RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas and Organization Tips

Have you’ve ever driven or pulled your RV down a rough road only to have that jar of salsa explode at your feet after opening your refrigerator? Or, food getting stuffed all the way in the back only to find it weeks later looking and smelling like death? If only you had the right RV refrigerator food storage organizers and containers, you wouldn’t end up with  costly food waste and spillage!

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas and Organization Tips

Always On Liberty - RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas

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Just like keeping the rest of your belongings inside your RV, it’s important to keep your refrigerated foods stowed so you don’t have messy mishaps going down the road. But, refrigerator organizers serve another purpose; keeping your fridge neat and organized so you don’t have to dig for condiments, ingredients, and produce. Because, as we all know, RV refrigerators quickly lose their effectiveness if the door is open too long.

So, as we figured out what works in our RV’s refrigerators in our former fifth wheels and now our Winnebago View Class C motorhome. We’ve found by spending a little money, we actually save on groceries (because they is less waste). But also, we’re not scraping ice buildup due to temperature variances from keeping the door open too long searching for food items.

So, we’re going to show you how to organize your RV’s refrigerator but also how to store food items to keep them fresher longer. Let’s see what we came up with!

RV Refrigerator Organization Ideas

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas and Organization Tips

We implemented a few refrigerator hacks that will help keep your food storage containers from sliding around or falling out.

Tension Bars

Driving some of our nation’s highways and backroads is like riding out an earthquake. And everything in our RV refrigerator is getting bounced around. But we’ve found a remedy to not having our refrigerated items falling out the minute we open the door. 

Tension bars have solved this problem for us. Once installed they keep everything nicely in place whether traveling down the bumpy roads or not. And, they are so easy to use, just put in place, twist each end between both sides of the fridge and the rubber ends keep them secure. 

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Refrigerator Tension Rods
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Reasons why we love them:

    • Come in two sizes: 12″ to 20″ and 15.7″ to 28″.
    • Available in four colors: black, white, wood grain and even pink!
    • Easy Adjustable Size – These tension rods can be adjusted between 12″ to 20″ and 15.7″ to 28″ to fit your refrigerator interior width.
    • Made of premium plastic and metal with two end rubber foot to hold the tension rods in place.
    • Easy to install with just a twist to fit.
    • The tension rod rubber head has .79″ in diameter; the outer tube is .5″.

Shelf Liners

One of which is lining your fridge’s shelves with specialized refrigerator shelf liners.

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Refrigerator Shelf Liners
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Reasons why we love them:

    • They are safe to be used in contact with food directly.
    • Can be cut into any size you need.
    • They are waterproof, dustproof, oilproof; making them easy to clean.
    • Super low temperature resistance
    • Anti-skid material makes them stick to glass or plexi refrigerator shelves without sliding during transit.
    • Reusable and fast to dry.
    • Can also be used on your kitchen cabinet shelves or kitchen drawers.
    • Sets come in a multi-color or white.

If you prefer to custom size your refrigerator shelf liners, you can also buy it in a roll instead.

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Drawer Liners

Similar to refrigerator shelf liners, your RV refrigerator drawers could stand to have liners in the bottoms as well. 

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Refrigerator Drawer Liners
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Reasons why we love them:

    • Each sheet measures 12″x24″ allowing for larger shelves and custom sizing.
    • They have a non-adhesive cushion that protects your produce and breakables.
    • Will help keeps produce fresher longer. These fridge liners will save you money by reducing spoilage on your fresh produce.
    • These particular refrigerator drawer liners are machine washable! Simply throw your refrigerator liners in the washing machine (no bleach or fabric softener). When finished, lay each of them flat to air dry.
    • They are multi-use; not just for your refrigerator. You can also install them in your RV kitchen cabinets, food pantry, and bathroom cabinets and drawers, or laundry room.
    • Comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Produce Drawer Liners

If you’re wanting to store lots of produce in your fridge, to help prolong their your fruits’ and vegetables’ freshness, specialized refrigerator produce liners are just the ticket. Much like those BPA-free green produce bags or produce containers, these prevent your produce from spoiling quickly.

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Refrigerator Produce Saver Liners
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Why we love them:

    • High quality food liner with special material that protects the fruits and vegetables from spoiling, odors and bruising, absorbs moisture.
    • Raw material is manufactured in Germany to guarantee that the liner meets the high quality standard and safe to use for food contact. and BPA, PVC, Phthalates Free, it meets the FDA food contact Standards.
    • These innovative foam fridge liners allow air to circulate throughout the drawer to prevent your fruit and veggies from rotting or spoiling.
    • They help save money on grocery bills by prolonging the life of produce.
    • Can be used in the bottoms of produce containers and open refrigerator organizers too!
    • These produce saver refrigerator drawer liners are easy to trim-to-size with scissors.

Refrigerator Organizers & Storage Bins

In our sticks and bricks, we would just shove all of our bottles, cans and containers in the refrigerator. However, since our RV refrigerator is much smaller and we need to keep in mind of what happens to those during transit, we needed to find a way to organize our refrigerator contents.

To add to that, we wanted our organizers to be transparent so we can see what’s in them without holding the refrigerator door open for long periods of time. But, before you go buying them all, we highly recommend measuring the shelves and drawers inside your RV fridge first.

But anyway, here’s what we came up with. And YES, we DO use these clear storage bins in our RV refrigerator as well as inside our cabinets and drawers.

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Clear Storage Bins
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Why we love them:

    • Keeps refrigerator, freezer, pantry or countertops neatly organized.
    • Ideally sized to fit fruits, vegetables yogurts, canned goods, food packets, cheese, and meat.
    • Made of durable high quality 100% food-safe, BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic
    • Designed with practical carry handles and interior non slip texture, clean with warm soapy water. And dry with a soft cloth.

Other Refrigerator Organizer Bin Recommendations:

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Clear Storage Bins 2RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Clear Storage Bins 3RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Clear Storage Bins 4
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Refrigerator Storage Bins with Lids and Handles

If you’re just looking for individual refrigerator storage bins, we’ve taken the guesswork out by providing these suggestions:

RV Refrigerator - Fridge Drawer OrganizerRV Refrigerator Food Storage Bag OrganizerRV Refrigerator - Fridge Clear Drawer Organizer
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Other Refrigerator Storage Ideas:

Though we don’t use them because our refrigerator is small and limited, there are refrigerator storage bins that have handles for easy grabbing too.

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Refrigerator Food Storage Containers

There are countless refrigerator organizers and food storage containers out on the market. However, you need to make certain you’re buying containers that are food safe, BPA-free, chemical-free, and of course do what they claim to do.

And again, my suggestion is to measure your refrigerator spaces, shelves and drawers before buying. You may find they may be too tall, too wide or too long to fit in your specific RV refrigerator. 

Here’s some of our favorites! Some come in sets while others are sold individually:


RV Refrigerator Food Storage ContainersRV Refrigerator Food Storage Herb ContainerRV Refrigerator Food Storage Cold Cut and Bacon Keeper
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Refrigerator Produce Keepers

There’s a difference between regular food storage containers versus actual produce containers. While you could cheap out on produce savers found at the dollar store or big box stores, they may not be truly safe for food and consumables. This is why we use Debbie Meyer products to store our perishable fruits and vegetables in our refrigerator. Simply because they work as advertised. In fact, we have been using them since her very first infomercial!

Produce Containers for RV Refrigerators

These produce containers are green for a purpose. And, they’re easy to use (and re-use!). They have special compounds in them that actually protects and elongates food freshness.

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Refrigerator Produce Containers
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To use, I simply remove fruits and vegetables from their original packaging and wash using a produce wash or with a diluted vinegar to water solution. Once they’ve been washed thoroughly to remove dirt, herbicides and pests, I dry the produce the best I can with a clean flour sack towel (not wasting paper towels). Then I place clean and dry produce into the storage containers.

For baked goods like muffins, cookies and small treats, I also remove them from the original packaging and just place them in the green container and seal. I do keep them out of warm cabinets to help prevent molding.

Why we love them:

    • These particular food storage containers are independent lab-tested. They’ve been proven to extend the life of produce, breads and baked goods. We can personally attest to that!
    • Made through FoodFresh System technologies; a unique, proprietary combination of natural ingredients.
    • Are food safe and BPA-free.
    • They are reusable; so no adding to landfills. Their effectiveness cannot be washed out or worn out.
    • Dishwasher-safe (top rack only).
    • Microwave safe (NOT for oven use).
    • Made in USA! (YAY!!!)

Other refrigerator produce keepers:

Refrigerator Produce Bags

Made by the same company as the produce containers above, we love these green produce bags just the same for all the reasons above. In fact, I can reuse these bags too. They’re great for keeping whole fruit and veggies until I can properly wash and use them.

RV Refrigerator Food Storage Ideas - Refrigerator Produce Bags
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How to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and clean

RV Refrigerator Air Filters and Refrigerator Produce Preservers

Sometimes we occasionally get odors that can leach into other foods in our fridge. To help keep odors at bay, there are several air filters available. You can go with using a simple box of baking soda however, I’ve found those occasionally will spill causing a mess. In a pinch, we’ll use a box of Arm & Hammer Fridge-N-Freezer that has filtered sides so the baking soda doesn’t spill out. That said, the boxes take up space in our tiny RV refrigerator. Oftentimes, they find themselves squished between food items that kind of depletes the reason for having it in there. 

So, we have found for our smaller fridge, the suction cup Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh works just fine. I change it out every 30 days. When we’re finished with either of them, we break them open and sprinkle them into our kitties’ cat litter box or down the drain to sweet the smelly odors.

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RV Refrigerator - Arm and Hammer Fridge N FreezerRV Refrigerator - Arm and Hammer Fridge Fresh
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Why we love them:

    • 100% baking soda
    • Eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer
    • Numerous household uses

But there are other refrigerator air filters and produce preservers that you can use in your boat or RV refrigerator.

Refrigerator Air Filters and Produce Preservers

Final Thoughts on RV refrigerator food storage and organization

Your takeaways here are knowing how to keep your refrigerator items organized. And by organizing your food items, you also allow your refrigerator to operate at maximum efficiency. But also, accidental spillage during transit won’t happen if you keep your refrigerator contents stowed properly.

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