Pool Noodle Camping Hacks for RVs and Campers

Poodle noodles aren’t just for swimming! Because of their flexibility, these floatation tubes can be cut, slit, bent to size to protect your family from injuries at the campsite and around your camper. These pool noodle camping hacks are simple fixes to use on your RV and around your campsite. 

Pool noodles are the perfect padding solution for sharp edges and low clearances on your RV or camper. But they’re also great for keeping your campsite safe for everyone.

So, let’s see how many pool noodle camping hacks you can use next time you go camping!

Pool Noodle Camping Hacks for RVs and Campers

Different Size Pool Noodles with Holes

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Pool noodle design

The reason pool noodles come with a hole that runs through the center is because that’s the easiest way to manufacture them. Made of polyethylene foam, these colorful floatation tubes are UV protected and salt water resistant. So, they won’t breakdown or deteriorate over time.

So, let’s see what great pool noodle camping hacks you can use in and around your RV and campsite.

Tent Rope Covers

Always On Liberty - Tent Rope Pool Noodle Hack
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Part of the camping experience is tripping over tent ropes. Especially at night, this cause serious injury. However, slitting a pool noodle and sliding it over the tent ropes allows them to stand out. For added safety after dark, attach a glow stick on each pool noodle for better visibility.

Camping Dining Canopy Roof

Pool Noodle - Dining Tent Canopy Support

Installing foam swim noodles under the canopy of your dining tent will help keep the corners from pooling and collapsing when it rains.

Anti-Sink Camp Chair Hack

If your camp chair sinks into the loose gravel or sand, simply cut a pool noodle according to the length of your chair rails that come in contact with the ground. Then, slice each lengthwise but only to the middle hole. Once you’ve done that, open the slit and slide it over the bottom rails of your camp chair.  This works on zero gravity chairs and beach chairs as well.

DIY Camping Toilet

Pool Noodle Camping Toilet Seat
Photo courtesy of Premeditated Survival

If your camping but don’t want to dig a cat hole and squat on the ground, you can make your own simple and convenient camping toilet out of a 5-gallon bucket, a pool noodle and trash bag! 

All you have to do is open a trash bag into the bucket with the open end over the enter bucket. Then, take a pool noodle and slit it lengthwise only to the middle hole. Then slide over the top edge of the bag and bucket to create a padded toilet seat.

PremeditatedSurvival provides a great blog tutorial on how to create your portable camping toilet.

Fishing Pole Protectors

Fishing Rod Pool Noodle Hack
Photo courtesy of The Family Handyman

Pool noodles make great fishing pole storage covers  in your trunk, truck bed or inside your RV. Since the foam swim tubes have a hole running through the center, simply slide your fishing pole end into the tube to protect it. No more damage or tangled lines on your fishing rods. Oh, and you can stick your hooks and lures into the foam so they don’t get lost, damaged or cause injury. Field and Stream shares other simple fishing pool noodle tricks to extend the life of your fishing rods and reels.


RV Slide-Out Edge Protector

RV Slideout Pool Noodle Hack
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Because of their height, RV Slideouts are notorious for causing head injuries because they stick out. Their edges are sharp and are at precise head height. So, after extending your RV’s slides, slip on a pool noodle lengthwise to overlap the corners. The Frugal Campasaurus shares explicit directions on how to make these RV slide-out edge protectors using pool noodles.

RV Slide Bottom Insulation Hack

Speaking of slides, if you’ve ever stayed in an RV during frigid temperatures, you’re well aware at how cold the floor is; especially near the slide-to-floor gap. Using a pool noodle, you can help prevent cold air from coming through your slide bottom. Simply slice a pool noodle completely in half lengthwise. Then, insert each half flat-side down part-way under the slide (both inside and outside!) to block the cold air from coming under your slide.

RV Slide Topper Noise Eliminator

If you have slide toppers, you can can slip a pool noodle under the slide toppers to quiet the flapping sound on windy days (and nights). Pool noodles also aid in allowing rain water to drain off instead of pooling in the middle of the slide topper. Just remember to remove them before bringing your slide in.

RV Awning

Installing a pool noodle over your RV’s awning arms will help prevent head injuries from taller people smacking into them in the dark. Slice a pool noodle lengthwise but only to the center. Then, open the cut end and slide it over the bottom of your awning arm. Not only will this create a visual deterrent but should you accidentally run into your RV’s awning arms, you’re not going to split your head open or bust your nose.

Bunkhouse Ladder Padding

RV Bunkhouse ladder pool noodle rung covers
Photo courtesy of RVillage RV Voices

Bunkhouse ladders are painful on little feet each time the kids climb up and down from their bunks. To make those hard ladder rungs more comfortable, slit a pool noodle the width of each step. Then, slit each to the center lengthwise only to the center. Split each pool noodle sleeve and wrap over the rung. Use duct tape or cable ties to secure them tightly around the rungs so they don’t slip or turn.

RV Door Edge Protector

When our toddler Grandson camped with us, we noticed a serious safety issue while our RV door was left open. His head and face were the same level as the bottom corner of the door edge and corner. So,  to protect him from a serious face or head injury, we slid pool noodle pieces over the edge and corner of the door.

Bunk Mattress Lifter

To keep the little ones from rolling off the top bunk or out of bed, slip a pool noodle under the sheet towards the outer edge of the mattress. However, this only works with a snug fitted sheet. Or, run a rope or long bungie cord through the the slit lengthwise and attach the ends underneath the bunk mattress. Then, fit your bunk sheet over the mattress and pool noodle completely.

RV Mattress Ventilation

RV mattresses are prone to mold because they set flush against the bed platform. To create a moisture barrier, slice several pool noodles in half lengthwise. Then, place each pool noodle ‘flat side down’ on the wood bed platform. After, set your mattress on top of the pool noodles. The pool noodle barrier between your mattress and the bed platform will create ventilation voids. This will which help prevent condensation buildup.

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Fifth Wheel King Pin Protector

RV Fifth Wheel Pin Box
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Fifth wheel pin boxes are notorious for jumping out and smacking into heads. Particularly in my case, I was doing something under the cap where the pin box is and turned my head quickly bruising the bridge of my nose. I learned my lesson by cutting a pool noodle down to the width of the pin box, slitting one side and sliding it over the hard metal edge.

Motorhome Windshield Wiper Protectors

If your motorhome sits for long periods of time  in the sun (or otherwise), you can protect and prevent them from sticking to the windshield; especially on hot sunny days. Simply cut your pool noodle according to your windshield wiper’s length. Then, slice each only halfway through to the center hole. After which, just slide your wiper blades into the slitted opening.

RV Refrigerator 

Items in your RV refrigerator tend to move and roll around during transit. To keep them from sliding forward and toppling out when you open the refrigerator door, simple slide a thinner pool noodle over the front edge. But, just make sure your refrigerator door closes properly.

RV Electric Cord Protector

Long runs from your electric pedestal to your camper exposes your electric cord to being stepped on, tripped over, ran over by lawnmowers and being chewed up by landscapers running their weed walkers. So, protect your RV electric cord simply by slitting pool noodles only to the center. Then wrapping them around your electrical cord.

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Water Hose Camping Hack

RV Water Hose Insulation
Amazon photo

Similar to protecting your electric cord above, using a pool noodle to prevent your water hose from being damaged is just as important. Plus, in colder weather, a pool noodle wrapped around your water hose acts as an insulator; thus, can prevent your hose from freezing and splitting.


Did you know that a standard pool noodle will wrap completely  around a 1″ diameter PVC pipe

Where can I buy different size pool noodles?

While you can purchase pool noodles at most big box stores or dollar stores, you may need them pre-slit or in different sizes. However, off season and in certain locations, they may be difficult to find. We’ve made it easy for you to find which ones you need below on Amazon:

Wrapping up our pool noodle camping hacks

RV Awning Arms Pool Noodle Hack
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Weren’t those pool noodle camping hacks and RV tips amazing? As you see, pool noodles can be used all around your campsite and inside or outside your RV. They are great deterrents that almost eliminate serious injuries.

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