RV Closet Organizers *Storage Solutions for Small Closets*

RV closets are tiny. And, they certainly aren’t very efficient when it comes to keeping your RV closet neat and tidy. But moreso, staying organized in an RV can be a challenge; especially during transit on those bumpy roads. So, to keep your clothes from falling all over the place and making a big heaping mess, you need to get RV closet organizers with efficient storage solutions.

Who knows better of the challenges of keeping everything neatly stowed in your RV closet than those who live in motorhomes and campers. There’s been plenty of times I’ve opened our closet doors only to find our neatly stacked jeans and sweaters piled on the floor mixed in with my purses, shoes, belts and other accessories.

And what about all those tops that fell off the hangars? However, with a little research, we’ve put our collective minds together to bring you some great RV closet organization and storage solutions that keep your clothing space picked up and ready to go.

So, let’s take a few minutes to see what we’ve come up with.

Learn how to How to Declutter and Organize Your  RV or Small Living Space

RV Closet Organizers *Closet Organization Tips Storage Solutions for Small Closets*

Closet Organizers for RVs - Closet Organization Tips

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Hanging 3-Shelf Hanging RV Closet Organizer

This 3-shelf hanging closet organizer works great in wardrobes and closets in RVs! From storing towels and bed linens to nicely folded tops to rolled t-shirts, it only makes sense to have this in your motorhome or camper. The little strip design in the front of each shelf prevents items from slipping off accidentally, especially some small items. Each layer has a removable and durable board to enhance the weight bearing capacity. The organizer is machine washable after removing all the boards and hooks. The best part is it is lightweight, washable with no assembly required. 

Other hangin closet organizers that are perfect for small closets in RVs, boats and tiny houses:

6 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

5 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

6 Hanging Closet Organizer with Removable Drawers

Closet Storage Hangers

/If your closet is getting tight and you need a solution urgently, these magic closet storage hangers are perfectly suited for you. Maximizing your RV closet storage space with these magic cascading hangers can greatly save your wardrobe space. No more digging out things in a container and ironing them when you need them, and no more folding clothes, you can just hang your t-shirts, this space saving hangers will keep your shirts, pants and shirts organized and wrinkle-free

Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Hangers

These heavy duty grippy, non-slip hangers prevent the dreaded pool of delicate blouses that seem destined to end up on your closet floor. The small hooks on the side and central bar also have scarves and camisoles covered. These slim clothing hangers will save space in your cramped RV closet so you can store your favorite clothes with ease.

Slip-Proof Velvet Accessories Closet Hanger

This slip-proof velvet scarf hanger is crafted from slip-proof velvet that gently grips onto fabric without causing wear & tear! This keeps everything steadily on the hanger when rummaging through the closet. Along with that there are velvet hooks in each ring to help hold other items like belts & small bags! I even used it in our fifth wheel to hang my favorite necklaces!

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Space-Saving Scarf Organizer

This space-saving scarf organizer neatly arranges your charming neck ties and scarves. The swivel hook enables easy 360º hanging. Maximize your closet space by neatly organizing your valuable accessories in one place with your non-slip hanger organizer for the closet. Its soft, non-slip texture offers a luxurious feel while preventing accessories from falling to the ground. 

Other scarf hangers and tie racks and hanging organizers that are perfect for RV closets:

23 Loop Scarf/Belt/Tie Organizer Hanger

2-Pack Space-Saving Scarf Organizers

2-Pack Scarf & Tie Rack & Belt Holder with Hooks

Dual Sided Lingerie Closet Organizer

Organize your underwear, bra, socks, makeup, and other private necessary items using this hanging lingerie closet organizer that’s made with breathable 600D Oxford cloth and nylon mesh pockets for easy identification. It has a 360 degree stainless steel metal hanger that can swivel to access both sides easily.

Other hanging lingerie organizers that are perfect for RV closets:

Hanging Mesh Pockets Dual-Sided Closet Organizer

24-Pocket Double-Sided Hanging Closet Organizer

Mesh Pockets Dual Sided Wall Shelf Wardrobe Storage

Hanging Shoe Closet Organizer 

This hanging shoe organizer will help your organize and protect your shoes from dust while being stored in your closet. The shoe shelves keeps shoes, stacked ball caps and accessories visible, clean and dust free. They’re designed to accommodate up to 8 pairs of shoes. The breathable fabric shelves with contrasting trim are not just stylish but will keep shoes organized and smelling fresh. A sturdy metal frame and hooks are included so that this shelf hangs easily on a standard closet rod.

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Stackable Foldable Closet Organization Storage Bins

These stackable and foldable closet storage bins are convenient to store your lightweight items such as shoes, clothes, toys, files, etc. They are suitable for small RV closets because they don’t take up much real space inside your closet. You can stack them on the floor to maximize use of vertical space. Or, you can space them out individually on shelves. The slide rails at the bottom of closet organizer box is convenient, so you can easily pick item even it’s in the most inner.

Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Maximize closet storage space using these acrylic shelf dividers. They will help make your closet shelves neat and tidy. These shelf dividers will help divide wide shelves to stack items such as clothing, sweaters, towels, blankets and linens into a neat high pile that won’t topple over. They’re great for dividing the same shelf into different functional areas.

Bag and Purse Organizer Hooks

/No more dusty floors or hard to reach places for your precious handbags and purses! These bag and purse organizer hooks are a space-efficient, closet storage solution for your handbags. By hanging them, they it will help retain their shape. These hooks are also the perfect organizer all your accessories such as tote bags, backpacks, belts, ties, jeans, tops, boots and scarves.

Hanger Connector Hooks

These hanger connector hooks are very helpful for your home wardrobe or your RV closet. Used in  conjunction with a hanger on a clothes rack for organizing your T-shirts, tops, shirts, coats and jackets, belts, neck ties, scarves and even necklaces.

Adjustable and Foldable Hanging Clothes Shelf Storage Unit

This adjustable and foldable hanging clothes shelf storage unit can be separated as 2 individual closet shelves to meet your different needs of storage for various items in every place. Designed with adjustable panel,you can adjust the layer spacing according to the size of the clothing.

Non-Slip Trouser Hangar

This non-slip trouser hangar is made of high quality stainless steel that is rustproof and sturdy, ensure durability and long-life for use. One multilayer pants hanger is equivalent to five normal hangers, maximize to save your closet space and keep it clean and orderly. It’s compatible with all kinds of clothes, perfect for hanging your jeans, trousers, leggings, ties and scarves that keeping your closet compact and organized.

Divided Closet Organizer Storage Bins

These divided closet organizer storage bins offer large storage capacity for your jeans and pants, t-shirts and tops, sweaters, shorts, and so on. These closet organizers can be used as clothes drawer organizer, wardrobe organizer, etc, They make a great storage solution for your RV closet, wardrobe, big drawer, on the shelf, or under your RV bed platform.

Trapezoid Closet Storage Bins

These trapezoid closet storage bins are make finding your clothes and belongings convenient. And, they also allow easy access when putting them on the highest shelf. These are fabric covered closet bins that can be used for clothes, bags, shoes, towels, blankets, toys, dolls, and more. These storage baskets fit nicely onto closet shelves, under your RV bed platform, etc.

Fabric Storage Box with Clear Window

These fabric closet storage bins have a flip-top lid, which can prevent unwanted dust from reaching in. What’s more, all of the storage baskets have handles which are convenient for you to carry. The front transparent window of the clothing storage bins makes it easy to clearly see interior things so that you can find needed items quickly. Also, the clothing storage bins are stackable and foldable when not use, saving you tons of room. These closet storage bins are suitable for storing various clothes; socks, underwear, leggings, scarves, blankets, shoes, etc.

T-Shirt Folding Board

If you’ve ever watched Big Bang Theory, you would notice that this t-shirt folding board was always in Sheldon Cooper’s laundry kit. Because Sheldon was OCD about tidiness, using this folding board made all of his t-shirts come out in uniform folded dimensions. In fact, I even loved using it when I worked at a Harley Davidson dealer to fold all those Harley t-shirts! Now, this necessary storage and folding tool helps to save time and energy; making closet space more tidy and orderly. Simply lay your t-shirt face down onto folding board, flip the left panel, then the right panel, and flip bottom middle board upwards. Voila!

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Final thoughts on these amazing RV closet organizers and storage solutions

RV Closet Storage - Closet Organization Tips

As you see, these efficient methods of organizing your RV closet will keep your clothes clean and neatly stowed. Because we all know that when going down the road, if you don’t have the right closet organizers for your RV, you’re going to be constantly battling wits in keeping your closet clean and tidy and clothes easy to find.

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