Road Trip Activities for Kids & Travel Games to Do in the Car or RV

Face it, road trips can be tough on kids. But they can be really rough and stressful to the driver and parents too! But do we really want them watching movies all day? Instead, let’s get them watching the scenery while learning and engaging! To help with that, we’ve found some great road trip activities for kids to keep them engaged in the adventure instead of burying their faces in the screen!

Just think, there are over 200 million cars in America. That’s half a billion bored riders or a staggering 20 billion bottles of beer on the wall. But admit it, after round 20 of that bottles of beer on the wall song, you’re ready to hit the bar because your kids are bored and you’re tired of that endless song!

Road Trip Family

So, you’re probably asking what kind of activities or games can the kids play or keep them engaged during your road trip adventure? We’ve got that covered in this awesome comprehensive guide of road trip games and activities to keep your kids occupied for hours.

So, everyone put on your seatbelts and let’s go on a a road trip, learn and engage all at the same time!

Fun Road Trip Activities for Kids: Travel Games to Do in the Car or RV

Always On Liberty - Road Trip Activities for Kids

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Kids’ Road Trip Activities

Keeping kids occupied during quiet time is essential to Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa who may be driving through heavy traffic or need to be able to hear their GPS more clearly without shouting or loud giggling. So, individual road activities for road travel are just the ticket for safe driving.

Road Trip Kit

Lifetime Road Trip Travel Games ActivitiesNever hear “are we there yet?” with this complete Road Trip Kit! Everything your child needs for hours of entertainment all in one box. Parents and Grandparents will love this kit because there are no small pieces to keep track of or find under seats. Games come with instructions as well as helpful travel hints.

Kids Travel Toys Erasable Doodle and Scribbler Boards

Road Trip Activities for Kids - Kids Travel Toys Erasable Doodle and Scribbler Boards

Kids Travel Toys Erasable Doodle and Scribbler Boards is an amazing fun way to keep preschoolers and primary grades kids occupied on a road trip. The reusable doodle book comes with 10 pages drawing pads, 10 coloring pens and 1 guide booklet book. Its’ waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The pocket attached the doodle book will keep all pens together. It’s lightweight and travel size making it perfect for children’s travel bag or backpack. Kids can play the erasable drawing book everywhere they go, even in the car or in the RV  during a long journey.

The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A.

Road Trip Activities for Kids - The 50 States Explore the U.S.A.

Pack your bags and take the journey of a lifetime as you explore The 50 States in the U.S. with this fun 50 fact-filled book and activities! Learn about state capitals and key historical moments. Also, be inspired by the inventiveness, beauty and diversity of the United States in a curious collection of maps. Explore thousands of wondrous locations and people who helped make America what it is today.

Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal

Road Trip Activities for Kids - Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal

Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal is a must-have activity book for kids to enjoy as you reach your destination. It will make your long car ride or RV adventure much more enjoyable! Including car games, mad libs, puzzles, writing prompts, questionnaires, coloring pages, interview ideas, scavenger hunts, brain-teasers, and more, this road trip book is filled with more than 100 entertaining activities, inventive ideas, and endless fun. This interactive road trip activity book encourages children to be present, look out the window to observe their surroundings, make memories, and challenge themselves with puzzles, games, and activities. Adventure awaits!

Kids’ Road Trip Games

Travel Bingo

Auto and Interstate Travel Bingo

Travel Bingo will keep kids occupied for hours. They will learn to be more attentive to their surroundings by marking off what they see on their road trip adventure. Each shutter slide bingo card has large print to make them easy to read. This cool activity set is perfect for family vacations, car rides, and road trips in the RV!

I SPY Travel Card Game

I SPY Travel Card Game

I SPY Travel Scavenger Hunt card game is the ultimate boredom beater for your next family road trip. To play, each player takes five cards and tries to locate various roadside objects. In addition, several funny “Hear It”, “Feel It”, and “Smell It” cards encourage kids to use all their travel senses by listening for sounds, feeling for bumps, and sniffing for scents. Even the most restless traveler will enjoy coming along for the ride! 


Road Trip Activities for Kids - Rubberneckers

Rubberneckers finally puts an end to on the road ennui, whether you’re road tripping or field tripping. This road trip activity for kids includes glossy cards with “I Spy” type instructions to keep riders of all ages entertained for hours. Compete against other riders to spot the things listed on your card to gain points. Things to look for include someone picking their nose, someone singing, someone eating, and many other unusual and ordinary sightings. Rubberneckers is an easy to play game that’s entertaining for the whole family!

Scavenger Hunt for Kids Travel Card Game

Road Trip Activities for Kids - Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

Travel Scavenger Hunt is the ultimate boredom beater and perfect passenger for your next family road trip. It’s the classic card game of search and find for kids and kids of heart! So, keep your eyes, ears, and even nose on the lookout and soon, you’ll wonder where the time on the road went! Scavenger Hunt for Kids is a perfect game that can be played over and over in the car, RV or even camping, no matter where the road takes you.

50 Cool Things to Do in The Car

Road Trip Activities for Kids - 50 Cool Things to Do in The Car

Looking for screen-free activities when you’re on a car trip? Look no further than this compact tin filled with 50 Cool Things to Do in the Car for family fun on the road! It’s a great way to keep kids 5 and up entertained while you’re on a road trip or field trip! The colorful tins are perfect for slipping into a purse or pocket for on-the-go fun and excitement!

Radical Road Trip

Road Trip Activities for Kids - Radical Road Trip

Radical Road Trip is the brainchild of Barry and Jason, the creators of Game Night in a Can. This magical box of road trip activities eliminates every ounce of your road trip boredom! With no screens needed, everyone will interact and have a blast. There are 6 categories of games to choose from, each one containing 10 games. The unique game design ensures you’ll play this every time your family sets off on an adventure! The size allows it to fit right under your seat so it’ll always be available as a travel activity for long car ride entertainment!

Guess in 10 States

Kids Road Trip Activities - Guess in 10 States of America

Guess in 10 States is all about learning what these states are known for and how they were named. It’s a super fun game of guessing. Ask up to 10 questions to guess the state on each game card such as: Does this state have a lot of beaches? Are the Red Sox from this state? Does this state have a large coast? Think hard, ask intelligent questions, use your clue cards wisely, and be the first player to win 7 game cards!

Travel Blurt!

Road Trip Activities for Kids - Travel Blurt

Now you can blurt on the go with Travel Blurt! Take turns passing the clue cards, reading the definitions and blurting out the answers. The first player to “Blurt” correctly moves ahead on the game board. The first player to reach the top of the scoreboard wins! This fast-paced, rapid recall road trip game will encourage quick thinking skills, develop vocabulary, promote good sportsmanship, as well as strengthen their social skills.

Games on the Go!

Road Trip Activities for Kids - Games on the Go

Turn family road trips and lunch breaks into great family fun. Games on the Go is a collection of 50 games and activities that can be played anywhere at any time. This fun travel game collection includes guessing games, word games, memory challenges, trivia, searching games and much, much more. It can be clipped to a purse or bag and played in a car, while waiting for meals at restaurants, at the picnic table or around the campfire. It is designed to go anywhere you go and be at the ready when the time is right for family fun.

The Best Ever Back Seat Games

Road Trip Activities for Kids The Best Ever Back Seat Games

Forget about electronic devices and entice your kids to open The Best Ever Back Seat Games. This fun kids activity book that will make your road trip unforgettable and is a great way to pass time in your car or RV. It contains more than one hundred varieties of fun games and interesting facts that are designed in a way that all age groups, children and adults, can participate. All you need is a great imagination, a little sense of humor, and sometimes a pen and a piece of paper. This kids road trip activity book will make traveling with the family even more fun and entertaining.

Automobile Backseat Organizers

One of the biggest challenges for parents is trying to keep the kids’ activities and road trip supplies right in front of them. So, we’ve found a few awesome backseat organizers and even their own on-the-road workstation to help keep them busy. With these organizers, they’ll keep from losing their stuff and you get to keep your sanity!

Car Backseat Organizer with 10″ Table Holder

Kids Travel Tray – With Tablet Holder Stand & Art Supplies Storage Pockets

Collapsible Front & Backseat Car Organizer with Movable Dividers


High Road CarHop Car Seat Organizer for Kids and Adults


Wrapping up Road Trip Activities for Kids!

Road Trip Kids with Backpacks

What did you think of those fun road trip activities and travel games for kids? The best way to keep your sanity as a parent and driver is to find constructive things for your kids to do. And, as you see you can do it without them burying their faces in  screens.

So, let’s pack your bags and hit the road with these entertaining and engaging road trip games to play in the car or RV or even on your camping trip!

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