RV and Camping Clubs for Women ONLY!

Are you an adventurous woman who loves to RV or camp but your husband or significant other doesn’t? Perhaps you’re a solo female RVer or camper who would to meet other women on the road? Or maybe you just want a little time away in your little camper? We’ve found these amazing RV and camping clubs for women only that organize meetups and embrace the outdoors, camping and RV lifestyle; all while empowering each other.

If you are a lady who just loves to RV, camp or enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, know that there are a few RV and camping clubs that are specifically designed for women only?

These amazing outdoorsy and adventure  driven groups provide awesome opportunities for chicks of all ages, sizes, religions, and interests to meet other like-minded women.

And, even if you’re married or involved with your favorite man, it’s just good for the soul to just get away for a girls only weekend or meetup with other ladies. 

These women-only camping clubs are fantastic venues for those who just want to let their hair down and be themselves all while enjoying the outdoors.

So ladies, grab your RV keys, pack your camping gear and let’s go see what these RV and camping clubs for women are all about. They may be just what you’re looking for!

Women Only RV Clubs

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RV & Camping Clubs for Women ONLY!

Sisters On The Fly

“Offering empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures.”

Sisters on the Fly Ladies
Photo Courtesy of Sisters on the Fly

Sisters on the Fly is a group of vivacious women who challenge themselves and their sisters to whatever they set their minds to.

Whether it’s road travel, adventuring, and meeting up, these RVing women love to socialize, mobilize and recreate together.

Since August of 1999, more than 12,500 women have joined Sisters on the Fly.

Abbreviated “SOTF”, the club’s current active membership now exceeds over 8,000 empowering women who get together to join in on fun, friendship and fellowship. And, they’re still growing!

Sisters On The Fly - Camper 1
Photo by Always On Liberty©

“No men, no kids, be nice & have fun.” -Sisters on the Fly

How did SOTF coin their women-only camping club and now brand?

It all started with a small group of friends that included two sisters going on a fly fishing expedition together. They enjoyed themselves so much, they wanted to meet up more.

From that point, they decided to continue their meetups but with a fun connotation of western cowgirls who used to gather, away from their families, for camaraderie and friendship.

But instead of horseback and wagon back in the day, they come from all over the country with trucks and campers. Through the fellowships, they instantly became sisters who bond more with each gathering and event.

Sisters on the Fly are a diverse group of women that does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, color, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age.

That said, there is one small requirement. All  ladies must be over 21 years of age to join this women-only RV club.

But, even though Sisters on the Fly is a women-only camping club, they don’t always exclude men from some of their meetups.

Sometimes, they host events that include couples known as Sister-Mister events where their menfolk can join in on the fun to see the purpose of the group.

But, for the most part, SOTF is an RV camping club just for women who enjoy friendships with like-minded women adventurers, campers and RVers.

RV Women - RVing Women

“Provide women RVers, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or financial status, a supportive network and the opportunity to enjoy the RVing lifestyle in a safe and knowledgeable manner.”

RV and Camping Clubs for Women - RVs and Campers

RVing Women is an RV and camping club that’s designed “for women RVers, by women RVers”.

They are a community of women who travel independently in their RVs or with their campers. Some women are retired and travel full-time while others may be working and raising families yet still want to join in on the fun.

The group dedicates themselves to campfires and sharing their stories, recreational activities, and supporting each other.

The only requirement to join RVing Women is that women must be age 18 or over and that you love to RV. That said, it’s not required that you own an RV or camper to join in on the fun! 

One of the main advantages of RVing Women is that there are chapters all across the country and all of them have rallies throughout the year.

Ladies can travel around and attend different chapter rallies and meet a bunch of wonderful women all over the United States. 

However, you do need to join the national organization as well as a home chapter. Once you do join and maintain your membership, you’ll get to enjoy their magazine. And, you’ll get full website access to stay informed on all the great happenings throughout the country.

As their moniker states, this women-only RV camping club is about engaging, exploring and empowering with other RVing women.

GirlCamper - RV Women“No Wrong Way to Camp Like a Girl”

Women RV Camping Clubs-7

Girl Camper is the newest RV women-only club on the block.

The common bonds these ladies share are adventure, camping, are independent travelers and love to gather and fortify their friendships on the road. Girl Campers come from every walk of life and demographic. 

Adult ladies, regardless if their 18 or 90+, who share the camping interests are welcome to join.

Many of the ladies are finished raising their families or new empty nesters while others may have chosen a new direction in their lives. They now have time to focus on themselves after years of taking care of family and careers. 

And for younger ladies who may still be tending their families and careers, this is a great getaway to let their hair down to enjoy camping with other Girl Campers.

Girl Campers are about connecting with other ladies who are looking for camping adventures, activities and accelerating their life to new challenges in the outdoors. There is no requisite of how often ladies can camp or partake in their events.

While several of their photos online may have you thinking this is just for ladies who own vintage trailers, that’s not a prerequisite of being or even becoming a Girl Camper.

It doesn’t matter if a Girl Camper camps in a million dollar Class A motorhome or roughs it in a tent

In fact, there’s quite a variety of camping preferences amongst Girl Campers. Some members even rent cabins at campgrounds, tent camp, van or car camp, or even rent an RV

Women RV Camping Clubs-5

The common bond they share is wanting to make their camping home feel like home reflecting their own personality and what sparks happiness.

As simple as a couple cute pillows and bright colored tablecloth to revamping their camper completely with campsite theme decorating.

In other words, making their camper their ‘home away from home’. And, if it is their home, they enjoy making it feel like home.

And though Girl Campers love the men in their lives, most events are just for the girls. This ladies camping club empowers and supports women of all demographics and backgrounds without worrying about safety and privacy.

So yes, while there are some events where the boys (husbands or significant others) may be attend events, Girl Campers is predominantly just for the ladies

And lastly, the cool thing about women-only RV and camping club is Girl Campers membership is free!

Just visit their website and sign up to receive information on caravans, campfires and meetups.

Women RV Camping Clubs - Hiking Boots

Other RV and Camping Clubs for Women

Female Van Campers

There are several other RV and camping memberships and organizations that have separate women-only sub groups camping clubs.

On the crowd-sourced networking social group finder, Meetup, there’s a group of about 5500 members where ladies can find out what’s happening in Women’s Camping group nationwide.

Other Meetup organized women-only camping clubs and RV groups:

Wrapping up RV and camping clubs for women

Women Celebrating

These RV and camping clubs for women were created to give adult women a means to camp safely in the company of other ladies without worrying about safety and privacy.

So, ladies, if you enjoy RVing or camping, these amazing RV and camping clubs are just for you! We hope you can get out and experience the outdoors, adventure and friendships.

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