U.S. Map Wall Art: Track Your Travel Destinations *GIFT IDEAS*

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a visual display map that shows all the awesome places you’ve traveled in the United States? Look no more! We’ve found some interactive U.S. map wall art that are great conversation starters for your home or office. These maps will bring back memories of your amazing travel destinations and earn you bragging rights for being quite the nomadic explorer! 

So, let’s jump right to see these cool U.S. map wall art ideas that will hopefully inspire you to track your road trips!

Always On Liberty - U.S. Map Wall Art for Road Trips

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Interactive U.S. Map Wall Art: Track Your Travel Destinations!

Always On Liberty - Cat with Cork Board Push Pin Map


Cork Board Push Pin U.S. Map

Cork Board Push Pin U.S. Map

This is our ultimate favorite interactive cork board U.S. map. We pin all the places we’ve visited with colorful map pins (did you notice our feature cover photo?). This 16″ x 10″ lightweight and frameless decorative cork board map is also great for pinning cards, photos, post cards, and notes. Or, just like we do, track all of your travel destinations using map pins. 

Note: Though this cork board map already comes with 10 regular push pins, we’ve found they are to big for tracking our destinations. So, we opted to buy smaller map pins to show more destinations. And, it looks way cooler using colorful map pins. We also adhered our cork board U.S. map to the wall using command velcro strips for easy and damage-free removal. 

Adventure Awaits Push Pin United States Map

Adventure Awaits Push Pin US Map Wall Art

Keep track of your travels with this 24″ x 17″ Adventure Awaits push pin U.S. map wall art. Every time you visit a new state and capitol, you just pin them on the map. It will spark great memories as you glance at this cool travel décor piece. This interactive U.S. map would also make a great gift for your favorite nomad, newlyweds or recent graduates to inspire them to travel! NOTE: Map pins not included. Suggestions are at the end of this section.

Executive United States Map Pinboard

Executive Pin Board US Map Wall Art

This framed Executive USA Pinboard Map is a great choice for travelers who love exploring the US and seeing everything this beautiful country has to offer. This interactive pinboard map is designed by the experts at National Geographic, making it one of our most detailed and up-to-date maps. Its’ elegant design comes in different frame options that measure  39.5″ x 27.5″.  You’ll love showing off all your vacations destinations and road trips as it includes major highways, National Parks and well known cities. It comes with 100 push pins. But we’ve included other map pins below for a more personalized detailing.

Map Pin Suggestions:


National Parks Scratch Off Explorers Guide Map

National Parks Scratch Off Explorers Guide Map

This fun and interactive 24” x 17″ National Parks Scratch Off Explorers Guide Map will inspire you to travel more so you can scratch to reveal an image of each National Park you visit. Each numbered tree is covered in an easy-to-scratch gold foil to reveal the image of the Park you’ve visited!

National Parks Scratch Off Map Wall Art

National Parks Scratch Off Map

It’s no wonder this top-selling National Parks Scratch Off Map is a favorite for National Park explorers. Adventurers can track National Park visits by scratching off the gold foil arrowheads for each of the 62 National Parks they visit on this up-to-date, beautifully crafted map poster print.

U.S. National Parks, Landmarks and Flags Scratch Off Map Wall Art

U.S. National Parks, Landmarks and Flags Scratch Off Map

This beautiful, large, frameable 24″ x 17″ U.S. National Parks, Landmarks and Flags Scratch Off Map reveals all 62 National Parks, landmarks, highest peaks and state flags. It’s actually one of the most requested gifts for travelers, kids and young families. It’s large enough so that you can see every state in details. Also, this particular interactive U.S. map comes in designer gift-ready packaging to delight bucket list travel enthusiasts. You also can choose either black or white backgrounds


These popular U.S. state sticker maps are what you see on RVs and campers everywhere. There are several different types that display unique features. 

United States Flags Sticker Map Collage

United States Flags Sticker Map Collage

This is one of the popular U.S. State Flags Sticker Map Collage you see on RVs. It’s super affordable, weather-proof, UV resistant and doesn’t fade. This U.S. sticker map is made with the highest grade vinyl with a finishing coat of lamination. It sticks to well cleaned surfaces which makes it perfect for RVers to track and proudly display their travels on the RV or camper.

State Landmarks Sticker Map Collage

State Landmarks Sticker Map Collage

Commemorate each stop on your RV adventures and track your travel with this State Landmarks Sticker Map Collage. This cool sticker collage showcases custom illustrations of each state’s most popular stops and destinations; from Mount Rushmore to the lighthouses of coastal Maine. And, this U.S. sticker map comes in two sizes.

United States Sticker Map Collage

United States Sticker Map Collage

Earn new state stickers every time your adventure takes you to a new state on this cool United States Sticker Map Collage! You can track your travel, and proudly show off where you’ve visited and explored. This cool road trip map will create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Show off your progress on the outside OR  inside of your RV, motorhome or camper. Or, you can mount it on your refrigerator at home, wall board or door.

United States Decal Collage

United States Decal Collage

Another of our favorite sticker map display is this United States Decal Collage. This U.S. interactive travel tracker sticker map set is a perfect way to document your road trip adventure. Mark the states you visit and fill up your entire map. Peel off each state individually and stick it to your background sticker to show everywhere you’ve been. It’s fun for the whole family! This travel map would make a great gift for RVers, roadschoolers, vacationing families, roadtrippers and adventurers of all ages.


Personalized Photo U.S. Map Collage Wall Art

Personalized Photo Collage U.S. Map Wall Art

Remember the places you’ve been and the fun times you’ve had by filling in this eye-catching personalized photo U.S. map collage wall art using your favorite photos. This creative and crafty U.S. map measures 24” x 36” and includes state outlines, 70 double-sided stickies, and a stencil sheet to help you cut out each state.

50 States Photo Travel Map Wall Art

50 States Photo Travel US Map Wall Art

This USA 50 States photo map is great for marking states you’ve visited. Compose photo collage of the visited states and create your own travel story. Use their online photo maker to prepare photos for your map and fit them perfectly. The flexible plastic 2-layer upper map with borders and the white paper background map to fit photos.

U.S. Sticker Photo Collage

U.S. Map Sticker Photo CollageThis U.S. Sticker Photo map collage is the only photo map where you can upload your photos to create stickers which fit perfectly. No printing or cutting required! Their online tool allows you to easily upload your photos, resize and rotate them so they perfectly fit into every state. You can order pre-cut photo stickers that ready to peel and stick directly on your map. You can continue to add more photos over time as you travel to new and exciting places!

Wrapping up our US map wall art displays and travel trackers

WOW! How about those amazing interactive U.S. maps?! You can track your travels and display for all to see where you’ve been in the United States! These unique map displays are great to put in your RV, home or office. They are great conversation starters that may inspire others to travel the United States thus, they’ll want their own interactive travel display!

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Always On Liberty - U.S. Map Wall Art Displays

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