5 Desert Spiders to Avoid in the Southwestern U.S.

America’s desert southwest is chocked full of wildlife of every shape, size and species. But some are dangerous and can cause injury or even death even though they are amongst the smallest of the animal kingdom. Desert spiders of the southwest United States are some of those that can pack a mean punch should you encounter them. So, it’s best to just stay clear of these venomous arachnids!

Unlike friendly storybook and nursery rhyme spiders like Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web), Little Miss Muffet and Itsy Bitsy Spider, real life desert spiders aren’t so friendly or harmless. In fact, some are venomous and considered dangerous should you get bit.

While this article pains me to write (because I absolutely LOATHE spiders), it’s important to know which spiders in the desert southwest you should stay clear of while you’re camping, hiking or playing outdoors.

So, let the creepy crawly heebie jeebies begin!

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5 Dangerous Desert Spiders to Avoid in Southwest United States

But, while you’re camping, whether it’s boondocking out in the desert or at a campground with hookups, you still need to be aware that desert spiders may be lurking at your campsite or the campground itself.

    • Always check before reaching for anything such as power pedestals, small brush piles, rock gardens, etc.
    • Before sitting at picnic tables, benches or chairs, always inspect underneath, in cracks and crevices.
    • Check laundry rooms. If you drop a piece of clothing on the floor, shake it out vigorously. 
    • Wear gloves when picking up anything off the ground such as your sewer hose and attachments.

Final thoughts on desert spiders to avoid in the Southwest

WHEW! This was one of the most difficult articles I’ve ever written because of my fear of those 8-legged tiny monsters.

But, I hope this information doesn’t deter you from exploring the desert southwest. Spiders are very much part of the ecological environment. They are much needed link in the food chain.

Like all wildlife, desert spiders should be respected and left alone to live out their lives in their desert habitats. Learn to coexist with them even though they look scary or may harm if antagonized or threatened. The best advice is to just stay clear of any desert spiders.

♦ PRO TIP ♦ If you’re headed out to the deserts in the Southwestern United States, you should familiarize yourself with spiders that live in the desert. Check out this spider identification chart.

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