Jewelry Organizers for RVs, Tiny Homes and Small Spaces

The full-time RV lifestyle presents quite a few unique storage challenges due to incredibly small spaces. But, should we have to sacrifice our pretty things such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces just because we live in RVs? Not if you know how to properly store them! We’ve found some great jewelry organizers for RVs that will also work in tiny homes, apartments and even dorms!

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Jewelry Organizers for RVs, Tiny Homes and Small Spaces


After buying our RVs, I was always on the lookout for some creative ways to not only store my jewelry but also to cleverly display my earrings and necklaces. Of course, who better to ask than other RVers who do the same. As you read further down, you’ll see a lot of creativity and cool ideas from actual designated jewelry organizers to DIY jewelry storage solutions.

Other RVers jewelry organization and storage solutions

The first one I loved is how Chelsea uses two creative ways to not only store her jewelry but also prominently display them as art. The earring display on the left is a frame that has perforated metal sheet attached to it. She just hooks each earring in it’s own hole.

The earring display on the right looks like a fabric covered frame with padding that she can stick her post earrings into and displays it on her bathroom or bedroom counter.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Earring Wall Screen
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Westmoreland

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Earring Frame Display
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Westmoreland

I can’t help falling in love with this clever idea for an earring holder! Leslie hung an antique flat kitchen shredder and is using the holes to stick her dangling earrings. This is great for farmhouse or boho decorating styles. Isn’t it just the cutest? I’m sure there’s a story behind the shredder too!

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Antique Kitchen Grater Earring Organizer
Photo courtesy of Leslie B Andrews

In our own former Landmark 365 fifth wheel, I was blessed with having my own vanity and sink in the bedroom. Since I had a space on the wall near the mirrored medicine cabinet, it was the perfect place to store some of my favorite necklaces and earrings. (below). This was a fabric covered padded bulletin board that was embellished with upholstery nail studs. Because it was padded, it allowed me to poke pins and my dangle earrings in.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Fabric Covered Jewelry Wall Display
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Multi-purposing wall art into jewelry displays

Sometimes, RVers like ourselves simply don’t have enough wall space or storage space to keep jewelry boxes. So, what’s a girl to do?

I noticed some RVers were using simple wall art they were doubling as creative jewelry organizers!

Marjorie decided to incorporate this metal wall art tree (below) making it into a useful jewelry display that stores her earrings, rings and necklaces. I also noticed she can hang her charger cords and earbuds!

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Metal Tree Wall Art
Photo courtesy of Marjorie Hewitt

And Debra, found these adorable distressed house wall art that she modified by installing small hooks (left) to hold her necklaces. The one on the right, it looks like she attached a small rod with sliding hooks to store her necklaces and bracelets. What a great way to combine fashion and function all in one!

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Distressed Wood Houses Wall Necklace Display
Photo courtesy of Debra Machen

And, wouldn’t this be cute mountain key rack to hang a few necklaces on? See, key racks don’t just have to be for hanging keys!

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Mountains Key Rack for Jewelry

Check out these cool wall art displays that can also be used for hanging your jewelry necklaces, bracelets and earrings:


Door and wall mounted jewelry racks

And WOW! I can’t fault anyone for having lots of jewelry because I love to wear a bit of sparkle and shine everyday too. This cool jewelry organizer below hangs over the door or can be mounted on the wall. It provides easy access as every pair of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are all in one place.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Over-Door or Wall Jewelry Organizer

Check out these other fun over-the-door or wall-mount jewelry organizers and storage solutions:

And, I simply can’t help myself falling head over heels with this beautiful white jewelry wall display below. It literally holds every type of jewelry piece you own. From post earrings and dangle earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, you can even hang your sunglasses on it! It’s perfect for anyone who has minimal amount of jewelry yet still wants to keep it accessible and not locked up in a hundred little boxes.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Beautiful Jewelry Wall Display

What’s even cooler is you can change the appearance of this wall mounted jewelry organizer by sliding in one of our 4 unique patterns or you can DIY the pattern by using your pictures.

RV DIY Jewelry Organizers

If you’re a right brainer like me, you aren’t satisfied with just buying something and hanging it on the wall. You want to put your own personal touches on it. As well, you want to make it functional for YOU. And, that’s why I just love this next jewelry organizer idea. It’s an utterly genius jewelry storage idea!

DeAndrea’s television in her RV flips from living space to bedroom. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Anyway, she mounted a large cork board bulletin board on the back side of their television. It looks like she used pins and small hooks to hang her jewelry on. Dang, isn’t that the most innovated creative DIY you’ve ever seen in an RV?

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Corkboard Wall Frame
Photo courtesy of DeAndrea Heskett

Next, the jewelry display below is one that I created for our bedroom in our former Landmark fifth wheel. I simply recycled the ugly picture (that every other Landmark owner has); turning it into this fabulous jewelry organizer and display.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Padded Jewelry Wall Frame Display
Photo by Always On Liberty©

How I created my padded jewelry display frame

    • Upon taking the whole thing apart, I spray painted the frame a metallic bronze to coordinate with our cowboy western theme.
    • While my paint was baking in the sun, I cut and mounted 1/2″ thickness crafting foam to the existing poster board with spray adhesive so it stayed in place.
    • Then, I cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the foam-mounted board and also glued it down using the spray adhesive (lightly just so it doesn’t shift in the frame).
    • After mounting a loose weave fabric (one that the weave holes that I can poke my earrings into) over the foam board, I trimmed it with a pair of sharp fabric scissors. I remounted the entire fabric covered foam board into the frame and VOILA!

After finishing my DIY jewelry display project, Dan re-screwed the frame into the existing screw holes in the wall. I then, stuck super long straight pins into fabric padding to hang my necklaces onto. I just stuck my earrings into the fabric and foam backing.

Look at how many pairs of earrings and necklaces I could organize and store on my jewelry display. And, the best part? Not one earring or necklace fell off during travel. Everything stays intact on the display. Needless to say, when we traded our fifth wheel in, we had to replace it with, yes, another ugly looking framed print.

Using what already exists

And why not utilize what you already have in your RV to make your own jewelry display? Most RVs have those fabric covered cornice board window valances. While to a lot of women hate them, some creative ladies embraced what was already there and utilized them.

And since those cornice boards are already padded, you can stick long pins in them just as Penny did to hang her necklaces below.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Window Cornice Board Valance Jewelry Hanger
Photo courtesy of Penny Adams

Did you know that you can actually recover your RV window valances? Check out my video showing you how to do it:

Simple Jewelry Storage Ideas

Sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to finding jewelry organizers for RVs. We all know that you can’t just throw your prized necklaces into a box. They’ll end up a mangled mess which may take hours to untangle. So, simply hanging them up on hooks may just be the jewelry storage solution you’re looking for.

For example, Sally screwed in coat hooks to the side of her cabinet (below). This is just yet another creative way to utilize space in a tiny home, RV or even live-aboard boat. Her necklaces are out of the way, easily accessible and won’t end up all tangled.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Cabinet End Hooks
Photo courtesy of Sally Hill Boyster

Chelsea mounted a simple key rack on the wall in her RV using with simple Command strips. Her beautiful necklaces now become instant art when she’s not wearing them.

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Necklace Organizer - Wall Hooks
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Westmoreland

Check out these other key rack ideas to use as necklace hangers. Click on each to get details and measurements:



Necklace Storage Solution Tip: If you have fine link chain necklaces that tangle easily, slit the entire length of two paper or plastic straws. Work your necklace halves into the straw. Then clasp together. 

Hanging Jewelry Cabinets

For you queens of silver and gold and princesses of baubles and beads, I call this hanging jewelry cabinet the big dog of jewelry organizers

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Hanging Jewelry Cabinet

However, there’s one caveat with this type of storage system. It’s heavy, cumbersome and will require a solid location to mount or hang. So, this may not be the best for lighter weight towable RVs or campers that bounce a little more down the road. However, a few of my lady friends who live full-time in their big rig motorhomes do have these amazing jewelry cabinets (I’m envious!) where they’re not subjected to much shaking or bouncing.

Some jewelry armoires like the one above are lockable. So they help protect any valuables from sticky fingers. Each has different features such as a full length mirror door front, interior lights when you open it, drawers for keepsakes, and shelves to even hold your pretty perfume bottles.

Again though, make sure your motorhome will be able to accommodate one of these jewelry organizers. And, ensure your installer mounts this jewelry cabinet securely. Otherwise…well, you know.

Check out these beauties! Again, check for measurements, weight and features:

Hanging Closet Jewelry Pocket Organizers

Jewelry Organizers for RVs - Hanging Closet Jewelry Organizer

You may have noticed those hanging pocket organizers. They are perfect jewelry organizers for RVs because they don’t take up much space. And, by looking at some of them, you can fit a whole lot of  baubles and beads in their pockets!

These storage pocket hangers come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Some have as many as 80 different pockets to allow a different pair of earrings or individual piece of jewelry per pocket. Also, there is a two-sided option so you can get twice as many jewelry pieces.

These hanging jewelry organizers have transparent windows for easy viewing. They also have zipper closures to protect jewelry from moisture, salt air, hairspray, dust, etc. But also, the keep all of your jewelry intact in case it falls during travel day.

Oh, and these jewelry organizers already come with a hanger. So all you have to do is hang it in your RV’s clothes closet and load it up!

Check out these jewelry pocket organizers. Verify the size and specifications of each:

I highly recommend though to not overload it with lots of heavy jewelry as it may affect how it hangs on your closet hanger bar. But also, let’s not forget, all that weight is adding to your RV’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Trust me, I’ve had one of these when we first started RVing and I stuffed that sucker full.

Jewelry boxes and storage containers

Some of you may not want to have your jewelry on display in the open. So, you’ll want to get a jewelry box to keep your finer earrings, bracelets and necklaces in. Just make sure you have ample drawer or cabinet storage to store them in.  Measure before buying larger jewelry boxes.

Small portable jewelry storage

I get that not every woman (or guy) wishes to keep a lot of jewelry in their RV. For them, we’ve found a few small jewelry organizers for RVs. They’re perfect for storing just a few of your favorite pairs or earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. And they tuck away nicely in a drawer or cabinet. Their portability makes them easy to slip into a small suitcase or backpack to take on vacation or business trip.

Here’s a few of my suggestions. Check each for dimensions and features:

Final thoughts on jewelry organizers for RVs

What do you think about all those unique and creative jewelry organizers for RVs? Some may prefer tucking away their earrings, necklaces and bracelets in jewelry boxes or travel bags while others may wish to display them for easy access. And, as we’ve mentioned before, all of these jewelry storage solutions can also be used for any small living spaces; whether it’s your camper, boat, apartment or college dorm! Which jewelry organizers spark your joy?

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