10 Fun Things to Do Around the Campfire *Camping Activities*

We all know the campfire is the central hub of camping. Day or night, everyone gathers for warmth and enjoy the ambiance of the flames. But what are some ways to get kids of all ages to join in on a fun night of great conversation, giggles and laughter under the starlight and around the fire light?

10 Fun Things to Do Around the Campfire

Things to do around the campfire

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“Camp chairs circled around the campfire. Everyone’s huddled around with their favorite drinks with their faces aglow. For as long as the logs are burning, the trials of hectic life are forgotten.”

Roast Marshmallows & Make  S’mores

We start with the most obvious fun thing to do around the campfire; toasting marshmallows and making s’mores! Because who can resist that gooey marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers!? I don’t know what’s more fun, watching the kids make them or eating them!

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Campfire Cooking

Campfire - Grilling Hotdogs

Just like the cowboys and pioneers did centuries ago, grilling and cooking over the campfire still is one of the most fun things to do around the campfire. And allow me just say, it’s hard to beat campfire food! So, stock up on those burgers, hotdogs and sausages, steaks and chops, fresh fish filets, and even some fresh veggies!

Portable Grill Basket for Fish

Campfire Burger Griller


Campfire Roasting Sticks


For a little adult-only fun, roast your weenies and marshies with a set of sexy hot dog and marshmallow roasters!

And lastly, if you’re cooking for the gang, one pot cast iron cooking is and has been an all-time favorite! You can make amazing soups and stews, chili, sloppy joes, for those cool campouts.

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Make Pudgie Pies

Pie Iron Recipes

Speaking of campfire cooking, if you’ve never had a pudgie pie, you don’t know what your missing! Also called mountain pies or pie iron pies, you can make fun breakfast burritos, hot pockets, hot sandwiches or dessert pies using a campfire pie maker and simple ingredients. They’re super fun to make and cleanup is a breeze! 

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Campfire Music and Sing-A-Longs

Campfire Music

Listening to the strumming of a guitar around the campfire is so relaxing. But, if you have a group of campers who all play their own instruments, you could form your own duet, triplet or quartet! But don’t be a perfectionist even if your percussionist doesn’t get  it right. It’s all about having fun and making memories around the campfire.

And, all the better if your musicians knows some tunes that other campers can sing to them. But there’s great campfire songs that don’t require instrument. Of course, the old 99 bottles of beer on the wall is always a favorite, creative interactive songs to get everyone to join in makes for great camping memories.


Campfire Scary Stories

When everyone’s gathered around the campfire, it’s the ideal time for a little fireside storytelling. Whether it’s a rehearsed event or sharing spooky tales, it’s one of the favorite things campers of all ages love  to do.

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Scary Tales & Urban Legends

Sharing scary tales about ax murders and the boogie man are all a part of the camping experience. Even though they never really happened, the tales seem to get bigger, better and even scarier. But it’s all in the imagination and creativity of the storyteller.   And while the kids may wince through the gory details, they’ll want more.

However, before sending all the youngsters, young and old, off to their tents or RVs, just make sure you give a reassuring “that really never happened” should they all of a sudden develop a case of insomnia.

Make Magic Fire!

Campfire - Colorful Flames

If you have little ones, making the flames turn different colors will make their minds fill with wonder! While their not looking, toss a little magic into the campfire and watch the flames dance in blues, greens, reds and other cool colors!

Campfire Games

Campfires aren’t just for fireside chats, sitting around telling stories or singing songs. The campfire is the perfect place to play fun games that get campers interacting with each other. It’s also a great way to get the giggles and laughter.

Two of our favorite campfire games is Fluffy Bunny (or Chubby Bunny) and Charades. But, there’s plenty of other fun games to top off a day of camping adventure.

Light Up the Sparklers

Campfire Sparklers

Everyone loves sparklers! It’s a fun time to watch the excitement in the kids’ eyes. In fact, it’s the ideal time to get the camera out to take lots of photos. And, if you’re handy with your DSLR camera, you can get some great shots of campers making letters  and shapes out of the sparklers (under strict adult supervision, of course!). Always practice campfire safety and leave no trace!

Don’t forget to clean up all the sparkler reminents and dispose of them properly and safely the next morning. Please don’t leave them for someone else to either step on them or someone drives over the sparkler metal sticks. 

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Campfire and Stargazing

Camping and stargazing is a match made in heaven. Everyone brings their own zero gravity chair to lay back to enjoy the night sky! Point out some of the constellations. Or, with a little imagination, your little campers can connect the dots to make their own shape or animal while the older ones learn about the Milky Way, planets and stars.

Tales of the Night Sky



Star Guide


Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope

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Final thoughts on fun things to do around the campfire

The campfire is the central hub of making great camping memories. Its’ warmth and glow will remain in the hearts of those who enjoy the outdoors. But also, campfires are a great place to make friends, tell stories and play games, unwind and forget the trials of life. There’s just something about the campfire setting that makes everyone want to go camping. 

The campfire is the ultimate gathering place for romance, sharing, laughter and peace while enjoying the essence of the outdoors! So, c’mon baby, light that fire!

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