Create an Ultimate Outdoor CAMP KITCHEN! *Affordable & Portable*

When you’re camping, who really wants to be tied up inside their RV cooking while everyone else is outside enjoying the outdoors? That’s why you need the ultimate outdoor camp kitchen setup so you can be a part of the fun where the action is too! 

Camping is super fun! Cooking outside is even more fun because we all know those super recipes taste SO much better in the camp setting. But while it would be nice to bring your whole kitchen from home, it’s just not going to happen.

Even so, whether you’re in a camper or RV, you’re still the one stuck in inside the motorhome or camper doing all of the food prep and cooking in the hot kitchen while everyone else is outside enjoying the ambiance, that fun went right out the door for the camp chef!

But,  it doesn’t have to be that way if you have the right camp kitchen setup. But how do you even start setting up your campsite outdoor kitchen and with what camping supplies will you need?

While some RV’s, various fifth wheels and travel trailers, are equipped with built-in outdoor kitchens. 

While they may have a small refrigerator for beverages and a place to pack in the steaks and burgers and a pullout propane stove, there’s still a need for a few other outdoor camp kitchen essentials.

Having a well-stocked outdoor kitchen makes camping life so much more fun and easier. You’ll have less traipsing in and out of your RV. And let’s not forget, no messy or greasy splatters in your RV! Because, all of your cooking done outside.

So, let’s heat things up to stock your own outdoor camp kitchen!

Camp Kitchen Ideas for Camping and Outdoors - Always On Liberty

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How to Create an Outdoor Camp Kitchen

Portable & Affordable                         Camp Cooking Accessories

Outdoor Camp Grill

Camp Kitchen Ideas - Camp Grill for Cooking Outdoors - Always On Liberty

Cooking outdoors is all part of the camping experience. In fact, it’s the best part of camping! Things just seem to taste better when food is cooked outside. 

Hence, why we’re listing the camp grill as our #1 camp kitchen accessory.

Who wants to load that big honkin’ gas grill from home into the your truck bed though? This is why having a portable outdoor grill as part of your outdoor camp kitchen instead.

However, before buying anything, you need to know the differences between each type of grill first.

There’s actually 4 different types of grills to choose for camping; propane, charcoal, wood fire grill or electric.

Whichever type of camp grill you choose, always make certain you carry plenty of fuel type that your grill requires (charcoal, propane, wood or substantial electricity). Nothing kills that camp cooking vibe like running out of fuel halfway through grilling up those ribeyes.

There’s a bunch of different flavored wood chips to give your grilling a little extra kick. And for charcoal grills, we found a charcoal chimney starter works wonders for getting those coals working faster.

Be aware, unless you have a substantial house battery bank in your RV or you’re going to run you generator, electric grills or griddles won’t work in most RVs when boondocking. That’s not to say you can’t use them, just be aware. Electric grills have such high wattage requirements that they really should be reserved for when you’re camping by a nearby electric source.

All in all, portable camping grills are not just for camping. They’re so portable that you can easily take them to your as an extra grill at neighbor’s bbq, picnic in the park or tailgating party.

But, don’t forget your grill mitts and grilling tools to complete your camp kitchen accessory kit.

Popular Portable Camp Grills & Griddles


Wood Pellet




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NEVER leave any grill or hot coals unattended or transport or stow your grill while it’s hot. Always douse coals with water completely until you no longer see smoldering coals or feel heat. 

Outdoor Camp Stove

Camp Kitchen Ideas - Camp Stove - Always On Liberty
Photo from Amazon

If you want to cook other dishes such as pasta, rice, fry bacon and eggs, you’ll need a good reliable camp stove. There are several different types of camp stoves. Most are either fueled by butane or propane gas. 

Popular Portable Camp Stoves

    • Oh, and don’t forget to pack a couple extra outdoor grill fuel canisters so you don’t run out. The propane cylinders can be used on other camp kitchen products listed in this blog that require propane fuel.

Best fuel options for camp grills & camp stoves

  • Electric Cooktop
Double Burner Induction Cooktop - Always On Liberty
Photo from Amazon

Being hooked up to an electric power source does have it’s cooking advantages because you don’t have to worry about draining your batteries. And that’s if you can even operate electric cooktops on your RV’s electric system.

But, if you have substantial or supreme off grid energy management systems that include a great lithium battery bank and killer inverter, you can take practically every kitchen appliance for your outdoor camp kitchen. 

Being these cooktops are portable, you can use them inside your RV or camper out or outside at your campsite. All you need is a heavy duty power cord to either plug into the power pedestal or your RV.

Now, there’s two electric cooktop options; hot plates or induction cooktops. So, you’ll have to figure out which type of electric cooktop works best for your camping style and RV’s electric system.

Popular Electric Countertop Hot Plates

Popular Portable Induction Cooktops

  • Just an FYI, if you are going to use an induction cooktop, you will need induction safe cookware. The great thing about our set is the pots nest inside of each other which makes them versatile and perfect for tent camping to RVing in big rig motorhomes and campers.

Camping Cookware

If you’re any type of camp chef, you’re definitely going to want some good quality camping cookware. But leave your kitchen cookware set at home because your camp cookware is going to take a beating.

Your camping pots and pans will be dropped, burned, scalded, and set directly on open flames. So, your cooking pots and pans need to be sturdy and be able to withstand high heat.

It’s going to have to be sturdy to take the knocks to the ground, high heat and be able to be packed away in little space as possible. These range in different sizes for different needs. Remember though, you get what you pay for.

Popular Camp Cookware

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Camp Cooler

Outdoor Camp Kitchen - Camp Cooler Ice Chest - Always On Liberty
Photo found on Canva

You’re going to need to keep your perishable foods cold while you’re camping. Unless you’re hooked up to electricity, you’ll need a good cooler that keeps the contents cold for longer than a day or so. But, you don’t need to spend a boat-load of money on a decent ice chest. 

Just keep this in mind, the bigger cooler, the heavier and more bulky it will be to lift and transport. And of course, the more ice you’re going to need.

Popular Camp Coolers

  • Now, if you’re looking for an ice chest cooler that plugs into your 12 volt electric system, check out the Dometic CFX3 45 12 Volt AC DC Cooler! No need to make ice or buy bags of ice!


You need to pre-cool  your cooler 24 hours prior to loading it with food and drinks. Simply throw in 2 bags of ice the day before and seal your camp ice chest. Then, right before leaving for your camping adventure, remove most of the ice and quickly arrange your food and containers and refill with leftover ice. This will allow the cooler to absorb the cold temperature allowing contents to stay colder longer. 

Portable Ice Maker

While not totally necessary considering you can just buy a bag of ice from the camp store, but do you really know what’s in that ice? Wouldn’t it be better to make your own ice from your own filtered water?

So, a portable ice maker is just the ticket in keeping your drinks cool and cooler full of ice. These make ice instantaneously. They’re perfect for camping!

Popular Ice Maker Machines



Make your own bags of ice a few days a few days in advance. That way, you’re not having to stop at the convenience store or camp store to pick up your ice on the way to. your campsite.

Outdoor Camp Kitchen Station & Camping Table

Outdoor Camp Kitchen Workstation - Always On Liberty
Photo from Amazon

A portable camp table is the hub of your outdoor camp kitchen. This will be where you prepare and cook your meals, and washing dishes. By having a bonafide camp kitchen station leaves the picnic table or other camp table for dining, board games and chatting over 5 o’clock somewheres.

The size of your table or camp kitchen workstation will be based on what is going to be put on it and the size of your food prep surface.

I highly recommend getting a camp table  that has telescoping legs that you can adjust the height from low coffee table height to standing height.

Also, big or small, it’s important to get a camping table that’s portable and folding so you can carry, transport, stow it easily.

Popular outdoor camp kitchen stations & camping tables


Place a thick wood cutting board on top of the table before placing your camp stove, electric hot plate or induction cooktop, grill or griddle on your portable table. This will protect your table surface as well as add a much sturdier platform to work on.

Campsite Picnic Table Cloth

Picnic Tables are just plain gross to begin with. We’ve seen some people drain their RV sewer hose over it and pets planting their chocolate starfishes on them. Children spill half of their lunch on them leaving a sticky mess. And, that dried, white, chalky clump? Yeah, that is bird poop.

But cleaning it may not be an option. So, it’s just easier and far more sanitary to lay out a table cover and be done with it.

Having a couple camping table cloths on hand will mask the ick and give you clean surface to do your food prep, cook and dine on.

Popular Weatherproof Table Clothes & Table Covers

🍳🧑‍🍳 CAMPING  TIP 🧑‍🍳 🍳

Whenever you  buy a vinyl tablecloth, also buy an extra. Lay one out on the table as it’s intended. Then, cut the other in half lengthwise. You can cover the nasty seats of the picnic table. No more splinters on butts or sitting on wet surfaces.

Camping Dishes

Outdoor Camping Dishes - Vintage Camper Dinner Set - Always On Liberty
Photo from Amazon

Of course you’re not going to take your fine china or even your everyday dishes camping. They’re typically heavier and fragile which makes them harder to pack and store.

But we totally get that you may want to eat off of something more substantial than paper plates or bowls and red solo cups.

Either of which, there are several different camping dish sets that offer a bit more substantial surface to cut food Also, camping dishes prevent your plate full of food flopping everything on the ground like those flimsy paper plates.

Just be aware that if you choose melamine dishes, they cannot be used in the microwave oven. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations on use.

Popular Camp Dishes and Dish Sets

Oh, and don’t forget your camping silverware!

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Condiment & Cutlery Organizer for Camp Kitchens

It never fails, the minute you set out your table cloth with all the paper plates, cups and napkins, the wind decides it will make its’ presence known. Next thing you know, your campsite looks like Walmart at Christmas.

To avoid the wind winning that game, keep your camp table dining supplies in a picnic organizer. They are easy to load up and just place on the table for everyone to grab what they need.

Popular Table Organizers for your Camp Kitchen

  • Miscellaneous Camp Kitchen Cooking Supplies

We’ve listed lots of big camp kitchen must haves above. But, there’s quite a few camping food prep gadgets, cooking supplies and grilling tools that you’re going to need for your outdoor camp kitchen kit.

Other Camp Kitchen Cooking Supplies

  • Camping Dish Pans

Since we mostly boondock or camp off grid, we found these collapsible dish pans that suit our needs perfectly. They collapse down taking up very little space. We use one for wash water and the other for rinsing.

They also can be used for transporting or holding some of your kitchen supplies. These are 2.5 quart; perfect for washing several dishes and big enough to hold a large pan.

Camping Dish Pans & Wash Basins

  • Outdoor Paper Towel Holder

Don’t clutter your table with a roll of paper towels that’s going to end up falling on the ground or in the wet grass.

A cool way to keep your paper towels accessible, clean and dry, get a garden flag holder. Simply stick it in the ground, slide a roll of paper towels onto and VOILA!

Outdoor Camping Kitchen Paper Towel Holder RV Hack - Always On Liberty
Photo found on Facebook

Camping Trash Can

One of the most important leave no trace principles is whatever you pack in, you pack out. That means all trash, including raw fruit and vegetable scraps, cooking grease, etc. because will attract wildlife and smell.

You don’t need an extravagant trash can for camping. But you should always have a proper place to throw away all of your rubbish. Make sure its sturdy so trash won’t blow over or out of it and that critters can get into. Always bring your trash in at night.

Camping Trash Receptacles for your Camp Kitchen

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Wrapping up our outdoor camp kitchen ideas

By cooking outdoors allows you options you don’t get cooking indoors. It minimizes traffic in and out of your RV. And it eliminates those leftover odors and cleaning.

But the best part of having an outdoor camp kitchen is it allows you to stay outdoors with the rest of your family and friends instead of missing out by being chained to your indoor kitchen.

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