Torklift GlowStep RV Steps for Fifth Wheels & Truck Campers

Less than a year of owning our fifth wheel, our RV’s folding entry steps were literally rusting apart becoming unsightly and unsafe. So, when we were approached by Torklift International to product test their GlowStep Revolution RV steps for our fifth wheel, we jumped at the opportunity. 

In this article we’ll share why we upgraded our fifth wheel entry steps to begin with. Then we’ll show why Torklift International’s GlowStep Revolution are now an RV component industry leader.

We’ll also tell you whether the GlowStep Revolution installation was a simple DIY project or if we should’ve hired a professional to install them? Let’s find out!

Torklift GlowStep Revolution RV Steps - Always On Liberty

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GlowStep Revolution RV Steps – RV Entry Steps Upgrade

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Why we needed to replace our fifth wheel steps

We were so proud of our 2019 Heartland Landmark 365 fifth wheel. Her beautiful sleek design and full body paint sleek made her look like high end and expensive. She sure was was a looker going down the highway as well as parked at a campground.

However, within a year, our high end luxury fifth wheel had looming issue that needed more than just a wire brush and a can of spray paint.

Simply put, our OEM RV steps that came with our fifth wheel were rapidly degrading and looking absolutely deplorable.

The black powdercoat surfaces were peeling. Rust was growing like moss in a forest. The bolts were rusting in place; making them practically impossible to deploy and stow.

What was left was fading with more rusting. And the nonskid treads were wearing causing foot slippage. 

This was even after Dan’s diligent maintenance. And if you know him, you’d know Dan takes impeccable care of our RV.

Even worse, they simply became too unstable and incredibly unsafe for us to use. We couldn’t trust the integrity of our OEM RV steps.

Now, considering our RV and exterior components only had a 1 year warranty, we were left to find a much better set of RV steps for our fifth wheel. We certainly weren’t wanting to replace them with the same type steps only to face the same dilemma and frustration.

So, we started to research replacement RV steps for our fifth wheel.

Ironically while we were diving deep into research, we were attending the Heartland Owners Club rally in Goshen, Indiana.

Little did we know, someone took notice. I mean, compared to the beauty of our Landmark, those rusting and dilapidated eyesores that we had for steps weren’t hard to miss.

Torklift International offered to replace our heavy steel OEM steps with a set of their GlowStep Revolution scissor steps to put them through the rigors of full-time RVing.

About the Torklift International GlowStep Revolution

The Torklift International GlowStep Revolution step system are the first and only step system designed for all towable RVs that’s versatile and flexible to adapt to any type of terrain.

The GlowStep Revolution step entry system is revolutionary for several reasons.

The scissor design features 7″ of precision elevation adjustment. The SMARTSTEP® GLOWSTEP REVOLUTION® step system has 3 positions of upper adjustment between the RV entry and top step. Plus, it offers an additional 5 positions of lower adjustment with the all-terrain landing gear adjustable feet.

As the only step in the world that features this patent pending and unique level of adjustment at both the top and the bottom of the step system, the GlowStep Revolution RV steps allow all options for accommodating any terrain.

As you can see, the GlowStep Revolution RV steps upgrade is exactly what we needed to replace our super heavy fifth wheel OEM steps.

For that, the 3 primary reasons why we chose to try out the Torklift GlowSteps:

      • Manufactured of lighter-weight aircraft aluminum
      • Maintenance-free
      • We needed four steps instead of the OEM 3-steps entry

Unboxing our GlowStep Revolution RV Steps

A week after providing the necessary information and measurements to Torklift International, we received the big box at our mail center box in San Antonio, Texas. We only had a week left so we had to get them installed quickly.

RV Entry Steps - Unboxing GlowStep Revolution RV Steps

After receiving our GlowStep Revolution steps and shim kit for our particular Landmark year and model, Dan unboxed everything. After taking inventory, he laid everything out to prepare for the install.

We noticed the shims already had adhesive adhered to the step assembly making installation. This made it much less  time consuming for the install.

What comes in the GlowStep Revolution installation kit

Our GlowStep Revolution steps kit included all of the hardware (nuts, washers and bolts), four (4) ¼-inch thick steel spacer plates and longer hardware to ensure seamless installation, adjusting the factory bracket width to accurately fit our fifth wheel’s step mounting location.

And of course, we got the GlowStep Revolution step system.

The only tools needed for the install are a socket and ratchet.

Our GlowStep Revolution RV steps Installation Guide

Step 1

Dan removed the old super-heavy steel OEM steps 

RV Entry Steps - Removing Bolts of OEM stepsRV Entry Steps - Pulling off OEM StepsRV Entry Steps - Carrying Old OEM Steps Away

Once they were off, he placed both steps side by side so you can see the difference.

RV Entry Steps - OEM vs Torklift GlowStep Revolution

However, we had to stop installation to do a bit of cosmetic work on the frame box where our new GlowSteps were to be mounted into.

The frame step box had significant rust and corrosion that needed immediate attention before moving onto our install. (Sorry for the quality of the photo)

Torklift GlowStep Revolution - After Removing OEM Steps

Dan had to clean the existing peeling powdercoat with a wire brush and clean it. After the steel surface dried, he sprayed two coats of automotive rusty metal primer allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

Then, he sprayed two coats of black matte automotive metal spray paint to the steel step housing box.

RV Entry Steps - Repainting Fram Box

RV Entry Steps - Repainted Frame Box

RV Entry Steps - Repainted Frame Box 2

Since it was a warm, dry day of our installation, the paint dried quickly. So, Dan continued on with the installation of our new fifth wheel steps upgrade.

Step 2

Measuring the step box where the new GlowSteps were going to be installed.

RV Entry Steps - Measuring Step Frame Box

We dry fit our new GlowStep RV steps system in the step box where the old OEM steps were mounted.

RV Entry Steps - Dry Fitting GlowStep Revolution Steps

Step 3

Dan applied the four ¼-inch thick steel spacer plates with the adhered two-sided tape and bolted in the hardware. He also adjusted the factory bracket width to accurately fit the step mounting location.

RV Entry Steps - GlowStep Revolution - Bolting in frame

Step 4

After doing all the cosmetic work, Dan reinstalled the fascia plate (he removed it prior so he didn’t get primer/paint or knick it during installation).

Then, he installed the GlowSteps frame bracket that holds the adjustable step system.

RV Entry Steps - GlowStep Revolution - Finishing Work

Step 5

Dan mounted and bolted in our new GlowStep Revolution fifth wheel steps using the included hardware.

RV Entry Steps - GlowStep Revolution - Inserting Steps into brackets

RV Entry Steps - GlowStep Revolution - Bolts

Step 6

After getting the step system mounted, it was time to tighten and tweak all of the nuts, bolts and screws to complete the installation of our new RV steps.

RV Entry Steps - GlowStep Revolution - FInishing Installation

Step 6

GlowStep Revolution fifth wheel step system installation is complete!

RV Entry Steps - GlowStep Revolution - Folded Steps

Now we can now deploy our steps without hearing the screech or the creaking each time we stepped on them.

How to Deploy the GlowStep RV Steps

Deploying our GlowSteps is as simple as 1-2-3! Securing them for travel is just as easy but in reverse.

Step 1

Unlatch the steps using the release lever on the left.

GlowStep Revolution Entry Steps Deployment - Step 1

Step 2

Grab the bottom step and pull the steps out and down. They open like an accordion.

GlowStep Revolution Entry Steps Deployment - Step 2

GlowStep Revolution Entry Steps Deployment - Step 3

GlowStep Revolution Entry Steps Deployment - Step 4

Step 3

Once the bottom step risers are set on the ground, simply adjust each riser to level the steps 90 degrees from the door.

GlowStep Revolution Entry Steps Deployment - Step 5

Now, our GlowSteps are ground deployed and ready for use. By the feet being flush to the ground, there’s no more bounce or movement of our camper each time we step onto the steps.

Torklift International GlowStep Revolution RV Steps

When it comes time to stow our entry steps for transit, we do all of the steps but in reverse of deployment of the steps.

When stowing our GlowSteps, make certain to latch them securely by inserting the cotter pin into the feature hole.

One of the great features of the GlowStep Revolution is the deployment directions are labeled. Notice the sticker above the top step with directions should you forget or someone is unfamiliar deploying or stowing them.

Our review of the GlowStep Revolution RV steps

After using our GlowStep Revolutions for a few months, we are quite impressed with our RV’s scissor steps.

The entire GlowStep  system, construction and materials are impeccably designed.

The installation of the GlowStep Revolution assembly is so easy that most anyone can do it. There’s no need for odd tools tools or engineering degrees. Our installation took less than one hour.

Again, just be aware that if your step box where your existing steps are may need some cosmetic work as did ours. That may add another hour to installation time. 

One of the best things about the GlowSteps is it’s mostly a one-person installation. So, there’s no need for a buddy to assist you or your wife handing you the wrong tools or telling you that you’re doing it wrong.

Torklift’s directions are very easy to understand and follow.

We’ve had our GlowStep Revolution RV steps for over two and a half years and absolutely love them.

Why we highly recommend the GlowStep Revolution steps for anyone who owns a fifth wheel, travel trailer or even truck camper:

      • GlowSteps are lightweight and easy for anyone of any size or strength to deploy, adjust and stow them.
      • These folding RV steps are more rugged and more stable each time you step on them.
      • The GlowStep Revolution step system can deploy on any terrain or surface with just a couple of minor adjustments.
      • If your fifth wheel or travel trailer is parked close to other vehicles, buildings or obstacles, simple adjustments will enable you to still use your RV steps.
      • Each aircraft aluminum step has glow-in-the-dark tape on the outer edges of each step for night time use for at least a few hours.
      • There’s no bounce or shake when stepping on or off of the GlowSteps.
      • When storing your RV, you can lock your GlowSteps closed for added security (where the cotter pin is inserted). Or you can unbolt them from the assembly frame and take them with you.
      • They are manufactured of rust-free, non-tarnishing aircraft-grade aluminum making them super lightweight.
      • Each step has embossed treads to alleviate foot slippage.
      • There are no troughs that hold water which may cause damage or slippage.
      • The GlowStep Revolution steps are super easy to clean with a simple spray of the hose or damp cloth.

We highly recommend the GlowStep Revolution RV steps to anyone who is looking to replace or upgrade their RV steps on their towable RV; albeit fifth wheel, travel trailer or even truck camper.

Not only are they a more attractive step system but also the GlowStep camper steps are more efficient and easy to use.

Check out our video on how the GlowStep Revolution are an industry leader of RV step applications:

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Step Systems:

GlowStep Revolution Accessories and Attachments:

For more information on the GlowStep Revolution step systems, you can visit their website: GlowStep Revolution – The Ultimate RV Step System.

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  1. I would caution people to look carefully at there existing steps ! Ours were welded to the frame of our 5th wheel , fortunately I have a friend that is an excellent autobody guy and we were able to torch and air chisel the old steps out . Installation of the Forklift steps was relatively easy . We are really happy with the new steps.

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