Protect Your Valuables from Theft & Fire with the Right RV Safe

Do you have a safe in your RV? If not, why? Whether you travel full-time in your motorhome or fifth wheel or camp in your travel trailer for a short time, you should always protect your valuables, narcotic medications and sensitive documents by locking them in a good quality safe. But, what type of safe do you need and where would you even put an RV safe?

Protect Your Valuables from Theft & Fire with the Right RV Safe

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Why do you need a locking RV safe in your motorhome or camper?

RV Safe - Valuables in Safe

If you’re new to RVing, you’re sure to learn that your motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer or even truck camper is not as secure as a sticks and bricks home. And, especially those with higher end RVs, you may become a bigger target for break-ins and theft. Unless your RV has a good security system and good, sturdy locks, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3 and a thief is in.

So, to keep your valuables such as cash, jewelry, firearms, medicine as well as important documents protected from theft, a security safe is a necessary essential. If anything, a good safe will give you a little piece of mind that your belongings are protected from thieves.

But, it’s not only thieves you need to worry about. What if you’re RV caught on fire? Not having a safe, your valuables will be damaged or lost completely. So, get a safe that is not only theft-proof but also fire-proof.

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What kind of RV safe should you keep in your motorhome or camper?

There are several different types of security safes on the market. However, it’s important to get the right one for your RV. While you could get a simple lock box to keep some things in, they’re not really considered ‘safes’. As we talked about above, you need a security safe that’s theft-proof and fire proof.

Also, you can get an RV safe that opens via key access, a digital keypad, numeric dial, or finger print reader to open the lock so you can access the contents inside the safe. Usually, lockable safes will come with a combination of two or even three different methods to open your safe.

Should you get a security safe for your RV that has a key entry, hide your key in an inconspicuous location away from the safe. But, don’t forget where you’ve hid the key. And you certainly don’t want keep your lock combination written down anywhere near your safe. I do, however, recommend leaving a copy of your key and the combination to the safe lock in a safe deposit box or with someone away from your RV that you trust (ie. next of kin, executor of your will, etc.)

How big of an RV safe will you need?

RV Safe - Numeric Dial

The size of your security safe will depend on what you will be storing and how much you’re going to store in it. If you’re only going to be traveling in your RV part-time or just on weekends, a smaller safe should suffice to hold your cash, passports, bank cards, and a few small documents. 

However, if you’re full-timing in your RV fifth wheel, motorhome or other camper, you may need a bigger size safe. Because you’re going to have everything mentioned above in addition to your medical records, birth and marriage certificates. But, this also may get you thinking that perhaps you want a large safe to provide enough room to secure your digital devices, laptop, external hard drives, camera equipment, a small firearm and ammunition.

There are two factors you need to consider when researching safes. Where you’re going to keep or mount it and how heavy the safe is. Let’s not forget that a good fire-proof safe is going to be heavy. So, keep your RV GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) in mind when adding that extra weight of your safe into your motorhome or camper.

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Where should I hide your RV safe?

RV Safe - Where to Hide Safe in RV

Figuring out where to hide your safe is completely up to you. In my opinion, while you want your safe to be accessible should you need to retrieve your credit cards or passports, you really don’t want it to be seen. Some RVers hide them under the bed, inside closets, under bench seats, or in cabinets.

But here’s the thing about keeping a safe in your RV. It doesn’t do a bit of good just having your safe that’s loose and portable. If you can remove it from your RV, so can a burglar. You certainly don’t want a thief grabbing your safe and leaving just as quickly as walking into your RV. 

RV Safes - Holes for Wall Mounting
Make certain you mount your safe to either a wall or the floor in your motorhome or camper using the holes and bolts provided. Be aware, not all safes are mountable.

So, my suggestion is to get a safe that can be permanently mounted to the floor or a sturdy wall inside those any of those locations above. If you’re not handy, I highly recommend getting a professional who knows how to mount the safe.

Because as mentioned earlier, a thief doesn’t have time to be cutting bolts or trying to dislodge it. They just want to go in your RV and walk out quickly with your valuables. So, having a safe that you can bolt to a sturdy wall or floor will deter them from just taking the whole thing. In other words, make it as difficult as you can to secure your safe that holds your valuables and medications.

So, now that we’ve shown you why you need a security safe, what kind of safe to keep your valuables safe in your RV and where to hide your safe, we’re going to list our security safe recommendations for RVs and boats.

Our Recommended Locking Security Safes for RVs and Boats

Fireproof Home Digital Security Safe

RV Safes - Fireproof Home Digital Security Safe BoxFireproof Home Digital Security Safe is constructed of thick solid steel heavy-duty chrome steel dual pin bolt throw system (not just latch). It has a hidden lock with two keys. And, it has pry-resistant hinges and a steel door. Its also comes with wall or floor mounting holes. Using two bolts, you can hide it in a shelf, wall or cabinet in your RV or boat. More flexible and convenient to use.

TurboSAFE Smart Safe Box

RV Safes - TurboSAFE Smart Safe Box

TurboSAFE Smart Safe Box is a mountable WiFi safe with app and tamper alerts via passcode or the physical keys. Has door locking bolts made from hardened steel, pry-resistant hinges. Multiple anchoring points let you mount the TurboSAFE to a desk or the wall (or both), wherever you choose. Their  Passcode Disguise protects your entry code from prying eyes.

ADIMO Security Safe

RV Safes - ADIMO Safe Box

ADIMO Security Safe has two expansion screw holes at the back that you can mount to any solid surface. You can install the safe on the wall in the closet of your RV or boat to prevent thieves from taking the entire safe. You can open the safe with two different ways. For daily opening, you can use the master key and the digital password. If you forget the password, you can open it with master key and emergency key. This particular safe also has its own intelligent alarm system that automatically triggers a warning sound immediately after entering the password incorrectly three times or encounters severe collision.

Viking Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe

RV Safes - Viking Security Safe Biometric Safe

Viking Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe can protect your valuables and belongings with a fingerprint LCD keypad. It’s a fast, secure and reliable safe that makes keys the thing of the past. It offers top of the line locking system with an upgraded 500 DPI optical fingerprint reader, numeric digital keypad and LCD display. This safe has locking deadbolts that are motorized and reinforced by two anti-pry insertion slots for extra security. It’s the perfect size that can give you extreme flexibility to mount it anywhere  in your RV or boat.

TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe Box

RV Safes - TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe

TIGERKING Burglary Digital Security Safe Box is made of highly durable thick steel plate for long lasting and reliable protection. This larger safe comes with a removable shelf to load your personal effects and valuables and has an interior box with a lock. It has a smart warning system and allows you to program your own code and has extra security and warning features. And lastly, it has 2 holes in the back of the safe with expansion bolts that allows bolting this security safe to a sturdy wall in your RV closet, lower cabinet or bench seat back.

Your takeaway on how to protect and safeguard your valuables using an RV safe 

RV Safes

As you see, having a fireproof and theft proof safe in your RV is a necessity. It’s wise to lock up your cash, expensive personal effects, narcotic prescriptions, and personal records when not using. In other words, make it very difficult for a thief to steal them by mounting your safe securely inside a cabinet, in the bench seat of your dinette or inside the closet on the floor are all great suggestions.

And lastly, make certain you inform your RV insurance company that you have an onboard safe installed in your motorhome or camper. Some may even give you a small discount on your insurance policy rate. But remember, a safe is only as good as using it. So keep it locked at all times.

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