induction cooktop.

Why I love our induction cooktop is because it provides constant heat on demand. Just be aware that induction cooktops require induction-safe cookware to cook food. 

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Electric Hot Plate

Now, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on an induction cooktop and induction safe cookware, you could go another route. Similar to cooking method, a single or double burner hot plate is just the ticket to cooking versatility.

Like the induction cooktop, you can take these small kitchen appliances outdoors provided you have electricity to plug into.

While you could essentially plug your hot plate into an electric outlet in your RV, I personally recommend plugging these type of heat-producing cooking appliances into a heavy duty extension cord that plugs directly into your campsite power pedestal instead of your RV.

This will help alleviate blowing a fuse or breaker in your RV should you be using other appliances such as your microwave or convection oven or air conditioner. 

However, I caution you to make certain your extension cord can handle the wattage of the kitchen appliance.

Camp Stove

RV Kitchen Appliances - Camp Stove with Cast Iron Skillet Frying Bacon - Always On Liberty

Now, if you’re going to boondock or camp off grid, there are other portable cooktop options.

In our case, we now use a portable, single burner butane stove that produces heats through a flame fed by a butane gas cylinder.

We also like it because it comes with a protective, heavy duty plastic carrying case that we can take camping, to the beach or to the picnic table.

Also, a regular propane camp stove is also a great kitchen appliance that can be used outdoors as well as in your RV.

However a cautionary note, you will need to ensure proper air exchange to avoid condensation and carbon monoxide poisoning. If cooking on any gas cooktop, crack a window open or run your RV’s fantastic fan.

Also, always be safety conscious. Be extremely attentive to using any heating appliance. Never leave any heat-producing kitchen appliance unattended or use as a heat source other than for cooking. And last but not least, keep out of reach of children or pets.


Electric Hot Water Kettle

Electric Hot Water Kettle Kitchen Appliance - Always On Liberty

If you don’t have a propane gas or induction cooktop to boil water, you’ll find that an electric hot water kettle is the perfect small kitchen appliance for your RV or boat.

They are great for heating water for your French press coffee maker, hot cup of tea, bullion or soup, or make a hot bowl of instant oatmeal.

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine Kitchen Appliance for RVs and Boats - Always On Liberty

If just have to have your power shot of espresso every morning, a small espresso machine is perfect for your RV kitchen. Not only does it make great espresso coffee but also, you can whip up some amazing cappuccino and lattes!

The milk steamer also makes this espresso machine versatile and practical in making any of your favorite hot beverages.

Why I like this particular espresso maker is due to its’ compact size; making this small kitchen appliance perfect for RVs or boats that have ample counter space to accommodate its’ footprint.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Chulux Coffee Brewer Kitchen Appliance for RVs and Boats - Always On Liberty

While I’m a bit biased in making our coffee with a French press, I simply cannot rule out a simple single serve coffee maker. This particular coffee brewer makes having a morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up easier than ever.

They are absolutely perfect for small RV kitchens but for half the price of those over-rated “K” brand coffee brewing systems. 

What’s fantastic about this coffee brewer is it uses  reusable stainless mesh filters instead of those disposable K-cups that end up in landfills.

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Portable Ice Maker

If you enjoy ice cold beverages, you can truly appreciate freshly made ice cubes. However, some RVs and boats simply don’t have ample space in their refrigerator freezer to hold even a couple ice cube trays.

The good thing is kitchen appliance technology has taken ice making by storm with electric ice makers. You can literally make ice in a matter of minutes instead of waiting for your ice cubes to freeze overnight.

I’m sure once you get one, you can appreciate why  portable ice makers are actually one of the top favorite small kitchen appliances for RVs and boats!

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Wrapping up

RV Kitchen Appliances - Instant Pot - Always On Liberty

As you see, just because you sacrifice having a big kitchen to enjoy cruising or the RV lifestyle certainly doesn’t mean you must forgo using any small kitchen appliances for your RV or boat! The world is your oyster! Now, let’s get cooking it!

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