Top 10 Outdoor Games to Take Camping

Outdoor games are the perfect venue to get your kids off the couch and outside! Setting up cornhole, yard jenga and a few other yard games at your campsite, you can watch your family and friends bond and make memories. These games are also a great way to make new friends!

How many times have your kids said, “I’m bored”? Or are you tired of seeing your family stare at the television or their digital devices?

Well, no more! 

Setting up a few competitive outdoor games are the perfect way to break that boredom and get your family outside engaging with each other.

What’s cool is even though these are jumbo size, they are still portable and easy to take wherever you go; even in your RV or camper.

So, bring your A-game! Let’s have some fun with these competitive yard games made for the outdoors!

Outdoor Games and Gear

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Top 10 Outdoor  Games to Take Camping


Outdoor Yard Jenga

Outdoor Yard Jenga
Yard Jenga is a great high energy competitive strategy game

Tabletop Jenga is a fun way to pass the time on rainy days. So why not up the excitement but on a much larger scale with Yard Jenga!? You and your campers will love to take this strategic coordination outdoor game that tests balance, patience, eye-hand coordination and strategy.

Suitable for both children and adults, you can set your own rules. Players take turns pulling a wood block out one at a time and stacking on top of the highest level without making the tower tumble.

The object is to be the last player to successfully stack a block without knocking down all the timbers!

Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss

Cornhole is the most popular, exciting outdoor game that gets your competitive blood pumping. And it’s a given you’ll see and hear the thuds, cheers and laughter all around the campground as campers play this game!

Cornhole Game
Cornhole is a fun family or adult game perfect for camping, BBQs and family gatherings.

Cornhole (also known regionally as bags, sack toss, or bean bag toss) is a highly competitive lawn game in which players take turns throwing 16 ounce bags of corn kernels at a raised platform (board) with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the board scores 1 point.

Check out American Cornhole Associations Official Rules on how to play Cornhole and equipment specifications.

Ladder Toss

Outdoor Ladder Toss
Ladder Toss is a great lightweight game that collapses and fits in your camper or RV easily.

Being a multi-player game, Ladder Toss yard game is one of most interesting game to play outdoors. It’s not only great for camping, but also tailgating, BBQs and backyard parties.

Ladder Toss is also a competitive outdoor game for adults that both beginners and professionals will enjoy. With jumbo outdoor games being all the rage, this multi-player party game set is a must-have accessory in your camping gear.

Lawn Darts

Yard Lawn Darts
These yard lawn darts don’t have sharp points so they’re perfect for all ages!

Not all outdoor games have to be just for adults. You can spend some quality with your children, go outside and play a game of Lawn Darts! There’s no better way to improve your aim and have a blast at the same time.

Lawn Darts are perfect for playing at your campsite, the beach, or your backyard. The good thing is they are made with rubbery soft, plastic materials that are durable and will last for years.

Ring Toss

Outdoor Ring Toss
Outdoor Ring Toss is great to take anywhere! Take it camping or to the beach!

The Ring Toss Game can be used both indoors and outdoors. To play this outdoor game at your campsite, choose a line from which the players will throw.

The player to go first will toss their first ring at the wooden pegs and will aim to hit the pegs with the higher points. Then the second player throws their first ring.

Players keep alternating back and forth until all rings have been tossed. At the end of the game, whoever accumulated the most points wins the game!

This great interactive and fun game helps young kids develop their skills and abilities with fine motor controls that can benefit with sports, writing, concentration and even basic math skills. So while your family is playing for fun, they are actually helping themselves!

Outdoor Yard Pong

Yard Pong
Who said Pong is just for beer? This game can teach kids eye hand coordination.

Yard Pong is the best camping, beach, lawn and backyard outdoor game that’s perfect for people of all ages.

For adults, this giant Yard Pong set provides the exact size ratios for an oversized beer pong set, so you can play your favorite beer pong games exactly as they were meant to be played!

Yard Pong can be played with two to four players consisting of two teams. Simply fill the buckets approximately 1/4 full with water, sand, or anything to weigh them down and you’re ready for hours of entertainment!

For a little adult adventure, Yard Pong could be a drinking game. But, if you’d rather, it’s just a good old fashion outdoor game for families to enjoy outdoors.


Croquet has been around for centuries! This oldie but goodie is a must for large yards. It’s a great outdoor game to take to the park.

You and your family or guests of all ages can have fun with playing lawn Croquet. It’s the perfect outdoor game that can be played on a clear field at campgrounds or RV parks and offers hours of fun outdoor entertainment.

Croquet is actually a sport that involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grass playing court. This outdoor yard game can be played with two to six players. It is an ideal game whether you are going camping or to the beach, tailgating, barbecues, picnics or parties.

Check out United States Croquet Association Official Rules on how to play Croquet and equipment specifications.

Giant Outdoor Yard Dice

Giant Yard Dice was created to bring extra fun to existing dice games.  Take your favorite dice games like yardzee or yard farkle outdoors, camping or play inside on the floor.

Jumbo Yard Dice
How fun are these jumbo dice!? You can even play Outdoor Yahtsee with them!

This Giant Yard Dice set is perfect for capturing everyone’s interest in classic dice or board games.  Each die has smooth rounded edges for easy playability, kiln-dried wood for durability, and deep heat-branded pips for visibility.  Everyone can play!

There are lots of games you can play with just dice, such as Pig, Chicago and Mexico. But some other fun dice games are Chō-Han Bakuchi, Balut, Liar’s Dice and many others you can find rules for online, not to mention standard Craps or Poker Dice. Other games, such as Dice Bowling and Dice Run, are typically played with more dice but can be adapted for six.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball
Bocce is a fun game that requires skill and strategy that improves eye hand coordination.

Bocce, sometimes anglicized as Bocce Ball, Bocci or Boccie, is a ball sport belonging to the boules family, closely related to British bowls and French pétanque, with a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire.

Some play this outdoor game quite seriously. However, you can equally enjoy a little lighter, friendly competition with your family and friends at the campground.

The rules are super simple, just take turns trying to toss your bocce balls closest to the white Pallino ball. International Standards call for a predefined playing area and scoring system, but you can adjust or make up the rules to make the game your own. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the Bocce Standards Association on how to play Bocce Ball, rules and equipment specifications.

Washer Toss

Washer Toss Game
Washer Toss is a great compact game to take anywhere, whether it’s to a friend’s BBQ, tailgating party or camping!

The origins of washer toss, a game most commonly seen at backyard get-togethers or tailgate parties, are a mystery.

Some believe that roots of this simple, fun game stem back to ancient civilizations. Others think that its ancestry traces to the travel breaks of early American pioneers who used spare washers from their wagon wheels.

The most common theory is that the game began with 20th century Texas oil field workers who assuaged boredom by tossing around washers from the oil derricks.

However, you don’t have to take apart your method of transportation or explore oil wells to find equipment to play washer toss today, but there are some things you do need.

Check here to see how to play the Washer Toss game.

Our Outdoor Games Wrap Up!

Wasn’t that fun to read about all the different kinds of outdoor games you can take camping? These fun and competitive campsite games will get you and your family out of your camp chairs and moving while enjoying the outdoors.

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