Where to Put the Cat Litter Box in an RV *Creative Locations*

As full-time RVers who travel with cats, the most asked question is “where do you put the cat litter box in your RV?” Well, if you’re hindering your decision on which RV to buy vs. how to accommodate your feline friend, or you’re just stumped on what is the best location to hide the litter box, THIS is just the place to get that information!

Considering RVs, whether they’re motorhomes, towable or even truck campers and vans, have very tight quarters. So, appeasing our furballs without ruining the aesthetics of our RV interior can be a daunting challenge.

We’ve been RVing with our cats for 8 years and now on our third RV. Our first was a 2014 Heartland Cyclone toy hauler fifth wheel (44′). The second RV was a 2016 Heartland Landmark 365 fifth wheel (42′). And now, our current RV is a 2019 Winnebago View class C motorhome; all 26′ of her.

Each time we’ve shopped for RVs, our first on the list of must-haves is where DO we put the cat box? We’ll show you down below where we put our Maine Coon Tortoiseshell’s and Calico’s own cat bathroom. But we’ll also share some other RVers’ litter box setups to see what they came up with. Trust me, you’ll want to see this!

Where to Put the Cat Litter Box in an RV (and different types of cat boxes too!)

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RV Modifications to Accommodate a Cat Litter Box

Inside Basement Storage

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Basement Compartment
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Humphreys

RV owners are taking to modifying their motorhomes or campers to accommodate their cat’s litter box. However, before you go hacking and sawing into walls, I recommend you contact your RV manufacturer for a schematic of where plumbing and electrical wires are located. Or, really know what you’re doing.

But, as you see above and below, these RV modifications provide a nice little cubby in the basement compartments for cats to go do their business. When it comes time to clean the litter box, all they have to do is open the outside compartment door and remove the litter box.

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Basement Compartment 2
Photo Courtesy of Vee Lucie

Under the Dinette Bench

Cat owners are also modifying their motorhome or camper’s dinette benches simply by cutting a hole into the bottom of the dinette bench seat. As you see by the photo below, these RV owners installed a cute little cat entrance door that leads to their cat box. I love how they painted it to match their RV decor.

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Under Dinette Seating
Photo source unknown

As you see in the photo below, they place the litter box (no lid or hood needed) inside the bench seat. When it comes time to clean the litter box, all they have to do is lift the seat part. By keeping it inside the dinette compartment, the odor is contained until cleaning. And, the cat has privacy to do her business.

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Dinette Seating Storage
Photo Courtesy of Kelli Hanlon

Under the Bed

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Under Bed
Photo courtesy of Ashley Russel

Like the dinette bench seat modification, some RV owners are doing a similar cat hideout  under bed storage area. Typically, RV mattresses sit on top of a plywood platform surface. That platform is hinged and can be lifted with the help of pneumatic shocks that allow the bed to remain open without holding it.

So, this makes another great location to keep your cat’s litter box. There are a few caveats to this type cat box accommodation. Not every cat can go into either the dinette bench or under the bed. These are typically intended for short and small cats as the height inside each doesn’t really allow them to sit up fully to eliminate. And, if you’re cat is a super-scratcher-bury-their-crap type cat, you may experience middle of the night noise that sounds like a big rat underneath your bed!

Check out these cat doors for cat litter box pass-through or a quiet kitty cubby hideaway space. 

Indoor Cat Door

Magnetic Pet Door

Cat Door with Flap

Hiding the Cat Litter Box in Furniture?

End Table or Night Stand

There are actually pieces of small furniture that could double as a concealment for a cat litter box or your feline’s sleeping quarters. I was excited to see several RVers use this as an option for their kitties. Because this doesn’t involve modifying anything in your RV, nightstands and small cabinet-type end tables are perfect for smaller cat boxes.

Cat Litter Box in an RV - End Table Nightstand
Photo courtesy of LeVeta Stephens

To access the litter box, you just open the front cabinet door or lift the table top. And, the table top can double as a lamp and drink holder OR more importantly, a place for your reigning king or queen of the RV to lounge, nap or stare at you.

But, did you know that there are also manufacturers out there that actually make prescribed cat box furniture!? But, be conscious of how much they weigh. Remember, you need to keep in mind of your RV GVWR.

Check out these adorable litter box cabinets below. Click on each for size, weight and details.

Ottoman Storage Bench

I have to be honest, I never even thought of making a bench ottoman into cat box storage! But it works! See how these RV owners below cleverly cut a hole in the one of the ends of the storage ottoman, placed the litter box inside and reseated the lid top.

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Ottoman
Photo courtesy of Carey Stacy-Crist

And it looks like their beautiful feline loves the privacy too. She even has a hiding place just outside the litter box but still inside the ottoman.

Other Cat Litter Box Locations in Your RV

Motorhome Cab

Some motorhome owners who are owned by cats don’t have any other place to put the litter box than up in the cab. They can be placed in a way that the opening is away from the living area which mitigates immediate odors. As well, it provides your kitty a little privacy when she goes potty.

In the Shower

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Always On Liberty Cats in Shower
Always On Liberty©

A lot of traveling RVers keep the cat box in the shower as it doesn’t require any modification or alterations to the structure of the RV’s interior. And, what more appropriate place to put the litter box than ‘in the bathroom’ or head (on boats).

However, that’s only if the shower has just a curtain or the door can remain open so they can go anytime they need to without meowing at you. But, make certain you use a litter mat to catch any litter that you don’t want going down the drain. And, if any does get outside the mat onto the floor outside the shower, we just use a tiny broom and dustpan.

Different Types of Portable Cat Litter Boxes

Now, if you’re just going to put your cat’s litter box in the shower or somewhere without making modifications to your RV, there’s a plethora of different types of cat boxes. You’ll need to take into account of your kitty’s size, health, agility and age. What may work for one cat may not work for another.

Here’s a great selection of cat litter boxes that may appease both, you and your cat or cats. Click on each image for sizes and details about each kitty litter box.


We also found the need for a cat litter catching mat to put in front of the entry door into their cat box. This way, any litter that remains in their paws falls into the mat rather than being tracked throughout our RV (or most of it, at least).

Depending on the size of the area you’re putting the cat box, you can get different sizes accordingly. In our case, since our shower is small, we chose the 17″ x 24″ which fits perfectly in the shower. It also prevents any litter from going down the shower drain.

What kind of CAT LITTER should you use in your RV?

Choosing the type of cat litter for your feline friend is a personal choice; not only for them, but for you too. While some have really good luck with pellets instead of gritty kitty litter, our finicky fuzzy headed princesses won’t touch the stuff. Our girls prefer Arm & Hammer’s Platinum Slide Clump & Seal. And so do we because it doesn’t track as bad as other cat litter brands. Also, if we scoop regularly, it doesn’t have an odor.

That said, when choosing the best best cat litter for small spaces such as RVs, boats, apartments and tiny homes, there’s lots to consider. There’s many options to use in the cat box from natural compressed pellets or wood chip litter, scented or unscented, clumping or clay litter, cat litter with charcoal or kitty litter with baking soda, etc. There’s even a cat litter that contains an indicator that responds to deviating values in the urine such as blood, alkaline, bilirubin, or abnormal PH levels.

So, you’ll just have to find a brand of cat litter that suits your cat’s health needs as well as providing a harmonious sweet smelling atmosphere for everyone.


World’s Best Cat Litter

Fresh Step Clean Paws Simply Unscented    Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Platinum Slide Clumping Cat Litter

Where do WE keep our kitties’ litter box?

And finally, you’re probably wondering where we keep the cat litter box in our RV? It should come as no surprise that we just have been keeping it in the shower of all three of our RVs. When we think about it, we’re only using the shower for its’ intended purpose only 20 minutes each day. So, it’s just a good place to keep it. We also keep our soiled laundry in there on top of the cat box.

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Always On Liberty Litter Box in Shower
Always On Liberty©

We chose a larger front entry cat box with the removable hood for easy cleaning. And, we had to get the largest size we could because Kandi (our calico) is a big girl; weighing in at about 16 pounds. She needs that extra room to move around in. 

However, we did have to do a small modification to it. Being Krissie, our senior cat, has back and hip dysplasia issues, we had to cut down the entry opening lower so she could get into and out of it easier. Also, since we have quirky cats who despise flap doors, we had to remove that too. 

Cat Litter Box in an RV - Cutting Down Litter Box Hole
Always On Liberty©

By keeping their litter box in the shower, it allows them unobstructed access. And, we didn’t have to be drilling, sawing or modifying any cabinet or wall in either of our fifth wheels or motorhome. More importantly in our tiny motorhome, it doesn’t take up a valuable storage compartment that many other RVers have in their big rig motorhome or fifth wheel. And well, they both appreciate total privacy when they go to the bathroom ‘in the bathroom’.

Your takeaway on where to put the cat litter box in RVs

Cat Litter Box in an RV-2

So, if you have a cat or multiple cats and you are thinking of buying an RV, this is an important issue to consider. Or, if you already have a motorhome or camper but are contemplating in getting a kitten or cat to join you on your RV adventures, keep these litter box options in mind. Remember, your cat’s well being and health are as important as yours’.

Check out our video on how we RV with Cats!

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