Space Saving RV Shoe Storage Ideas for Campers & Boats

Finding the best shoe storage is one of the biggest storage issues in RVs, Campers and boats. Because cabinet space is a premium in our own fifth wheel and motorhome, we found some creative shoe storage ideas for not only stowing your hikers and walkers, but also your boots.

Hey, we totally appreciate wanting to keep several different types and styles of shoes. Especially as full-time RVers who live on the road. We still enjoy getting gussied up to go to dinner or an event. That doesn’t mean though, that we have to sacrifice style just because we may not have much in storage space options.

I will be the first to tell you that storing our shoes and boots in a big storage tote simply does not work. However, these shoe storage ideas will keep your shoes organized yet easily accessible. So, let’s get right to seeing how you can store your favorite footwear.

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Space Saving RV Shoe Storage Ideas for Campers and Boats

RV Shoe Storage Tips

Before we look at some of our recommendations  on how to store your shoes and boots in your RV, we’re first going to share with you some great tips.

    1. Anytime you store your shoes, they need to be completely clean and dry. Otherwise, you’re just inviting mold, mildew and odor.
    2. Before storing your shoes and boots in compartments, ensure there are no insects or spiders inside. You certainly don’t want to become a breeding ground for unwanted pests in your RV or boat.
    3. Throw in a desi pack in each shoe; especially if you’re storing them for a long time. This will help keep moisture and odors from building inside your shoes or boots.
    4. Place a closet dehumidifier or Damp Rid with activated charcoal in closed up compartments. Again, the last thing you want is a mushroom growing inside or out of your shoes. Using small dehumidifiers will also keep odors minimal. Make sure you get the ones that won’t spill the water out.
    5. Occasionally clean and condition or polish your leather shoes and boots. Especially in dryer climates, this will keep the leather supple and from cracking.

Hanging Shoe Storage Ideas

Over the Door Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer

Over Door Shoe Organizer and Storage

The obvious shoe storage solution are those over-the-door hanging shoe organizers made specifically for slippers, flip flops and shoes. These pocket shoe keepers can easily be cut shorter to accommodate smaller doors or wall space. Oh, but they’re not just shoes. These cool pocket organizers can be used anywhere in your RV to store your toiletries, health and beauty aids, as well as even in the RV kitchen or boat galley.

Other door shoe organizers that go well in RVs and Boats:

Closet Hanging Shoe Organizer

8-Shelf Hanging Shoe Organizer

If you’re RV has a large enough clothes closet space, you could store your shoes in a hanging shoe organizer to keep them out of sight. There’s a plethora of different sizes to accommodate how ever many pairs of shoes such as 8 pairs, 10 pairs, 12 pairs and 24 pairs of shoes or flip flops. There’s even a closet hanging shoe storage organizer that holds 30 pairs of shoes! That said, depending on the size of each shoe, some hanging shoe organizers may only accommodate one shoe in each section. Not saying you need that many shoes but those shoe organizers can provide allot storage for scarves and small purses too.

Hanging Boot Storage

Hanging Boot Storage Clips

Every girl (and guy!) needs some fancy boots. Whether they’re cowboy boots, fashionable booties, or even rubber boots, they can be an essential part of your wardrobe. However, the last thing you want is for them to just be jammed in a box as they’ll lose their shape.  These hanging boot clips are a great solution for storing your boots in your RV closet. The best way I can describe this innovative boot storage idea is you install a heavy duty closet rod or drapery rod in the bottom section of your clothes closet.

I recommend installing the rod so it’s the whole width (at least 96″) of the inside of your closet. Make sure you measure and mount it to accommodate the tallest boot in your shoe collection. However, make certain you don’t load too many heavy boots in the center causing the rod to bow or bend. To keep your boot clips from sliding during transit, simply space pea-size globs of mounting putty between each boot clip.

That space is practically unusable anyways, so why not cleverly store your boots down there? Plus, by elevating them as described above, will allow the air to circulate all around the boots, including the floor area.

Other creative boot storage ideas:

Wall Mount Shoe Organizers

Adjustable wall mount shoe rack

Wall Mount Shoe Rack

This 2-pack wall mount shoe rack kit is a great way to keep shoes off the floor yet visibly organized for easy grabbing. Depending on sizes, they fit up to six to eight pair of shoes. And, this particular shoe rack is height-adjustable, allowing you to simply position them at the level that suits your RV or boat best.

Folding Plastic Wall Mount RV Shoe Organizer

Folding Plastic Wall Mount Shoe Organizer

This creative folding shoe rack set, according to the height of the shoes can adjust the angle. When the rack is not in use, just fold the hanger up. It’s hanging design saves space which is super important to RV living. They are great for a variety of shoes, such as high-heeled slippers, leather shoes, sports shoes, etc. However, these particular shoe racks are not suitable for flip flops or thin sandals.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Yocice Wall Mounted Shoes Rack

As you can see, these wall mounted shoe racks are are perfect for RV living, vanlife, boats and small spaces! Each shoe rack neatly holds one pair of shoes. And as you notice, they can be mounted practically anywhere. They are made of eco-friendly PC plastic. And, these show racks come equipped with sticky mounts.

Entry Way Shoe Hooks

Coat Hooks - Shoe Storage Ideas

When we first started RVing, I was looking to see how we could store our everyday shoes yet keep them easily accessible. One creative RVer installed coat hooks on the bottom side of a cabinet closest to the door. It was literally a genius idea to keeping shoes in their place without cluttering their RV entry steps. I’ve also seen other’s install individual coat hooks instead of a board hook setup like above for the same effect. By using individual coat hooks, it allows the installer to space the hooks to accommodate the different shoe sizes and widths.

Mesh Pocket RV Shoe Storage

Mesh Pocket Shoe Storage

I have to say, I was so excited to find shoe storage to keep my flip flops right near the door of our RV. That way, I could take them out and slip them on as I step outside or take them off and slide them back into our mesh pocket shoe organizers. We actually prefer the permanent screw mount mesh storage pockets because they leave a more refined appearance. But also, they seem a little more sturdy. And, of course, they can be used for other storage solutions for digital devices, books, hats and gloves, etc.

Other mesh pocket storage ideas for RVs and Boats:

Bed Shoe Storage Ideas

Under Bed Shoe Storage

Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

The saying “keep your money under your mattress” kind of rings on this next shoe storage solution. When you lift up your RV mattress platform, you’ll notice a great amount of storage space where you can stow your shoes you don’t wear often. And the best way to organize your shoes under your bed is to keep them in dust-free protective organizers that enable you to see the contents without opening. You can also keep these shoe storage bins up in your cab bunk in Class C motorhomes as well. You can even stack them!

More under bed shoe organizers for RVs:

Lower Bed Pocket RV Shoe Storage

Lower Bed Shoe Pocket Storage

If you’ve been perusing some of RV storage and organization websites, you may have seen that glorious photo of shoes stored neatly in pockets around the bottom of the bed. Well, those aren’t fairytale photos. Those pocket shoe organizers do exist! You could get them from Camping World. However, they are expensive for just one small section. But, if you’re a little creative, you can make your own custom shoe storage for just pennies on the dollar. 

How to make your own shoe organizer

All you need is to get a good quality over the door shoe organizer. Then cut each horizontal row of pockets right directly under the pockets above. Then, finish the tops of each pocket row by folding over the top edge and hemming using ultra hold iron-on adhesive tape.

You could just use a staple gun to attach each row of pockets to the bottom wood box section of your bed. Or, you could install them using a grommet kit and hang each grommet from a metal hook that’s screwed into the bed’s wood box below. Be aware, both methods will leave small holes in the bed’s wood box exterior if you remove your shoe pocket organizer. But, if you ever sell your RV and want to transfer your bed shoe organizer, all you need to do is fill in the holes with wood filler or wood putty crayons.

Furniture Shoe Storage Solutions

Portable Ottoman Cubes

Storage Ottoman Cube

One of the biggest pet peeves RVers have about RV living is the pile of shoes at the door. Not only is it an eyesore but also, presents a tripping hazard and fire safety issue. So, why not use a storage ottoman cube? Since they’re lightweight and portable, they’re perfect to not only provide a place to store your shoes, but makes a great foot rest!

And, to boot (no pun intended), some storage ottoman cubes come with a reversible top that can be used as a tray for beverages and gadgets. Lastly, if you really wanted to, you could install caster wheels to the bottom corners to make it even more portable.

Other ottoman storage cubes:

Ottoman and Coffee Table Shoe Storage Bench Combo

Ottoman and Coffee Table Storage Bench Combo

Speaking of storage ottomans, when we had our fifth wheel, we originally had a coffee table storage bench combo that had a riser table top. We could eat while watching tv or play games and work puzzles right at the sofa. But it also tripled as a storage bench and ottoman. Now, they are super popular amongst big rig RVs because they are stylish and multi-functional. This versatile piece of RV furniture makes a great shoe storage compartment (or for other things) in the main living space of your RV.

Final thoughts on RV shoe storage ideas for campers and boats

Weren’t those some awesome shoe storage ideas? For those like us who live in RVs or small spaces, everything must be multi-functional. Because our space is limited, everything also must be picked up and put away. And this is why we put together these helpful storage solutions articles; including this one how we store shoes in our RVs.

Always On Liberty - Shoe Storage Ideas

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