Best Outdoor Camping Rug to Keep Your Campsite Clean

One of our least favorite things about camping is constantly tracking dirt and sand into our RV. To alleviate that problem, we use an outdoor camping rug to prevent dirt tracking. But campsite mats also provides a cleaner entrance to our RV or tent. With that, we can now concentrate on enjoying our campsite instead of constantly sweeping and cleaning.

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Best Camping Rug to Keep Your Campsite Clean

Outdoor Rugs and Campsite Mats for RVs, Campers, Tents, Tailgating & MORE!

Why do you need an outdoor camping rug?

When setting up your campsite, the very first thing you should put out is your campsite rug for a variety of reasons.

These ground covers are beneficial not only helping to keep you from constant sweeping, vacuuming and moping the inside of your RV, tent or outdoor gazebo but also,

    • Makes your campsite look tidy and welcoming.
    • Allows you see unwelcome critters before stepping out of your tent or RV
    • Protects bare feet from sharp stones, sticks and potentially dangerous creepy crawlies
    • Allows campers to kick off their shoes and relax outside barefoot
    • Gives a cleaner and safer place for children to play on the ground
    • Provides a more comfortable place for your pets to lay outside

All of that said, with so many different outdoor camping rugs for RVs and tents on the market, it may be hard to choose which would be best for your lifestyle or camping situation.

To make your buying experience easier, we’ve narrowed down the vast selection of outdoor camping mats to the top contenders.

So, let’s see which of our picks may fit your outdoor lifestyle that includes RVing, camping, tailgating and even outdoor markets!

What you should look for in an outdoor rug

Mountain Mat Outdoor RV Rug
Photo by Mountain Mat

Outdoor Rug Construction Materials

Most campsite mats are made out of recycled plastic or polypropylene. These synthetic textiles are the same fibers used in manufacturing outdoor furniture cushions and padding, awnings and even sunshades.

Consider when choosing your outdoor camping mat:

      • Quality
      • Warranty
      • Durable
      • Reversable
      • Compact and easy to store
      • Easy to clean
      • Dries fast

Also, look for a campsite mat that is manufactured with a UV protectorate in the construction materials as well as the ability to be staked into the ground.

Not only will all of the above keep your outdoor campsite rug looking like new, but it will protect your rug from the sun’s rays breaking down the material.

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Outdoor Mat Durability

A good quality outdoor rug should be able to withstand the weather, rough scraping of shoes and boots.

A campsite mat should be able to handle the weight of your campsite furniture without punctures or tears. It should also be reversible so you can prolong its’ life.

Are campsite rug weatherproof?

While you’re camping, you’ll experience all types of weather under the sun; including the sun!

This is why it’s important to not choose an outdoor rug that has UV protection as well as protection from mold and mildew. Hence, why it needs to be able to withstand the sun’s ultraviolet rays and be waterproof.

You surely don’t want an outdoor rug that degrades quickly or stays a soppy wet mess that collects dirt, sand and mud.

So, pay attention to those two important features when looking for a campsite mat.

The purpose of an outdoor rug is to not track dirt, sand and mud it into your RV. But also, to be a comfortable ground cover for your children to play or camping pets to lie on.

Where do you store your campsite mat?

There’s two ways to store your RV outdoor rug; rolling it or folding it. While rolling your mat prevents creases, you’ll need to lay the curled side down.

This helps to prevent edges from sticking up and causing a tripping hazard. You may need to stake it down to keep it intact.

A great way to store rolled campsite mats is in a storage tube installed on the back bumper or under your RV (these are also great for storing your sewer hose too!).

Some RV outdoor rugs come folded instead of rolled. However, do note that they may have creases at the folds that may present tripping hazards.

But, you can alleviate that by staking down two corners and stretching it slightly to smooth out the creases. Then, stake down the other two corners and voila! 

Folded campsite mats may come equipped with a storage bag for cleaner storage.

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So, now that you know what to look for in regards to construction, durability, and storing an outdoor rug, let’s now check out our recommendations and which campsite mat is our ultimate favorite!

Best Outdoor Rugs & Campsite Mats

Mountain Mat Outdoor RV Patio Mat

Mountain Mat RV Outdoor Mats are the premium outdoor campsite rugs on the market.

As we are huge proponents of protecting and preserving our outdoor natural environments, we’re pleased to know these camping mats are awesomely earth friendly!

Their bold, colorful designs are woven with high-density polypropylene fibers repurposed from plastic waste that would otherwise fill our Earth’s landfills or plastic pollution in our waters.

Also, the breathable weave is safe for grass while preventing mud, dirt, sand & rocks from being tracked into your RV or tent.

For durability, know that Mountain Mats have 4-sided double-stitched edging which prevent fraying and unraveling. 

These outdoor rugs can be used for all outdoor activities such as park picnics, beach day, camping, patios and bbq spaces. They’re even great for laying out on the hot parking lot surface at tailgating events, flea markets and farmer’s markets!

Ming’s Mark RV Outdoor Mat

If you’re a  beach lover, Ming’s Mark Beach Paradise RV Outdoor Mat is perfect for camping on the beach, mountains or riverside.

This decorative outdoor mat is made of 100% virgin polypropylene material, UV protected and its’ breathable making it perfect for not damaging grassy campsites. It’s reversible and folds compactly for easy storage.

Other Ming’s Mark RV Outdoor Mats:

Stylish Outdoor Theme Campsite Mat

The Stylish Outdoor Theme Campsite Mat is soft and durable virgin polypropylene material.

It’s UV coated to protect against fading and other sun damage. And, its’ reversible, breathable material won’t damage grass.

This outdoor rug is super easy to clean and it dries quickly! It’s lightweight, compact and folds for easy storage. Comes with a carrying bag. Also comes in green/beige.  Size: 9’x12′

CGEAR Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat

The CGEAR Outdoor Mats, made of military-grade construction, anti-fade and reversible, are perfect for not only camping and RVing but also to take to the beach and picnics!

Because of their loose weave, sand literally sifts down below the mat.

It was originally designed for desert military helicopters to land on, so it’s proven durability.

This lightweight camping mat comes in two colors; orange/agave and blue/green in a variety of sizes to fit just about any size RV or campsite.

  • LATCH.IT Camping and RV Outdoor Rug

The LATCH.IT Outdoor RV Mat comes manufactured with binding on all 4 sides that provides awesome durability.

Not only is it perfect to beautify your campsite, its’ trendy & unique design will beautify your campsite, patio or picnic area.

This outdoor rug is made of recycled materials, mold and mildew resistant, reversible, and double stitched. It comes with 4 anchor stakes and storage bag. 

The LATCH.IT comes in two different styles and colors; Boho and dark & light.

Kohree RV Outdoor Rug

The Kohree RV Outdoor Rug is easy to clean; just use a hose or sweep it with a broom.

It’s made of 100% stain-resistant polypropylene, UV fade resistant and improved to avoid UV fade and sunlight damage, providing you vibrant colors outdoors all the time.

This campsite rug is also non-shedding; meaning the edges of the large outdoor rugs are thermoplastic, preventing the edges from falling apart. They come equipped with a carrying tote and 4 ground stakes.

Kohree multi-use outdoor rugs come in multiple colors, designs and sizes; black/white, blue/white, green/white, gray/white and gray/yellow. They also come in 2 different sizes; 6′ x 9′ and 9′ x 12′ to accommodate your outdoor space.

Always On Liberty #1 Pick Camping Rug

Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Mat

We saved our favorite RV outdoor carpet for last. It’s the Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Mat.

The reason we love it so much is it’s so durable that we’re still using this same campsite mat since 2014!

It doesn’t kill the grass, is easy to clean and doesn’t mold or smell like mildew after continuous full-time camping use. This ventilated camping mat is constructed of durable PVC-coated polyester mesh allowing air and sunlight to flow through.

The Prest-O-Fit outdoor RV mats are UV-protected to prevent sun damage and fading. Their edges are neatly hemmed to minimize fraying or unraveling. It also has brass grommets for staking down without damaging the rug.

It also comes in a reusable zipper-bag with strap handles for compact and convenient storage in your RV, truck bed or car trunk.

The Prest-O-Fit campsite mats come in two colors; Santa Fe (brown/tan) and Seascape (blue/gray) that both come in 7′ x 20′ which will cover a lot of campsite space; especially for big rig RVs.

How to keep your outdoor campsite rug on the ground

Staking down outdoor camp rug or campsite mat - Always On Liberty
Photo by Amazon

There may be times you’ll want to secure your campsite mat to keep it from blowing away or becoming a tripping hazard.

And, unfortunately, there are some dishonest thieves or campers who would just love to steal your outdoor mat; especially if it has a graphic or colorful appeal.

So, it would be prudent to keep a set of outdoor carpet stakes to secure the corners into the ground securely. This also helps to keep your camping mat from lifting up and blowing into the neighbor’s campsite.

How to care for your outdoor camping rug

To keep your camping mat looking great and long lasting is to wash it regularly. We’ve found the best time and place to do this is whenever we’re at an RV park that has a paved concrete pad.

Simply fill your car wash bucket with hot water and some Fabuloso. Then, using a deck brush, scrub one side, rinse and flip it over to repeat the process.

After giving it a good scrub and rinse, allow your camping mat to dry completely on both sides before putting it onto the dirty ground or storing.

Another way to clean your rug is to take it to a DIY car wash or you can use a pressure washer to give it a good deep clean.

However, if you use that cleaning method, keep the high-powered pressure washer wand at least a foot or more away from the rug surface. Otherwise, you may wear a hole, fray the edges or weaken the materials and stitching.

Especially if you camp in excessively dirty or muddy areas, you’ll want to wash your camping mat when you get home so you have a clean outdoor rug to spread out at your next campout.

Another tip, if you tend to boondock in your RV or camp in muddy or really dirty campsites, you may want to put a shoe scrubber right next to your mat.

These are great for cleaning off excess dirt and caked on mud from your boots or shoes. They help to minimize tracking that stuff onto your camp rug which eventually would get tracked into your tent or RV.

And, it will help to preserve your camping mat durability and cleanliness.

Wrapping up

outdoor camping rug - Mountain Mat RV Rug

As you see, there’s a good selection of quality outdoor rugs for RVs and camping.

Just make certain anytime you order a campsite mat for your RV or tent area to buy the right size, design and color fitting to your outdoor space and lifestyle.

Your campsite is an extension of your living space. Camping mats and outdoor rugs are necessary for keeping the sand, dirt and mud outside so you’re not cleaning the inside of your tent or RV. 

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