Collapsible Kitchen Gadgets and Storage Containers for RVs

We’ve found that collapsible kitchen gadgets and collapsible storage containers are perfect for RVs and campers! Because living in a small RV, motorhome or camper, kitchen cabinet storage space is a premium so you need to utilize every inch without sacrificing having your kitchen essentials.

Finding a place to store your meal prep and food storage containers in your RV kitchen is practically nonexistent. Even harder is finding space saving kitchen essentials for tiny motorhomes, campers and vans.

This is precisely the reason why we use collapsible kitchen gadgets and storage containers for our motorhome kitchen.

Most RV kitchen cabinet dimensions aren’t even close to what standard sticks and bricks home’s kitchen cabinets’ are. So, figuring your big Tupperware or your mixing bowls and food storage containers are going to fit in your RV kitchen? Think again!

But let’s not forget that adding all your glass, stainless steel and ceramic kitchen essentials are going to be way too heavy to carry in your RV. You need to adhere to your motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

So, let’s take a look at which collapsible kitchen gadgets and food storage solutions we chose and are great for your RV motorhome or camper too!

Always On Liberty Collapsible Food Storage

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Collapsible Kitchen Gadgets and Space Saving Storage Containers for RVs and Campers

Collapsible Salad Spinner

Collapsible Salad SpinnerI use my 3-quart collapsible salad spinner for washing and spin drying all of my fruits and vegetables. It’s also multi-purpose for not only food prep, but also for serving and food prep! After washing and spin-drying our salad greens, I can use the bowl as my salad serving bowl. And, I can use the strainer part for rinsing my other cold produce.

To store this fun salad spinner, simply collapse it to less than 3″ in height. This by far, is one of my most favorite RV kitchen gadgets.

RV Tip: Did you know that you can use a salad spinner to hand wash smaller clothing garments? Simply throw in your garments, fill with water with a small amount of laundry soap. Spin to mix. Allow it to sit a few minutes and then spin to slosh your wash for a couple minutes! Dump the water out and strain your garments. Then wring garments out dry of soapy water. Repeat process with clean water only. After all rinsing is finished and water is removed, put garments back in and spin dry! Then hang garments to air dry.

Collapsible Kitchen Sink Strainer

Collapsible Kitchen Colander and Food Strainer

I absolutely love my collapsible kitchen sink strainer because it’s extending handles allows it rest on my countertop over the sink edge. Anything I can’t stand is putting a strainer in the sink and dumping my boiled pasta only to have the strainer sitting in whatever else is in the sink waiting to drain. This solves that unsanitary issue.

Then to store, I just collapse my kitchen strainer to about an inch and a half and store it upright in my kitchen cabinet.

Collapsible Microwave Plate Cover

One of the chores I loath is cleaning the inside of the microwave oven. Nothing is worse than dried remnants from exploded food from three days ago.

Now, we just use this collapsible microwave plate cover. So now, I’m just washing the microwave plate cover rather than the whole inside of the microwave oven.

This trusty collapsible kitchen gadget scales down for easy storage in the drawer beneath (after cleaning it, of course!). It has slitted air vents in top that allows steam to escape.

And for health sake, it’s made of microwave-safe BPA-free plastic. You can place this collapsible cover over plates and bowls alike.

Collapsible Fruit and Vegetable Produce Strainer and Storage

Collapsible Kitchen Produce Strainer and Storage

This adorable collapsible produce keeper is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets in our tiny motorhome. The quart-size fruit and vegetable strainer and storage container helps keep our produce from expiring too soon. .

We can wash and store smaller amounts of produce in one container, which doubles as a colander and storage. The water reservoir keeps moisture away from the produce making our fresh garden varieties last longer. And, the easy-slide vent adjusts for proper air flow.

We can also collapse it shorter for smaller portions of berries, beans, grape tomatoes or other small produce to store in our RV refrigerator. Lastly, the clear lid and upper portion of the strainer allows us identify the contents.

Collapsible Large Mixing BowlLarge Collapsible Salad Bowl

Hands down, this is my favorite kitchen bowl! Because this large collapsible bowl is huge, I can use it for so many things! In other words, it’s my everything bowl! I use it for mixing large quantities, making big salads for potlucks or a pass-around bowl for chips and popcorn around the campfire.

But, just because it’s a huge doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice kitchen cabinet storage space. It measures  only 2″ deep for easy compact storage!

Also, each graduated layer of this large collapsible bowl snaps into place to perform its desired function whether storing flat or expanding for use. It’s made of FDA-approved plastic and silicone that’s food safe.

Collapsible Storage Bowl Set

Mini but mighty perfectly describes this cool collapsible bowl set!

These graduated size bowls are fantastic for storing leftovers and reheating. I also make smaller portion tuna, chicken and egg salads in them.

They are perfect for food prep and storage and can go just about anywhere. With three convenient storage bowl sizes, they are great for taking in a cooler or to potlucks. 

After washing, we just collapse them down to one third of their usable height for convenient storage in our RV kitchen drawer.

Collapsible Berry Strainer

These snazzy little colanders are so adorable that I have two berry strainers that I keep stored in one of my kitchen drawers.

They are the perfect size strainer that easily fits a quart of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries to rinse away pesticides and dirt. Also, these cute little collapsible kitchen gadgets are perfect for rinsing a can of beans or other canned fruits and vegetables.

Collapsible Measuring Cups

As with all of my collapsible kitchen gadgets, these collapsible measuring cups are no exception to why I love having them as part of my food prep gadget collection. The measuring cups collapse down to only a couple inches total when stored. 

This complete set of collapsible measuring cups includes four pieces and come with four-piece measuring spoons. They each can separated for measuring, scooping and washing.

Collapsible Dish Pan

I have two of these multi-functional collapsible dish pans in our RV kitchen. They measure at 9.5 quarts when deployed at full capacity.

When we’re boondocking, we use one for washing our dishes while the other dishpan is used for rinsing. By using these allows us to measure and monitor our water usage more precisely.

But also, they are great large collapsible containers for loading up some of our grilling tools or table settings to take outside to the picnic table.

Both collapsible dish pans fit in our RV kitchen farmer’s sink. As well, they fit perfectly in our smaller double sink in our tiny Class C motorhome.

When I’m finished with them, I simply dry them out thoroughly, collapse them, snap them together and slide them upright in our under sink cabinet. They’re quite a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for anything inside or outside of your RV!

These versatile collapsible kitchen essentials are also perfect for outdoor kitchens, washing kids hands and bare feet before coming into the RV, sponge baths, etc.

RV Tip: These collapsible kitchen dish pans are absolutely perfect for the RV tool kit too! You can use them as wash buckets for scrubbing your small RV component parts or even hand-washing your RV. And for those who change their own oil in their toad or tow vehicle, these make fabulous oil pans to collect the dirty oil! 

Wrapping up our Collapsible Kitchen Gadgets

As you can see, you don’t have to sacrifice not having kitchen gadgets just because you live in a small RV or caper. Those are just a sample of our favorite collapsible kitchen gadgets and food storage products that we use in our RV kitchen.

They are absolutely perfect for RVers and campers. But also, they can be used in boat galleys, tiny home kitchens, small apartments, college dorms, cabins and cottages!

These innovative collapsible kitchen essentials and food storage ideas are just the ticket for anyone living in small spaces who are trying to maximize your kitchen cabinet space.

Creativity is key to finding meal prep products and storage solutions               in your RV kitchen! 

Check out these other RV collapsible kitchen gadgets and food storage containers!

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