Motorhome With a Toad Vehicle? Pros vs. Cons of Towing

If you are buying a motorhome, you’re also likely contemplating on towing a toad vehicle. But is it worth it? What are the choices and what will you need for equipment to tow?

We drove our small Winnebago View Class C motorhome six months without a towing a toad vehicle. to get better acquainted with it..

However, we found that we wanted more freedom to explore and added versatility once we parked our motorhome.

We researched our options and decided on a Jeep Wrangler (JK) so we could expand our adventures on and off the road.

Now, having experienced RVing with and without a toad vehicle, we’ve finalized our pros and cons of motorhome towing.

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Flat Towing with Tow Bar

Only vehicles with manual transmissions (but not all) can be flat-towed. That said, having  a vehicle with a standard transmission does not necessarily mean it can be flat-towed.

And, weight of the vehicle must be considered. A motorhome’s towing capacity is most important otherwise, you’ll incur damage to your motorhome.

Do diligent research before anything! Do NOT take the word of a car salesman if you wish to flat-tow a vehicle.

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2-Down Towing with Tow Dolly

The other option of towing a toad vehicle is to purchase a car tow dolly.

A car tow dolly is designed for cars weighing less than 5000 pounds with front-wheel drive. As most cars have front wheel or rear wheel drive trains, it’s always recommended to check with the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Towing with a tow dolly has the potential of damage to the motorhome and/or the vehicle itself due to the uncertain ground clearances. A toad vehicle can sustain damage to the body, undercarriage and/or bumper.

Before towing with a tow dolly, the drive shaft of the toad vehicle must be disconnected to prevent damage to the transmission.

And equal to the flat-towing, never should a vehicle be towed backwards due to safety and damage concerns.

ALWAYS seek recommendations from the vehicle manufacturer to insure dolly-towing can be performed and instructions on how to properly and safely tow.

Always On Liberty Jeep and Winnebago View

What we chose and why

After extensive research, first, we chose our 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-door with removable hard top because it is lightweight and can be flat-towed with all wheels on the ground. Since the Jeep Wrangler JK 2-door is lighter in weight, there’s less wear and tear on our towing system as well as our Winnebago View motorhome. And as a matter of fact, it’s one of the vehicles recommended to tow behind smaller Class C motorhomes.

View Motorhome with Jeep Toad

We also worked with two different tow bars. First, we towed using the highly recommended and popular Blue Ox which we found to be of great quality and durability. However, we found it to be heavy and oftentimes would bind making it difficult to disconnect. And, the price is a bit steep because of it’s popularity and supply and demand.

Then, we tested the more affordable and lighter weight CURT Rambler tow bar. The CURT Rambler seems easier to disconnect with virtually no binding. And since it is lighter weight, it’s more manageable to remove and store instead of leaving it out in the elements or possible theft. But also, if we just want to go toad-less for awhile or travel with just our kayaks plugged into our 2″ receiver instead.

And we couldn’t be happier! But that doesn’t mean all’s hunky dory just because we have a toad vehicle. As with everything, there’s pros and cons even with towing our Jeep behind our small compact Class C motorhome.

So, let’s dig in to learn the advantages and disadvantages of motorhome towing a toad vehicle.


Winnebago View Motorhome with Jeep

Getaway Vehicle

Having a toad vehicle allows us an additional means of transportation. We can park our motorhome at an RV park or campground where our kitties can relax while we drive our toad to go on auto tours or daytripping.

And, some places may not permit higher profile vehicles such as when we went on the Covered Bridges Tour in Ohio. Toads are great for attending festivals, concerts, and parking garages; without the kayaks, of course.

Smaller Parking Footprint

Finding parking spaces along some of the routes or stops while exploring may not be big enough for even our small Class C Winnebago View. So, having a smaller toad vehicle enables us to explore without worrying about if we’ll be able to find a parking space. Also, there are times we wish to dine out, go to a concert or visit the big cities. Having that toad vehicle is instrumental in expanding our urban adventures; especially when there are parking garages with height restrictions!

Exploring and Running Errands

We use our toad vehicle not only as our adventure vehicle but also as our grocery getter and going to the laundromat. Also, if we want to run errands, go shopping or just to go pick up take-out, our Jeep is a great run-around town vehicle. Additionally, if one of us is flying out, the other can drive to the airport and have a run-around vehicle to explore on their own.

Adventure Equipment Storage

One of the benefits of having our toad vehicle is not only is it our additional transportation but also it provides additional storage for our adventure gear. Its hard not to notice our two Perception Swifty Kayaks loaded on the roof. And inside, we keep our hiking gear such as poles, backpacks, Camelbacks and extra shoes. But also, it allows us to keep our bicycles as well.

Breakdown Vehicle

We hope to never breakdown on the road. However, in the event that we do, at least we can disconnect our toad vehicle and drive the kitties to a hotel while our motorhome gets towed to a repair facility.


Initial Setup Cost

One of the reasons why we hesitated to get a toad vehicle is the initial setup is costly. Our Jeep needed a new base plate installed to receive our CURT Rambler tow bar. Cost can vary from about $3000-5000 depending on parts and equipment, installation, economic locations and labor.

Photo Courtesy of CURT Manufacturing

Another Vehicle to Maintain

It’s a no-brainer that you’re going to have added expenses having another vehicle other than a possible loan payment. A toad vehicle is going to require regular fluid changes, washes, wiper blades, tires, belts, etc.

In our case, we want to outfit our 2-door Jeep JK to endure 4-wheeling adventures and exploring.

Check out our video of some cool Jeep upgrades from MORryde!

Additional Insurance and Vehicle Registration

Having a toad vehicle will require insurance and vehicle registration fees. Again though, variances in vehicle insurance will be based on geographical location of insured vehicle, driving record of insured, vehicle value and coverages.

So, if you’re eager to compare your insurance coverage with others, there’s many reasons why premiums may differ.

Oh, and speaking of insurance, when we initially set up insurance on our motorhome, it was written in our policy that we are not towing.

However, now that we are towing a vehicle, our motorhome insurance increased a tad bit because of liability risk of towing a vehicle. So, be aware that your motorhome premiums may be affected.

Extra Weight and MPG Loss

Our Jeep JK added about 4000 pounds loaded to our tow. This includes accessories, fluids, full tank of fuel, kayaks and rack, and any gear we store in the back. And while we don’t really feel the surges, jolts or heaviness of the tow, we do feel it in the wallet when it comes to a decrease in mileage.

When towing, our Class C Motorhome mileage decreases about 2 MPG.  Those 2 MPG can add up if you’re trekking up to Alaska, into Mexico or cross country USA.

 It’s just something to think about before taking the plunge in buying a toad vehicle and towing system if finances may be an issue.

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Once we connect the toad vehicle to the motorhome’s tow bar, our maneuverability decreases.

When flat towing or using a tow dolly, you cannot go operate your motorhome in reverse gear. Otherwise, severe damage to the toad vehicle, tow bar and consequently your motorhome will result.

So, if we need to reverse our motorhome, we’d first have to disconnect our toad vehicle. Reverse our motorhome and then reconnect to the tow bar.

And lastly, turn radius diminishes. We must take extra precautions to not drive over or scrape curbs, traffic islands or damage property.

Additional Toll Fees

Our last negative when towing is you’re going to incur additional toll fees because of your toad’s two additional axels. So, plan accordingly. Have extra cash on hand or realize having that extra vehicle is going to tack on more to your toll transponder or E-Z Pass.

Always On Liberty - RVing with a Toad Vehicle

That’s a Wrap!

We hope these comparisons provide you clarity of what to expect when considering towing a toad vehicle with your motorhome.

While there are amazing opportunities to explore more and have more convenience to tour, you need to consider such as additional equipment and costs, weight restraints, and maneuverability.

But all in all, motorhome towing has widened our horizons to explore more throughout our RV travels.

Now, we have the best of both worlds. We have our home on wheels and our adventure vehicle to explore beyond where our motorhome can’t go.

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2 Replies to “Motorhome With a Toad Vehicle? Pros vs. Cons of Towing”

  1. Even a used Jeep Wrangler is going to cost over $20,000 and that is before adding extra items to it like a kayak rack. It also means needing space to store the toad as well as the motorhome when they are not in use. A Jeep Wrangler, while a good choice for a toad is not a good choice for a daily driver vehicle with its low gas mileage and its lack of airbags or side impact protection. It is a good choice for full timers only.

    1. Hi Bruce, honestly, we searched for an older preowned Jeep for much much less than $20,000 that serves us well. We love it not only to carry our outdoor adventure gear, but also, its a great exploration vehicle off road which enhances our journey as nomads. The ride ‘does’ suck – it certainly isn’t a Cadillac but the trade-off is magnificent!

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