RV SnapPads – Ultimate RV Leveling Jack Pad Protectors

RV SnapPads are a revolutionary way to protect your RV hydraulic leveling system jack pads from damage and wear. The RV SnapPad rubber jack pad protectors also help protect parking surfaces such as driveways and asphalt parking lots from rust, scrapes and cracking. They even protect soft grass surfaces from sinking holes and divots caused by your leveling system landing gears.

RV SnapPads will help alleviate those issues by protecting both, your motorhome’s or camper’s leveling jacks and landing gears as well as your whole RV itself.

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RV SnapPads Protect your RV Leveling Jacks

Do your RV leveling jacks look like the photo below? If so, your RV leveling jack feet are unprotected. And, they won’t look as nice as the day you bought your RV.

Leveling Jack Pads on Wood Block
Photo by Always On Liberty©

What does that mean? RV leveling jack pads or your RV levelers’ feet are subject to everything they come into contact; sand, gravel, asphalt, mud, etc. They also are subject to road debris and will rust even after just a few months on the road.

We had to fix that problem. We had to find a product that would keep our leveling jack pads from becoming damaged.

But, was there such a product out there? YES, there is! They are called RV SnapPads!

We immediately contacted the company to get our own set of RV SnapPads to fit our fifth wheel’ Lippert Components leveling jack pads.

What are RV SnapPads?

RV SnapPads are recycled rubber, octagon-shaped shoes that permanently attached to your RV leveling jack pads on travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes.

These leveling jack protectors are an environmentally-friendly green product. They are manufactured of heavy-duty rubber from recycled American tires which helps minimize vibrations. SnapPads may also protect against electrical surges. 

RV SnapPads are also engineered to resist UV exposure, water, heat, oil, tar, mud, and other environmental hazards.

Their anti-slip construction will grip and conform to any terrain. No more popping jacks or slipping in high winds or on slick surfaces. They also increase stability by creating a larger footprint for your motorhome’s or travel trailer’s leveling jacks.

Each RV SnapPad is specially designed with a water drainage trough system that helps drain excess water away from the jack pad. This helps to protect your driveway or parking surfaces from rust marks and metal scrapes from your leveling jack pads.

Here’s the cool part about RV SnapPads. Installation is as easy as a touch of a button! You simply deploy your hydraulic leveling jacks into your RV SnapPads and then literally snap into place. Then, your RV is ready for travel and parking anywhere.

Another great thing about RV SnapPads is they will stay on forever.

The cost of protecting our hydraulic leveling jack pads is about $60 per SnapPad. RV SnapPads are made in the U.S.A. They also come with a two-year manufacturers limited warranty.

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About the RV SnapPad Company

RV SnapPad is an independent, family-owned company. Our journey started with Gordon Wilson and his three sons launching the first version of SnapPad from their garage back in 2015.

And, RV SnapPad officially made its first sale on September 30th, 2015. Word began to spread through online forums and communities, and in 3 short months, RV SnapPad had already sold dozens of packs. 

Today, RV SnapPad markets more than a dozen pad shapes and sizes as well as over 50 different packages. Almost every major North American RV distributorship sells these magnificent jack pad protectors!

RV SnapPad Styles

There are 7 RV manufacturer and model-specific SnapPads on the market today. Depending on size and model, each RV SnapPad weighs anywhere from 3-9 pounds each respectively.

RV SnapPad Models

Xtra SnapPad – works with 9″ round  jack feet, common on many fifth wheels, some Class A motorhomes, and travel trailers.

Prime SnapPad – the thickest and heaviest pad, designed to fit on concave shaped 10″ round jacks on many large Class motorhomes and some Class C’s.

HiWay SnapPad – made specifically for HWH leveling systems which are common to some Class A motorhome. Jack foot sizes for these systems include 8″, 10″ and 11.5″ in diameter.

EQ SnapPad – has 4 different pad types, engineered to work with Equalizer Systems on many Class A and Class C  motorhomes.

BF SnapPad – are ideal for Class C Motorhomes with Bigfoot 4-point leveling systems featuring 7″ square and 10″ octagon shaped jack feet.

Mini SnapPad – are designed for 5.5″-6″ round leveling feet on tongue jacks and stabilizers for travel trailers, Class B vans and truck campers.

Rival SnapPad – are engineered for RVA leveling systems on Class A motorhomes with either 8″ or 10″ round leveling feet that are sold in 3-packs.

Receiving and Pre-Installation of our RV SnapPads

RV SnapPads Shipment - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Our box of six RV SnapPads arrived only a few short days after ordering them. 

For our Heartland Landmark fifth wheel, we ordered the RV SnapPad Xtra because of their 9″ size. They are also specifically designed for many fifth wheels and motorhomes.

In the shipping box, there was also installation instructions and other important information. Be aware, if you order them at an RV park or campground, the box may be heavy to carry to your campsite.
RV SnapPads Instruction Sheet - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Since were were parked in Pahrump, Nevada in the late winter, we wanted to wait to install them when the outside temperatures reached 50 degrees.


RV SnapPads - Set of 6 Xtra


Notably, each rubber jack pad protector can withstand well over 10,000 pounds of pressure. So, that’s more than enough to support our fifth wheel Landmark at 18,000 pounds gross weight. 

Now, let’s get on with the RV SnapPads installation process. 

Step-by-Step RV SnapPads Installation:

The RV SnapPads installation process really should be a 2-person process.

For our installation, Dan operated the Lippert electronic leveling system control panel. My job was to place and reposition each SnapPad under the respective leveling jack and monitor them snapping into place while Dan operated the leveling system control panel.

A word from experience, whomever is doing the placement and monitoring the actual installation will want to wear old jeans as you’ll be on your knees.

So, after carefully reading the RV SnapPad installation instructions, we had to prepare our RV SnapPads first.

It’s important to inspect each SnapPad for any blemishes, cracks or tears. Ours were all perfect and ready for installation.

To prepare each RV SnapPad to slip on easily, I’d squeeze a thin bead of dish soap around the inner lip of each rubber pad to act as a lubricant to help snap it into place.

WARNING! Per RV SnapPads instructions, never use petroleum-based lubricants (i.e. Silicone or WD 40), as this can erode your RV SnapPads.

Once all of our RV SnapPads were ready, I’d place each new rubber jack pad near each landing jack and get ready for installation.

SAFETY FIRST!!  Keep your pets and children out of the way. Also, minimize any outside distractions so you can both communicate with each other clearly.

Step 1 – Hooking our truck

To install all 6 of our RV SnapPads to our fifth wheel leveling jack pads, it’s important to hook up our truck completely as if we were getting underway. The reason for this is you have to be in full tow mode so we could deploy the two front landing gears.

After getting hooked up, Dan engaged the emergency brake on the truck. We also placed wheel chocks in front of and behind our fifth wheel tires to ensure there would be absolutely no movement during our RV SnapPad installation.

Step 2 – Raising the front landing gears

For our fifth wheel, Dan extracted all six leveling jacks up about 4-5″ off of the parking surface.

We worked on one leveling jack at a time.

Step 2 – Placement of the RV SnapPads

Once each leveling jack was off of the ground, I simply slide each SnapPad underneath the metal leveling jack pad foot; making sure it was aligned as closely as I could.

CAUTION!  Be sure to keep your fingers away from pinch points while installing each RV SnapPad!

Step 3 – Lower the Leveling Jacks

On my command, Dan lowered each leveling jack foot into the RV SnapPad cavity until the lip wrapped over the edge of the leveling jack foot.

Step 4 – Repeat 2 & 3

After getting the hang of the first RV SnapPad installation, it was pretty easy thereafter. We repeated steps 2 and 3 of the installation process on the remaining five leveling jack pads.

By this time, all six leveling jacks with RV SnapPads installed are all on the ground.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Should your SnapPad not install correctly, raise your leveling jack foot about 3 – 4″, place a shim on the side of the pad, and lower the foot. The shim will help snap the pad into place.

Step 5 – Deploy Level ups and Unhook

After our RV SnapPads installation, we extracted only the four rear leveling jacks to properly unhook our fifth wheel from our truck; leaving only the front landing gears down. Once unhooked, we deployed the rear four leveling jacks and auto-leveled our RV.

Time for a beer!

RV SnapPads installed on Lippert Leveling Jack Pads - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

RV SnapPads for Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

Less than a year after we traded our fifth wheel in for our 2019 Winnebago View Class C motorhome, we made an appointment with Quadra Manufacturing in White Pigeon, Indiana to get our Bigfoot Platinum Leveling System installed on our Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. (Tell ’em we sent ya!)

Part of the install included RV SnapPads that specifically designed for our Bigfoot 4-point leveling system square jack pads.

Bigfoot Lever RV SnapPads for Winnebago View

Since we were already familiar with the installation process,  we installed our RV SnapPads on our motorhome jack pads a later. Of course, they were quite easy install. We applied the same SnapPad installation as we did on our fifth wheel. And now, our Winnebago View got new shoes too!

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Where do you get RV SnapPads for your motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer?

RV SnapPads. - Xtra 9

RV SnapPads are RV brand and model specific  Click on each for more detailed information.

SnapPad EQ 10″ Octagon Landing Feet Motorhome (4-Pack)Compatible with Class A motorhomes and RVs including those from Entegra (Anthem and Cornerstone), Forest River (2011 Berkshire), and Newmar (Bay Star, Canyon Star, Ventana, and Verona) as well as Class C models from Jayco (Seneca) and Dynamax (DX3, Dynaquest, Force, Isata 5, Isata 3)

EQ 10″ Round Landing Feet Motorhome Bundle – for RVs and motorhomes that sport Equalizer leveling systems

EQ 10″ for Equalizer Landing Feet (Round Single) – fits Equalizer 10” round metal feet on Berkshire and Newmar RVs.

Prime for 10″ Landing Feet (4-pack) 

HiWay for HWH 10″ Landing Feet (4-Pack) – Specifically designed for 10″ round metal feet commonly found on many motorhomes. Compatible with 10″ Power Gear and Kwikee Level Best leveling systems.

HiWay 8″ Landing Feet (4-Pack)Designed for HWH leveling jacks with 8-inch round landing feet. Also works with Class-A Tiffin, Newmar, and Winnebago

Xtra XL RV SnapPads for 12″ Landing Feet (XL 4-Pack) 

Xtra 9″ Landing Feet Motorhome (4 Pack) – compatible with RVs and motorhomes that sport LCI and Ground Control leveling systems with 9″ round jack pads.

Xtra 9″ Landing Feet Motorhome (6 Pack) – compatible with RVs and motorhomes that sport LCI and Ground Control leveling systems with 9″ round jacks

Xtra for 9″ Landing Feet (6-Pack) – Xtra fits 9” round metal feet on many Class A and 5th Wheels RVs.

Rival for RVA Landing Feet (8″  3-Pack) – Explicitly made for 8″ round RVA jack feet. This configuration is for most larger Class A Motorhomes.

RV SnapPads Mini RV Jack Pad for 5.5″ Round Leveling Feet on Tongue Jacks and Stabilizers (Single) – Mini 5.5 is made for truck campers and travel trailers with 5.5″ round leveling jacks or stabilizer feet.

RV SnapPads BF 7 for Bigfoot Landing Feet (4-Pack) – Fits Bigfoot Hydraulic Leveling Systems 7” square landing feet on many Class C Motorhomes.

Wrapping up why you should have RV SnapPads on your RV’s leveling jacks

RV SnapPad is an essential RV component that not only protects your RV jack pads, but also parking surfaces.

The reason why they are named RV SnapPads is because they install in just a snap! And they snap right onto your leveling jack’s feet permanently. No more crawling under your RV to adjust leveling blocks in the rain, snow, or hot sun. 

RV SnapPad is a must-have upgrade to your RV’s leveling system that will preserve your jack pads for years!

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  1. Thanks for the review. We have considered these and we went ahead and a ordered. I put the code in for discount and it didn't reflect at the end of the order. I emailed them and within an hour I got a response that they would credit us for it. Love the quick customer service for sure. Can't wait to get them and try them out on our Road Warrior. Thanks so much for the review.

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for taking the time to read our blog. Our suggestion is to take a look at all of the links we provided to see which one fits your jack pads. If you have scissor jacks, as of this date (May 23, 2021), RV SnapPads are still working on research and development stages of possibly manufacturing them to fit the square scissor jack pads. Hope that helps.

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