12 Best Cat Carriers for Travel Cats and Adventure Kitties

Cats love to go on adventures! But you need to introduce them to cat carriers for travel well ahead of your road trip so they’ll get accustomed to riding in the car or RV. Then, once they master traveling in a pet carrier, they’ll want to go on more! But, to keep them safe during your travels and outdoor adventures. Today, there’s all sorts of cat carriers, kennels, cat back packs, pet strollers that you can take your cat with you virtually anywhere!

Some cats are super adventurous and not mind where they go, sleep, eat or play. However, others may be timid, scaredy cats and not want to go far from her familiar surroundings. And this is why cat carrier manufacturers have come up with unique and safe ways for you to not only transport your cat but also include your cat in your day-to-day life; including travel.

And while most cats utterly hate car rides or even riding in an RV, getting them used to their cat carrier several months prior to your road trip, they may actually grow into enjoying the adventure.

So, we’ve put together a cool selection of the best cat carriers to take on your road trip adventure.

12 Best Cat Carriers for Travel Cats and Adventure Kitties

Hard-Sided Cat Carriers for Travel

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Different types of cat carriers for travel

It’s important to recognize which portable kennel will suit your cat best. As we all know, all cats are different. And some can be quite finicky about being confined while other cats take to traveling in their carrier right from the beginning.

Cat carriers and pet taxis come in several different styles and are made of different materials. Some are  made of a hard plastic with metal gate while others are made of a softer, collapsible vinyl with mesh screening.

For your adventurous cat that loves to be on the go but doesn’t really hates to walk on a leash, cat backpacks and cat strollers are the perfect adventure gear for cats! But, if you’re just looking for a well-suited kennel to keep your cat safe in the car or RV travel, there’s quite an array of cat carriers for travel and transport that as their place to relax during their road trip or visit to the Veterinarian.

What pet carriers do cats prefer?

Some cats may prefer a carrier hard-sided walls for privacy and to feel more contained. On the other hand, some cats or kittens may not mind the softer vinyl collapsible carriers.

But, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make certain whichever cat containment provides plenty of air flow and ventilation, safety and comfort. 

For the cat owner, you’ll want to find a carrier that assembles quickly or collapses easily without making loud clanking sounds that may cause stress or apprehensions of even getting into it.

How long can cats stay in a confined cat transporter?

It’s important to know most cats can travel in their cat carriers for up to 7 or 8 hours. However, you need to allow them some vittles and a potty break every 2-3 hours. That said, it’s totally understandable that may not be possible if you’re on a road trip or in places that pose danger to you and your traveling cat.

How to measure and weigh your cat (and live through it!)

Most importantly, before buying any cat carrier, make certain you know your cat’s size and weight. Using a sewing tape measure, carefully measure your cat’s length from her neck to base of her tail and her height from the floor to top of shoulder. You’ll also want to measure her girth; taping her around the widest part of her belly.

To weigh your cat at home, step on your own bathroom scale and check your weight without the cat. Then, pick up your cat and weigh both of you together. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number. That will be her accurate weight. Or, if you’d rather, take her to your cat’s veterinarian to have her weighed on their pet scale.

Is every cat carrier Airline Approved?

Each airline sets their own specific requirements, so it is advised to check with your airline of choice.

Hard-sided cat carriers for travel

Hard-sided cat carriers are best known as being exceptionally sturdy. Also known as a pet taxi, the box-like, hard-sided cat carriers will protect your cat better as they are contained in more sturdy and protective design. Should you get into an accident, your cat stands to have a better survival rate in a hard-sided kennel.

Hard-sided pet transporters are also easier to clean should your kitty get sick during a road trip. And most models allow you to attach a water reservoir for long travel days. And, since cats are notorious for clawing, scratching and biting, the hard plastic cat carriers are a better option as they can’t be damaged as easily.

That said, even though you can disassemble them and nestle the top into the bottom, the plastic pet taxi style takes up a lot of room to store. So, if space is premium in your smaller RV, van or car, this type of cat carrier may not be conducive for your travel means.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Cat Kennel

Petmate’s Two Door Top Load Cat Kennel features a unique top-loading door that allows cat owners an easier way to  place and remove feisty cats using both hands. They are sturdy enough for RV travel and road trips. Both front and top-load doors are constructed with steel, and feature easy-squeeze latches for convenient access. Your cats will enjoy visibility on all sides of the kennel and the flow of fresh air.

Ferplast Atlas 20 Cat Carrier

The Ferplast Atlas 20 EL Cat Carrier is made of sturdy plastic and complete with plastic coated safe door. Its handle on the top allows very easy moving. It’s a fantastic cat transporter that has firmly fixed side locks and ventilation grills to allow air circulation. This plastic hard-sided cat carrier comes in blue and fuchsia pink.

Van Ness Calm Carrier for Cats

Designed specifically to keep your cat clam, relaxed and friendly, the Van Ness Calm Carrier for Cats with easy load drawer is a true-life hack. They invented this carrier so you and your cat can say goodbye to the fear, anxiety and stress associated with getting your fur baby in and out of carriers. The Van Ness Calm Carrier for Cats comes in two sizes: Calm Carrier for cats up to 20 pounds and Calm Carrier Max for cats up to 35 pounds.

Soft-sided cat carriers for travel

If you’re road tripping with your kitty in a small RV, van or motor vehicle, a collapsible soft-sided cat carrier may be a better option. All, if not most, soft vinyl pet transporters unzip and collapse down about the size of a large dinner plate and thickness of only a couple inches.

BurgeonNest Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

The BurgeonNest Soft-Sided Cat Carrier is actually a better carrier that redefines in-cabin pet travel. With non-collapsing strong structure, excellent ventilation, perfect for traveling and outdoors. It’s also secured with against-slip zippers so your Great Houdini cats can’t escape easily by pushing against the zipper from the inside. This cat carrier has 4 mesh windows and 3 doors which can bring more fresh air and easy access for your furry felines.

Estarer Soft Sided Cat Carrier

The Estarer Soft-Sided Cat Carrier will contain your cat during travel. And when he wants to stretch out, you can unzip and expand all four sides! The wider top and the entrances on both sides are equipped with zips that allow cute cats, dogs or rabbits to be easily put on and taken off. The ultra-fine fibre frame design prevents the top from sagging when fully extended. It comes in either black or pink colors.

Yafeco Space Capsule Transparent Cat Carrying Bag

The Yafeco Space Capsule Transparent Cat Carrying Bag is for those cats who need to see what’s going on all of the time! Its’ space capsule-like transparent design allows our pet to enjoy sightseeing, sunshine and scenery! The ventilation system is ingenious. Added mesh panels allow maximum accessibility and ventilation for your pet. It’s lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean and portable. Also, its’ portable design make you can take it apart very easily to store.

Cat Carrier Backpacks

Cat owners are raving about cat backpacks because  kitty can travel with them on hikes, walks through the park or woods or even while sightseeing in busy cities. The most important features you want to look for in this type of cat carrier is roominess for your size cat, ventilation and a sturdy floor. Also, make certain zippers won’t split or come apart so your cat doesn’t escape while on your back.

Texsens Pet Backpack Carrier

The Texans Pet Backpack is perfect for kittens and smaller cats up to 18 pounds. It has a removable floor mat for easier cleaning and let your pet enjoy it inside. It’s scratch-resistant and sturdy making it strong enough to stand up to the clawing or gnawing. And, this cat carrier backpack comes with chest buckles which helps transporting your cat with ease.

Pecute Cat Backpack Carrier

The Pecute Cat Backpack is made of high-quality waterproof, anti-scratch, non-toxic Oxford cloth. This cat backpack has lock-type zippers design to prevent the zipper from being opened by determined felines. It’s got pockets to store kitty treats, keys, ID and cards or phone. The best part about this cat carrier backpack is it has a mesh extension that allows your cat more room to stretch out when not being used as a backpack.

Henkelion Cat Backpack Carrier with Bubble Window

The Henkelion Cat Backpack Bubble Bag unique and popular space capsule design makes your pet feel safe and comfortable. This cat backpack with the rear viewing bubble makes it easier to take care of your pet while hiking, travel, cycling and walking etc. So go ahead and take your kitty on an outdoor adventure! Your kitty love to go in her bubble backpack! It’s available in white, black and pink!

Cat Strollers

If dogs can ride in strollers, so can cats! That doesn’t mean your cat is lazy (okay, maybe so?). If your cat doesn’t take to leash training but you want to take them with you on long walks, a cat stroller is just the answer! But cat strollers are also perfect for cats with physical disabilities. They can still enjoy seeing the sights and getting fresh air just like cats on leashes.

Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Cat Stroller

The Paws & Pals 4 Wheels Elite Jogger Cat Stroller allows you to take your cat outdoors when the pavement is either too hot or cold for their little paws. The zippered entryway, mesh window shades, and retractable canopy allow for airflow to keep your adventure kitty comfortable. With the press of a button on the handle, this pet stroller folds compactly. Making this a great option for road trips, RVs and air travel as it takes minimal space to store when folded completely. This cat stroller comes in five colors; black, pink, light pink, purple, and red.

ibiyaya’s Double Decker Pet Stroller

ibiyaya’s Double Decker Pet Stroller is perfect for small, cuddly cats (and dogs). With its upper and lower cabin compartment, two cats won’t have to fight their way as you go along your sightseeing stroll. Its foldable system also makes it super easy to fit into the trunk of your car or RV basement compartment.

Multi-Function Cat Carrier

ibiyaya 5-in-1 Cat Carrier

Get ready for any adventure with your pet with the highly versatile ibiyaya 5-in-1 Cat Carrier! It can be converted into a shoulder carrier, a cat backpack, a car seat for your cat, cat stroller, and cat carrier with wheels. So, your kitty will always enjoy traveling in style whether to go sightseeing, hiking, or going to see Grandma! With it’s large opening for getting in and out, a sturdy mesh window, and perforated holes, the cat carrier backpack ensures ventilation while your kitty enjoys the view. This multi-function pet carrier comes in five colors; blue, green, pink, orange and brown.

Final thoughts on cat carriers for travel and outdoor adventures

Cat Carriers for Travel - Cat Backpack

WOW! Now if those don’t make you want to get your cat excited to travel, I don’t know what will. Look, we all know a lot of cats simply don’t do leashes. But, we still want to include our kitties in our outdoor adventures safely. These different cat carriers are great ways to do that!

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