Campsite to Glampsite: 20 Campsite Decorating Ideas

Does your campsite setup lack personality, color and pizzazz? We’ll show you some great campsite decorating ideas that will help transform your boring campsite and outdoor patio into a fun and festive GLAMPSITE

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Campsite decorating has become popular amongst long term and seasonal RVers at campgrounds or RV parks everywhere. Campers are wanting to enlarge their living space to outside their RVs.

So, how can you create your own patio paradise to relax and entertain your friends and family?

These simple creative outdoor patio decor ideas show you how to transform your dirty campsite into an outdoor patio paradise that your guests will want to gather and you’ll never want to leave!

20 Creative and Cozy Campsite Decorating Ideas and Tips

Campsite Mat or Outdoor Carpet

We started with a campsite mat or outdoor carpet because we’re laying the foundation of creating the perfect campsite setup.

Campsites are dirty, sandy, leafy, and just plain gross. You surely don’t want to track all of that into your RV or get on your bare feet.

So, to mitigate tracking all of that, you’ll need an outdoor carpet or campsite mat. And really, they don’t have to be ugly to be functional. Throw a little color and design down to brighten up your campsite!

Check out each of these campsite mats below for more info:

Campsite Patio MatCampsite MatRV Outdoor Carpet

Campsite Tables

The focal point of any campsite is typically the picnic table. It’s where we gather for meals, morning coffee chats, children’s crafts and board games.

So, why not decorate your table with an interesting centerpiece or arrangement? (We’ll get to that later)

In addition to your campsite picnic table, you’ll want some other tables to make your outdoor living space efficient and more comfortable.

Get a larger camping table to set up your outdoor kitchen. It can also be used for serving dishes, snacks, condiments as well as your serving dishes and utensils. Also, add one or two small folding tables to place between your camp for drinks and snacks.

If your campsite doesn’t include a picnic table, bring your own portable camping picnic table. They are also great for a kids table.

Check out each of these campsite tables below for more info:

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Tablecloth and Table Coverings

It’s hard not to notice how nasty most campground picnic tables are. Most are splintering, cracked or just plain gross. Who knows what’s lurking on their surfaces.

So, an outdoor table cloth is an absolute must! You can get a washable outdoor table cloth to lay out on your tables or ones made of vinyl.

Don’t forget the picnic table clips! You’ll need them to keep your tablecloth from blowing off on windy days.

Check out each of these campsite tablecloths for more info:

Campsite Picnic Table ClothCampsite Picnic Table ClothCampsite Picnic Table Cloth

Comfortable Campsite Seating

Camp chairs and loungers come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and now colors. So, combine comfort with creativity in your stylish seating arrangements.

Check out each of these camp chairs for more info:

Foldable Camping Director ChairPortable Folding Camp ChairsStrongBack Camp ChairStargazing Camp Chair

Oh and speaking of seating, nothing’s better than taking a nap under a the shade trees or lounging under the canopy of stars!

So, a great zero gravity chair is a campsite must-have! They’re so comfortable, you may end up dozing the whole night away in it.

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Colorful Hammock

Campsite Hammock

Say you don’t want to lug a big zero gravity chair around in your RV but still want to take an afternoon nap under the trees. A hammock may be the answer!

Now, camping hammocks come in lightweight fabrics and are super compact when they’re stored. They also come in a large variety of colors. So, you can incorporate your hammock color into your campsite decorating theme.

Cozy Camping Blankets

Campsite Decorating Serape Blanket Bed

You can still enjoy your little piece of outdoor paradise on cool days without having to hibernate inside your RV. Stay warm and cozy with an outdoor blanket or Mexican serape to your campsite or patio.

Not only will they keep you toasty on cool nights around the campfire or stargazing, they also make great table cloths or picnic table bench covers to keep your buns warm.

Click on each blanket below for more info:

Camping BlanketOutdoor Patio BlanketCampsite Patio Blanket 

Comfy Pillows

Campsite Decorating - Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor pillows are not just to look cute on your camp chairs. Pillows can also be functional! They’re great to sit on the hard picnic table benches or as lumbar support for those with ailing back issues.

Pillows are also great for the kids to throw on your campsite mat to play games or sit around the campfire. So, get a few; one for each kid and a couple to dazzle up your campsite seating area. Check out these colorful pillow sets below:

Outdoor PillowsOutdoor PillowsOutdoor Pillows


Campsite Umbrella

Campsite Decorating Beach Umbrellas

Who said colorful umbrellas are just for the beach? You can incorporate a bit of bright and festive flair by bringing a beach umbrella into to your campsite!

A beach umbrella serves as a great way to shade the picnic table (some have picnic tables have holes in the middle!) or over your hammock or camp chair.

And because they’re so light and versatile, you can move them wherever you need them. But, you’ll need a way to secure your patio beach umbrella to your campsite. We’ve included a few suggestions below:

Campsite Umbrella HolderCampsite Umbrella HolderCampsite Umbrella Holder

Sunshade and Windshade

Campsite Decorating - Beach Sunshade Windscreen

Similar to the beach umbrella concept, beach sunshades aren’t just limited to beach use. They’re absolutely perfect for creating a shady little nest area away from the table.

Install a sunshade near the hammock or over your zero gravity chair to prevent you from getting a sunburn.

But, it can also function as a wind shade. They come in awesome lively colors that will brighten up your campsite in a quick snap like any of these three:

Campsite SunshadeCampsite SunshadeCampsite Sunshade

Dining Canopy

A lightweight dining canopy can shield your picnic table from direct sun but also, anything falling from the trees above like acorns, tree sap, and leaves. Here’s three different suggestions:

Campsite Dining CanopyCampsite Dining CanopyCampsite Dining Canopy

Outdoor Gazebo Screen Room

When camping, it’s a given you’re going to deal with mosquitos, black flies and gnats that want to inject, bite and eat you. So, beat them at their own game by getting an outdoor screen room.

But typical screen rooms, also known as screen tents or dining tents, are an ugly color and shape. But if you tastefully decorate it using fancy lights with pennants and garlands, it won’t look so obtrusive. Oh and these three are absolutely perfect for creating an outdoor workspace or office!

Campsite Outdoor Screen RoomCampsite Outdoor Screen RoomCampsite Outdoor Screen Room

Campsite Party Lights

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to decorate your campsite because different lights create amazing ambiance. You can go all out with lighting or use it just to light your way to your RV door.

Italian Cafe Party Lights
Waterproof Outdoor Campsite String Lights

Personally, I absolutely LOVE our solar tiki torches because we don’t have to worry about carrying flammable fuel and sooty torches.

OH, and, fairy lights are all the rage because they’re unobtrusive and fun to look at as they sparkle.

We found canning jar solar fairy lights that we just screw on small crystal jelly jars. We place them all around our RV or walkways for ambiance and to light our path.

We also love our solar powered white string lights because they don’t take expensive batteries to light up our campsite.

And lastly, we use red rope lights under our rig when we’re camping in areas of high rodent population. Check out the four different lighting options we recommend!

Campsite Decorating - Solar Tiki TorchesJar Fairy Lights
Outdoor Red Rope LightsCampsite White Ball Lights

Pennants, Streamers and Garlands

You don’t need a celebratory reason to add some colorful fun to your outdoor camping space. Decorate your campsite with solid colors, festive patterns or even themed pennants, streamers and garlands.

Colored PennantsTassel Garland
Racing Checkered Pennants
Colorful Streamers
Pom Pom GarlandRibbon Streamers

Flags, Windsocks, Spinners, and Signs

Add a little personalization to your campsite decorations with cool campsite signs and garden flags. They’re fun identifiers for your fellow campers and guests to know which campsite is yours.

Campsite SignCampsite SignCampsite Sign

Also, garden flags are all the rage too. They’re lightweight, easily changeable and take no space to store. You can decorate your campsite with holiday or themed garden flags like these three below:

Campsite FlagCampsite FlagCampsite Flag

You may also want to get a personalized garden flag with your name(s) and favorite designs or motifs. Oh, and don’t forget to get your collapsible garden flag holder.

And windsocks and spinners are all the rage as they flail in the wind with color and vibrance! Check these three windsock spinners below:


Plants and Flowers

Flowers make anyone who passes smile. So, once you have your tablecloth on your picnic table and other tables, why not add a little colorful flowers or plants?

You can never go wrong with bright colorful shasta daisies, white daisies or sunflowers. They go with any decor from farm house to beach house and everything in between.

These three simple arrangements below are perfect for your campsite picnic table setup!

Shasta DaisiesDaisiesSunflowers


Just because you’re at your campsite doesn’t mean you have to rough it using paper plates. Instead, treat yourself and your family like you’re at a patio party with inexpensive, unbreakable dinnerware.

Use your plates and bowls as accents to all of your other campsite decorations. Make your dinnerware fun and festive if you like color and patterns.

Or, if you prefer a little more subdued, go with white or a solid color like these:

Drink Dispenser

Keeping a large drink dispenser out on your campsite table will keep the kids from running in and out of your RV for a drink.

When they have a little color to them, they make your table look festive and fun and more thirst quenching. Add a little fruit and you have a gorgeous addition to your campsite decorating motif.

These three drink dispensers below are lightweight and unbreakable which make them perfect for RV living and camping. Enlarge them to see if they fit in your campsite decorating theme.

Campfire Ideas

Camping is all about the ambiance of the campfire. But, what if the campground doesn’t have fire pits? That’s easy, just bring your own! Just make certain your campground allows them.

There are two types of fire pits; wood burning and propane.

A wood burning fire pit is a little larger which make them perfect for seasonal or permanent campsites.

A propane fire pit is more portable and can be set up anywhere without worry of setting the woods on fire because there are no burning embers or sparks.

Little Red Campfire Fire Pit

It’s Movie Time!

Campsite Decorating - Outdoor Movie

Okay, so with all of the above, we’ve created the perfect ambiance with all the campsite decoration ideas laid out for you.

And we think you’ll agree, the best parts of camping is enjoying a campfire and looking at the stars. But, wouldn’t it be cool to watch the silver screen outdoors too?!

So, cook up some popcorn, keep the campfire aglow, and flick on your outdoor movie projector onto the movie screen and let the show begin!

Your campsite will be where everyone wants to be! And, you can do this for less than a hundred bucks!

10 Great Campsite Decorating Tips

Combine colors with patterns to create interesting focal points and coordinate with your other campsite decorating features.

Place your fire pit on a fire retardant mat over your outdoor carpet as the heat or embers could melt or burn what’s under your fire pit.

Red decorative lights are easier on the eyes and your eyesight adapts much quicker so you can enjoy looking at the stars.

Be mindful of how your outdoor lights may affect your neighbors. While they can be fun and festive, try not to go overboard with lights or leave them on all night.

Buy two tablecloths; one for the table and cut the other one lengthwise to cover the picnic table benches. They’ll keep your clothes clean and your bum safe from splinters.

Buy the largest rectangular size table cloth possible. They will fit any size table. For smaller tables, just fold into the appropriate size.

Make certain you keep umbrellas and sunshades away from your fire pit or grill area.

If you use your serape or blanket as a tablecloth, we highly recommend covering it with a clear tablecloth to keep it from food spillage or soiling. You can cut it to size for all of your tables.

Get a campsite box to store all of your blankets, pillows and other campsite decorations in while not in use or during inclement weather.

Make certain the campground allows tying anything around the trees. Wrap a towel around the tree trunks before attaching the hammock straps to protect their bark.

Enjoy your Outdoor Campsite Paradise!

We hope you enjoyed these campsite decorating ideas and tips. Making your RV campsite feel comfortable and look festive and fun will make your great camping memories.

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    1. Hi Lily, thank you for taking the time to read our Campsite to Glampsite article. An thank you for your input. Everyone’s definition of camping and fun differs from others. Also, please realize a lot of people are now full-time RVing. So asking them to give up ‘living’ to appease others isn’t the answer (politely, of course). That said, all of our suggestions should be taken and given with discretion and understanding. As long as campground rules are adhered to, I see no problem with a family enjoying an outdoor movie or playing flashlight tag during regular hours as long as they’re not obnoxious about it. Even ‘we’ had to learn to give a little as we tool, prefer quieter settings. But, camping is about bringing families and friends together. We’ve found if we want quieter experiences, we seek venues that offer that. We hope our explanation helps. Travel safe and be well. -Lisa

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