40+ Best Camping Theme Toys for Kids! *GIFT IDEAS*

Get your tots to tweens off their screens and on their feet with these awesome immersive camping theme toys for kids. While they think they are being entertained, you know they’re getting educated. They’ll have so much fun that they’ll forget about their digital devices and won’t realize they’re learning! 

What’s great is these also make great gift ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays or just because!

Always On Liberty - Kids Camping Toys

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40+ Best Camping Theme Toys for Kids! *GIFT IDEAS!*

Pop Up Play Tent with Camping Gear

Pop Up Play Tent with Camping Gear - Kids Camping Toys

This Pop Up Play Tent with Camping Gear kids’ camping theme toy set is perfect toy for all those adventurous toddlers and preschoolers who are just getting to explore nature! These great camping theme toys are for indoor or outdoor fun. They provides everything a little kid needs to go camping at home or at Grandmas! This kids camping theme toy set promotes a sense of extraversion and gets children out of the house and into the great outdoors, exploring, having fun and learning.

Tents for Bigger Kids

Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent - Kids Camping ToysNARMAY Play Tent Summer Camping Dome Tent - Kids Camping Toys2 Person Tent Dome Tent - Kids Camping Toys

Kids Campfire and S’mores Toy Set

Kids Campfire and S'mores Toy Set

Your little camper will love this Kids Campfire and S’mores Toy Set and guarantee they will enjoy building a bonfire and roasting their very own marshmallows. Great camping toy to interact with your children and teach them about camping, cooking s’mores and the spirit of the outdoors! It’s the perfect addition to the kids tent (above), kids playhouse or kids teepee.

MITCIEN Camping Toys Play SetPuppyoyo Kids Camping Set - Kids Camping Toys

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Play Grill Outdoor Camping Playset

Kids Play Food Grill - Kids Camping Toys

This Play Grill Outdoor Camping Playset provides lights, makes realistic sound and even smoke while kids cook. The smoke is made with a water vaporizer and is not hot at all, completely safe for kids. With this pretend grill playset, kids can grill their own barbecue food on the side while you cook the real food. Only 3 AA batteries are needed (not included).


Little Camper Kids’ Binocular Set

Kids Binoculars Set - Kids Camping Toys

This Little Camper Kids’ Binocular Set is for bird watching, camping, hunting, hiking, safari, and even sports games. These binoculars are made of natural rubber material, rubber surrounded eye pieces are included for eye protection so children don’t hurt their eyes or face.  This is a great educational learning toy that promotes positive brain development of science and discovery. It also encourages young children to explore the outdoors and develop real-life skills since childhood

Binoculars for Bigger Kids

Peak Toys Kids Binoculars - Kids Camping ToysLET'S GO! Binocular for Kids - Kids Camping ToysMAKINO Kids Binoculars - Kids Camping Toys

Kids’ Outdoor Explorer Kit

Outdoor Explorer Kit - Kids Camping Toys

This Kids’ Outdoor Explorer Kit is beneficial for kids when it comes to educational games. A great way to encourage your kid love nature and explore it. Catching the insects and bugs you are interested in. This is perfect for pretend play and roleplay. Let their imagination run free and show them how to understand the great outdoors. This exploring outdoor explorer set includes a safari vest, explorer hat, kids binoculars, kids flashlight, butterfly net, tweezers and bug containers, magnifying glass and kids compass.

National Geographic Kids Safari Time Dress Up Set with Trunk

National Geographic Kids Safari Time Dress Up Trunk - Kids Camping Toys

Encourage your child to discover the world around them with the National Geographic Kids Safari Time Dress Up Set with Trunk. Young explorers can wear and take their own safari gear with them on amazing adventures. Whether they are exploring the backyard or playing at the campsite, their imaginations will run wild once they put on the cargo vest and hat. The play binoculars are fun for sightseeing and birdwatching while the flashlight can be used for nighttime exploration. Children will also enjoy using the play camera to take pictures of amazing animals in action. When the adventure is over, children can keep their gear neatly stowed in the storage trunk.

Kids’ Nature Discovery Kit

Kids' Nature Discovery Kit - Kids Camping Toys

This 10 piece Kids’ Nature Discovery Set is perfect for introducing children to the outdoors and nature.  Kids don’t have to touch the bugs. They can catch critters with net, pick up bugs with tongs or tweezers. And, they have all their digging tools to find buried treasure too! But, fear not, they won’t get thirsty or lost because it comes with a water canteen and compass. This nature discovery kit for kids is great for hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, and even exploring nature in their own backyards.

Nature Bound Bug Catcher and Viewer

Nature Bound Bug Catcher and Viewer - Kids Camping Toys

Kids will enjoy hours of play with the Nature Bound Bug Catcher and Viewer. Kids can simply pull the trigger and the spring loaded capture core opens wide. Place over a bug or small critter and release the trigger to close the habitat. Now kids can study the insect and learn about the wonders of nature. When done, they simply squeeze the trigger to release the bug back into nature. A safe way for kids to catch, study, and release insects or other little critters. Encourages learning while they play. 

Coleman Kids LED Adventure         Mini Lantern

Coleman Kids LED Adventure Mini Lantern - Kids Camping Toys

Bring this compact, lightweight Coleman Kids LED Adventure Lantern on your next outdoor adventure with the kids. It’s perfect for for backyard campouts or as a portable bedside light. It has one of the longest runtimes you’ll find in a light of its size. Kids will get up to 16 hours on one set of four AA batteries

Other Kids Camping Lanterns

FANT.LUX Camping Lantern & Headlamp - Kids Camping ToysNorthpoint Vintage Collection Dimmable Lantern - Kids Camping ToysDorcy LED Mini Lantern Set - Kids Camping Toys

Discovery Kids Starlight Lantern

Discovery Kids Starlight Lantern LED Light and Star Projector

Kids can Fall Asleep Under the Starry Night Sky in their tent or RV!  Kids will love to explore the night sky constellations by bringing the universe to their bedroom or tent with the Discovery Kids Starlight Lantern! Bring the camping experience indoors! Your child’s sleeping quarters will become an intergalactic space station with this premium domed star projector.

Kids’ Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies for Kids - Kids Camping Toys

These Kids’ Walkie Talkies are perfect for boys and girls ages 3-12. This is also a great camping safety device for families who want to allow their little explorers a little room to wander without worry! They are also equipped with key lock function to allow parent-child interaction without the child modifying the channels. They are great for both indoor and outdoor activities and camping! The push-to-talk button makes this communicating camping toy easy to use. Kids can broadcast to one or multiple units and use different channels. They also come in different colors for easy identification for each child!

Other Kid’s Walkie Talkies

Obuby 3 Pack Walkie Talkies - Kids Camping ToysLOOIKOOS Walkie Talkies for Kids - Kids Camping ToysWOSPORTS Kids Walkie Talkies - Kids Camping Toys

Kids Headlamps and Flashlights

Camping flashlights and headlamps provide bright illumination for fun in the dark, ensuring your kids safety and enhance the exploring experience. They are perfect for lighting their way, playing flashlight tag, outdoor camping, hiking, backpacking and late night reading in the tent or RV.

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Animal LED Headlamp Set for Kids

Kids Animal LED Headlamp Set

Your little campers will love these Animal LED Headlamps! They will help improve kids’ visibility instantly with hands-free bright lighting. No more struggle holding a flashlight when your little campers need both hands to run, ride their bikes, explore or night hike! They only take two AAA batteries; making them easy to take camping or even the backyard. Their animal friends will help little kids get over their fear of the dark. 

Cool Big Kid’s Headlamps

Foxelli LED Headlamp - Kids Camping ToysEtsfmoa Unisex LED Beanie Hat with Light - Kids Camping ToysHeadlamp Flashlight with Red Light - Kids Camping Toys

Snake Charmer Kids Rechargeable Flashlight

Snake Charmer Kids Rechargeable FlashlightThis cute Snake Charmer Kid’s Rechargeable Flashlight is designed to look like a snake. They come in purple, yellow, and green! They have two lighting modes and two sound modes which are lighting, flashing light, joyful sound and realistic snake hiss will be a hit amongst all the kids. This kids camping torch comes in three sections which can be assembled easily. It can be a flashlight or table light.

KunHe Small Mini LED Flashlight - Kids Camping ToysAnimal Carabiner Flashlight - Kids Camping ToysKids Dinosaur Flashlight Slide Projector - Kids Camping Toys

Flashlights for Bigger Kids

EverBrite Kids Flashlight - Kids Camping ToysLED Glow in Dark Flashlights - Kids Camping ToysEverBrite 9-LED Flashlight 6-pack - Kids Camping Toys

Kid’s Fishing Pole Set

Kids Fishing Pole - Kids Camping ToysBring fishing rod set to make your camping activities more interesting but also a great teaching moment about catch-and-release. This kid’s telescoping fishing rod set and reel combo provides exceptionally responsive action while retaining flexibility and portability. This is one of the best camping theme toys you can buy for your favorite little camper!

Zebco Splash Boys Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod PINK - Kids Camping ToysZebco Splash Girls Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod PINK - Kids Camping ToysWIDDEN Kids Fishing Pole, Portable Telescopic Kids Fishing Poles - Kids Camping Toys

Final thoughts on our favorite camping theme toys for kids

Outdoor Little Explorer

Aren’t those camping theme toys for kids FUN? I bet your kids or grandkids would love all of these! The best part is, while using their imaginations, they won’t realize they’re actually learning and socially interacting with their camping friends and neighbors. And, they can be used inside and outdoors!

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